Speak Easy
Newsletter from English as a Second Language and Immigrant Ministries
Spring 2022
Facts about English Language Learners

Here are some interesting facts about English language learners cited by the TESOL International Association:

  • An estimated 30% of the world’s population speaks some English although only 5% acquired it as their primary language.
  • The vast majority of English speakers (83%) have learned English as an additional language.
  • The number of new-arrival immigrants to the United States who are highly educated and English proficient is growing, but there are also many who do not have basic literacy skills in their first language.
ESLIM's member programs serve as a resource for those who are highly educated and seeking to perfect their communication skills; we also have students who never attended school in their home country. Thanks to the dedicated teachers who volunteer to spend time not only teaching but also attending trainings and spending countless hours developing lesson plans that will best serve the needs of their class, our member churches provide an invaluable service to our local community. We applaud the volunteers' efforts and offer our sincere gratitude for all that they do!
ESL Ministry Is...
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Teaching Tip
To teach effectively, teachers need to plan activities that will maximize student “talk-time.” The “Think-Pair-Share” approach can be used to ensure that all learners have equal opportunities to speak by expressing opinions, answering specific questions, or sharing background knowledge. While very simply done in “in-person“ learning situations by pairing students to work together, it is equally easy to do in online breakout rooms. Learners can share what they have learned from their partners in a larger or whole group situation to further encourage “talk-time." While the typical ESL classroom offers students time to talk about 50% of the time, it is now believed that even more time should be given for students to practice using the language. More and more studies are showing that the “70-30” rule (teacher talk-time 30%) is ideal.  
Thank You

Thank you to First Presbyterian Church of Arlington, Mount Olivet United Methodist Church, Vienna Presbyterian Church, and our individual donors for their generous support!
We promote and support the teaching of English to adult immigrants of all nationalities in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia and welcome their active participation in our community. To support the efforts of our member churches, ESLIM handles a variety of tasks in a centralized way. Its activities include the following: