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JUNE 2011 Newsletter

JUNE  2011
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Rain Water Harvesting & Water Storage 


  Never mind saving for a rainy day.  

How about saving for a dry one?

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient technique that is enjoying a big revival in popularity around the world. Archeological evidence supports the capture of rainwater as far back as 4000 years ago and ruins of cisterns built as early as 2000 BC are still standing in Israel.  Rainwater harvesting is not only useful  for wells that are low producing or run dry in the summer, it is also a ecological and economical way to have a green garden in areas that have watering restrictions. This stored  water can be used for  irrigation, flushing toilets, or washing cars; however, it is non potable and requires extensive treatment for use as tap water.   


For example, a house with a roof footprint of 40 feet by 50 feet. The catchment area is 40 x 50 = 2,000 square feet. Assuming the house is in Vancouver, where the annual average rainfall is 38.8 inches per year, the expected rainwater harvest for the 2,000-square-foot roof is: 2,000 x 38.8 x 0.46 = 35,696 gallons of water per year.

Rain Water Harvesting 

There are many types of storage vessels and systems for catching and storing water. Whether you are collecting rain water or need additional water storage for your well EDS has a wide range of tanks and pump systems to meet your needs. Call to speak to one of our experts.  604-534-1115 

 Introducing BioOne 



What is BioOne�?  BioOne�, a natural biological drain line,septic and grease trap maintainer, is available in liquid or powder

formulations, and performs without harmful chemicals or additives.   


 BioOne� will keep systems clean and free-flowing by unleashingnaturally occurring bacteria that thrive on the grease, oil, and stubborn organics found in every wastewater system.


 BioOne� Liquid formulation has met the EPA's DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and  environmental profile.


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Dave Mellis


We have a rain barrel and would like to have a pressurized system. Do you have any recommendations?


There are a number of ways you can transfer water from the barrel to you lawn or garden. Of course, gravity flow is the cheapest option. Connecting to a garden hose or drip pipe is enough to work over a short distance where pressure is not required and the water just floods an area. For longer runs that will require pressure, a small booster pump is all that is needed. These booster pumps will run up to 60 psi and pump 2-3 gallons per minute. Enough to spray or irrigate an area such as a garden or wash windows. They also can be equipped with  a pressure switch to automatically turn the pump on and off. The price for this convenience is under $300 for the complete pump. They can be hooked up to a small irrigation timer to  water at regular intervals automatically.

For those that want to stay completely off the electrical grid, we carry a range of hand pumps that will deliver up to 10 gallons per minute and with sufficient pressure to reach those distant corners. They can be operated by hand or foot. They come in around $200.

For large scale rain catchment systems, we have a number of pump systems to meet every application. For more information, please call our office to speak to a salesperson. 

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Septic & Drain Maintenance 

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Did you know?

Water is absolutely essential to the human body's survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water   


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