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SEPTEMBER  Newsletter 2011
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                                                                            Preventative Maintenance Is Less Costly In The Long Run

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Often, it's human nature to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, particularly where privately owned water wells are concerned. The National Ground Water Association conducted a poll not too long ago and the results confirmed what they expected: 80 percent of those responding had never had a well maintenance inspection.

What often happens is that a small, easily correctable problem becomes a large and much more expensive problem. Treating your water well system this way would be like never having an auto mechanic look under the hood of your car until an untimely breakdown.

Few people argue that preventive maintenance is unwise. The problem is that few people follow through on their own common sense when it comes to preventive maintenance for their water well system. What makes this doubly important for well owners is that you're consuming what comes out of the well. So, it's a matter of health as well as convenience and cost.

Test Your Water Regularly

The National Ground Water Association recommends that well owners test the water


  • Annually for bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and any contaminants of local concern.
  • Anytime there is a change in the taste, odour, or appearance of the well water, or if a problem occurs such as a broken well cap or a new contamination source.
  • If family members or house guests have recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness
  • If an infant is living in the home; or
  • If you wish to monitor the efficiency and performance of home water treatment equipment.
  • Our certified water specialists would be pleased to answer any of your pump or water treatment questions or concerns. Call now. 




    lakos chart Put anend to the spin-down filter maintenance hassles and purchase one of these great water filter systems. All it takes is a "twist to clean" your filter screen. Why waste your time with having to turn off your water to clean your filter? The Lakos Twist II Clean units are compact, install inline on your current water line, and come in four different micron/mesh ratings to choose from. This means you can purchase the initial unit, as well as different filter elements to determine what works best for your application.

    Easy to install and maintain, these amazing water filters are designed to remove sand, sediment, and other organic materials from your water line, making them terrific for home well water applications, agricultural and landscape irrigation, misting systems, pools and spas, just to name a few

    • No mess
    • No disassembly
    • No leaks
    • No tools required
    • Sun shield prevents algae growth in outdoor installations
    • Works with all plumbing systems
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    Dave Mellis

    CWS V

    What maintenance is required for my Ultra Violet sterilizer?


    The Pre-filters

    UV systems require pre-filtration to maintain effectiveness as sediment and other contaminants in the water can create a "shadow" which prevents the UV rays from reaching and disinfecting the harmful microorganisms.

    The UV light bulb: (lamp) It is essential that you change your UV lamp annually. The ability of the lamp to emit UV light decreases over one year in operation. Remember - UV light is invisible! Even though the lamp is still glowing after one year, there might not be enough UV light reaching your water to be effective.

    The sleeve: 

    The sleeve doesn't need to be replaced unless it is broken, but it will need to be cleaned several times a year in order to keep the bulb effective in delivering high water quality.


    In the event of a power failure or electrical outage to your home, your UV lamp in your UV system will lose power. This could leave your home unprotected if you do not have a solenoid valve on the UV system and someone turns on a water faucet. Some bacteria and other waterborne pathogens can also swim past an un-powered UV lamp and reach the downstream portion of your water system and therefore not receive a dose of UV light once the power is restored.  If you suspect that some contaminated water has passed the unlit bulb it is important to disinfect the piping in the house once the power is on and retest the water for bacteria.  


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    Did you know?

    Oil on waterOne drop of oil can render up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking.   


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