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In this month's newsletter, we focus on the most recent education news pertaining to Professional Development (Hot Topic), Aligned Web-Based Resources (Client Solution), AVID Turns 35 (Teaching Trends), Digital Media Services (EdGate Services) and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).  


As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.




Sandra Schugren,
EdGate General Manager


Client Solution 

Aligned Web-Based Resources to Complement Your Educational Products and Services


If your company is looking to complement your educational products and services with aligned educational resources, EdGate offers packages of aligned web-based resources.  EdGate has vetted and aligned thousands of free educational resources, many of which are open educational resources, to both national and international standards for all subjects in grades K-12 as can be seen in the charts below.   


As an example of the alignments, the web-based educational resources cover 95% of the Common Core (ELA and Math) and Next Generation Science standards with the majority of these standards having 25 or more aligned resources. These resources cover and consist of many content types and formats such as video, interactive exercises, lessons, assessment questions, quizzes and more.  The EdGate team continually goes through the process of locating, reviewing and aligning new resources to add to the extensive collection.    


To learn more about licensing these aligned resources contact one of our sales representatives.


For more information visit  


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Kathleen Ideguchi

Project Manager


Hot Topic 
Professional Development has been experiencing a renewed focus in education, with schools and districts becoming more focused on 1) implementing new standards and 2) more accountability for the teaching of them. The NGSS has been the most recent surge, and NSTA is responding to this need in their National Convention held in Chicago in March, with Professional Development sessions targeted to help educators and administrators with the implementation of the NGSS.  


EdGate has a number of Professional Development Standard sets in its repository, e.g., Danielson's Framework for Teaching, Educational Leadership Policy Standards (CCSSO), ISTE for Teachers (ISTE-T), ISTE for Administrators (ISTE-A), to mention a few, currently used by a number of our clients. We are keeping a close watch on the 1) Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model Standards, and the 2) Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards, recently developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers in collaboration with the National Policy Board on Educational Administration (NPBEA), which are still in draft form and out for public input.


The education arena will always have a need for Professional Development, and EdGate will keep the pulse on it! If you have interest in a particular set of PD Standards for your content, let us know! Contact, or for more information.



Larry_Johnson Larry Johnson

Client Relationship Manager



Teaching Trends 

AVID Turns 35


In the late 1970s, the California Supreme Court ordered the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to integrate its schools. Busing brought to Clairemont High School ethnically diverse and lower-income students who-unlike many of their more affluent peers-were not necessarily on the college track. Clairemont teacher Mary Swanson and her colleague developed a plan to meet the needs of their new students: Advancement Via Individual Determination.


Designed to close achievement gaps and make college and career opportunities attainable, AVID currently impacts "more than 800,000 students in nearly 5,000 schools and 43 postsecondary institutions in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and across 16 other countries/territories."


Today, nearly 2,000 miles from AVID's birthplace, Franklin Primary School in Peoria, Illinois is beginning its third year using AVID methods in its kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. "Crayons to College!" declares a banner outside one kindergarten classroom door; it's just one way Franklin's teachers are creating an environment of achievement for their students. Another technique in use by Franklin's kindergarteners is the FISH folder (Family Involvement Starts Here), a packet of reading logs, homework, behavior reports, and more that goes home every night and is returned to school the next day. It's a process that prepares students for third grade, at which point they will keep a MONSTER (My Organized Notebook System to Keep Everyone Ready) binder.


Acronyms aside, AVID seniors at Peoria High and Richwoods High Schools will be the first in their district to go through four years of AVID classes. Administrators look forward to reviewing the results. There can be no doubt that all stakeholders in Peoria's public schools have high hopes for AVID kindergartners who will start graduating in 2025.


Lisa Waugh
Content Specialist 

In This Issue
Top Stories 

Congratulations to the following 2014 EDDIE Award Recipients

The Awards target innovative and content-rich programs (including apps for iPad and Android) and websites that augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity, providing parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence:

  • ALMA
  • Atomic Learning
  • Brain Hive
  • CompassLearning
  • Edgenuity
  • Edmentum
  • ExploreLearning
  • Hatch Early Learning
  • Infobase Learning
  • K12 Inc.
  • Learning A-Z
  • Rosen Publishing
  • Schmoop
  • SunGard
  • Triumph Learning


A quest for a different learning model: Playing games in school

Can real education be taught through children's games? New York middle school, Quest to Learn, delivers curriculum through the medium of games - some digital, some not - for a connected learning environment to hopefully bridge the chasm between what kids enjoy and value in their lives and what they need to learn in school.


Many Schools Are Still Getting Less Funding Than They Were Before The Great Recession

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports that at least 30 states are providing districts with less funding than they were prior to the Great Recession. States started slashing their education budgets as a result of the 2007-09 recession. While state funding for students improved slightly in the 2014-15 school year, additional funding has not completely restored budgets to their previous levels.


The plot to overhaul No Child Left Behind

Republicans are hatching an ambitious plan to rewrite No Child Left Behind this year - one that could end up dramatically rolling back the federal role in education and trigger national blowouts over standardized tests and teacher training.


Staff Highlight 

In this issue of the EdGate Observer, we would like to introduce a member of our Data Entry Specialist Team, Gerry Griggs.



Gerry came to EdGate in 2011 after a varied career in the Air Force and civil service, including eight exciting years as a meteorologist flying into typhoons and hurricanes. Leaving active duty, he landed civil service positions at seven bases while following his wife, an Air Force attorney, for the next twenty years. They both retired in 2008, settling near Bend, OR. His experience with computer systems and data management meshes well with collecting and collating metadata for EdGate. He holds a BA in Psychology from WWSU and a BS in Meteorology from North Carolina State University.

EdGate Services 

Digital Media Services


There is no denying that each year, more and more schools and districts around the country are making assertive efforts to bring digital content into their classrooms. Whether it is the traditional classroom or online blended learning, the face of education is and has been changing over the past decade.


To ensure these digital resources are ready for educators and students, publishers are turning to EdGate for support. In addition to correlating videos or other digital materials, EdGate's experts also provide assistance in digital chaptering, editing, abstract writing, and metadata development.


If you are a publisher looking for qualified experts to help you prepare your digital content for the next school year, please contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist.


Cheers to a successful 2015!

To reach our Sales and Marketing Team, choose your contact below:

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Standards Update 

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • ACT College and Career Readiness Standards - Mathematics (2014)
  • ACT College and Career Readiness Standards - Science (2014)
  • Pennsylvania Assessment Standards - Language Arts (2014)
  • Pennsylvania Assessment Standards - Mathematics (2014)
  • Pennsylvania Assessment Standards - Science (2014 Grades 9-12)
  • Pennsylvania Assessment Standards - Social Studies (2014 Grades 9-12)
  • Puerto Rico Departamento De Educaci�n Standards (Espa�ol version) - Language Arts (2014)
  • WNCP Common Curriculum Framework - Language Arts (1998)
Kristie McCarley

Standards and Operations Manager
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