October 2015 Newsletter
October...last harvest...diminishing light...pumpkins...crimson leaves

In this issue...It's time for Fire Cider... Embracing the Crone, anti aging skin care...Herbal Allies Level 1 


Autumn is at mid point...final harvests are happening in the wild and cultivated gardens. Our bodies are transitioning, preparing for the cold winter months ahead. One of the things that help fortify and support us through this time is Fire Cider!

This traditional herbal remedy used for colds and flus. Originally passed from Rosemary Gladstar back more than 30 years ago, it remains one of the best health-enhancing formulations we can create on our kitchen shelves. A true oxymel (when apple cider vinegar and honey are combined), there are different variations on the recipe. Here is one you can try:

1/2 c fresh chopped ginger root
1/2 cup of fresh chopped horseradish
1 medium onion chopped
10 cloves of garlic chopped
2 hot peppers 
1 organic lemon chopped
6 fresh rose hips (or small handful dried)

Some optional items:
several sprigs of fresh rosemary
organic orange
fresh turmeric

Prepare all ingredients. Place in quart size wide mouth mason jar (or larger size). Cover all ingredients with raw pressed organic apple cider vinegar. Shake and love daily. After several weeks (or more), strain out and add honey to taste. 

Thought for honey:  I like to enhance  by adding chopped garlic and ginger. This is added to vinegar after straining.

How to use:  take a shot glass full each day during cold and flu season. 

On the political side...a company took it upon themselves to trademark "Fire Cider" over past couple of years. There is an active campaign within the herbal community to "free fire cider" from this trademark, thereby protecting this, and other herbal legacy products. You can read about this here.

Herbal Allies - Level 1

Beginning last April, an amazing group of women began an herbal journey. For seven months, we explored wild plants, made medicine, wrapped ourselves in the heart and soul of the green beings.  We laughed, shared, made messes, dug roots, embraced the green path and each other. I am so proud of the work they have done. On Sunday, October 18, final projects were presented for Level 1...and now we are on to Level 2. 

This April, the 2016 group will come together...another journey...more shining  souls learning,  sharing, growing in the green world.  Registration is open. Participation is limited to ten students, and signups have already begun. For more information, please see the flyer.

Can't wait to see what the new year brings!


But we can embrace the beauty of aging skin with natural ingredients, a good daily routine, regular facials, the right supplements and grace.

Anti aging is all about cutting inflammation both inside our bodies and on our skin. One of the most valuable ingredients for this is turmeric. This powerful spice is an excellent anti oxidant and anti inflammatory. 

Many years ago, I was introduced to turmeric while visiting Singapore. A kind shopkeeper in the Indian market selling Auryvedic herbs and spices  gifted me with a small container of turmeric. He shared that one of the reasons Indian women had beautiful facial skin was because they routinely gave themselves turmeric masks. After returning to the hotel room, I mixed up a quick concoction and applied to my skin. The results were a glowing complexion. Here is a recipe to  try.

So, hold that Crone at bay...How about making an appointment for a turmeric facial today.  401-369-4297


November 17 
Fiddleheads Coop 
New London, CT 

Herbs for Seasonal Support
Join me for a  free lecture highlighting Herb Pharm liquid extracts useful for supporting immune as we enter into the colder, darker days of late fall and winter 

Please call Fiddleheads Wellness to rsvp 


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