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September 2012


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ClosingGapClosing the Expectations Gap

With all 50 states and the District of Columbia having adopted college- and career-ready standards in English and mathematics, Achieve's seventh annual "Closing the Expectations Gap" report, released September 13th, shows how all states are aligning those standards with policies to send clear signals to students about what it means to be academically prepared for college and careers after high school graduation.


TopTipsTop Tips to Integrate CCSS and English Language Learners

1. View language and culture as a lens for learning for all students, in particular, English Language Learners

2. Promote and maintain communication between content and language teachers through Professional Learning Teams

3. Make connections between the Common Core and Language Development Standards

4. Highlight academic language in standards-referenced curriculum, instruction, and assessment

5. Promote academic success for all students with realistic, obtainable pathways for English Language Learners


MeasureLearningHow Do We Define and Measure Deeper Learning?

Simply defined, "deeper learning" is the "process of learning for transfer," meaning it allows a student to take what's learned in one situation and apply it to another. To deconstruct the definition of deeper learning further, the researchers came up with what they call three domains of competence: cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal. These three broad competencies are related to each other and there's good evidence that shows they can lead to success in not only education, but also in career and health.


MiddleSchoolWhat Should Be on Your Middle Schooler's Bookcase?

Author Charles Kenny highlights an interesting fact: "In the U.S., kids from homes where there are more than two full bookcases score two and a half grade levels higher than kids from homes with very few books." So what should be on the bookcases of the middle schoolers in your life?See the top 10 suggestions from Mr. Ferriter's sixth-grade classroom students.

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Welcome to The EdGate Observer!


Greetings everyone,


In this month's newsletter, we focus on the most recent educational news pertaining to Common Core State Standards Mathematics Appendix A (Common Core Update), Next Generation Science Standards Draft 2 (Hot Topic), New York Common Core K-8 Social Studies Draft Frameworks (State Highlight), Unique Identifiers (i.e. Common Core, ASN URIs, and more!) (EdGate Services) and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).


As always, EdGate is your source for staying abreast of any new developments in education and specifically the impact of educational standards.   



Sandra Schugren, EdGate General Manager


CommonCoreCommon Core Update      CCSS_Pathways


Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics, Appendix A


Part of the evolution of the Common Core State Standards has been the frequent opportunity for feedback. There have been many requests from stakeholders in how to implement the standards and also suggestions on how the standards could be organized into secondary courses or pathways to college and work readiness. To answer these questions, Achieve, in partnership with the Common Core Writing Team, convened a panel to develop Model Course Pathways in Mathematics Course based on the Common Core State Standards.


States are expected to use these only as guidelines or jumping off points. Important notes released to-date identify the pathways and courses are models, and not mandates. They are not prescriptive for pedagogy or curriculum.


EdGate Correlation Services will provide these documents to publishers as tools to assist in sales and content development. Please contact your account representative or project manager to add these to your suite of tools.


For more information, visit: Rich_New

Common Core Mathematics Appendix A

Achieve.org Model Course Pathways in Mathematics


By: Rich Street

Project Manager  

HotTopicHot Topic



Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) - Draft 2


Many of you have been asking about the fall release of the Next Generation Science Standards Draft #2. Yes, they are still in draft and have a ways to go before the 'final' document is released.


Background: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a collaborative, state-led process managed by Achieve. The NGSS will be based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council (NRC).


Current Status: At this time, there is scheduled to be 4 drafts total. That means there are two more to come, each with a 'state review' followed by a 'public review'. Based on their current pattern, we are at least two years out, or fall of 2014 before they are 'final'.


While they are far from being done, EdGate will be following their progress and will keep you apprised of the latest developments.Larry_Johnson


For more information, visit: http://www.nextgenscience.org/  


By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager

StateHighlightState Highlight NY_State_DOE


NYS Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework


The New York State Board of Regents has developed the NYS Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework that is now posted for public review and comment.


The NYS Board of Regents Reform agenda is centered on ensuring that all students graduate prepared for post-secondary education and career opportunities. The New York State Education Department (SED) is committed to continuous improvements in teaching and learning to make that goal a reality.


Each instructional content area must include standards and frameworks that describe the knowledge and skills required for students to progress toward college- and career-readiness. SED has taken steps to align the current social studies core curriculum with the requirements of the Common Core State Standards. This work has been developed in consultation with teachers and leaders in P-12 schools and higher education institutions, representing all five New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies (United States and New York State History; World History; Geography; Economics; and Civics, Citizenship, and Government). The draft New York State Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework is the result of these efforts.


That draft is posted on-line for public review and comment. To read more on this and to participate in the online survey, visit:

New York State Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework



EdGate Services CCSS_Identifiers


Concerned About Identifiers? 


Since participating in the "Common Core Identifiers and Granularity Summit" on April 23rd, EdGate recognized more and more the importance of being able to integrate identifiers from various sources (EdGate UUIDs/GUIDs, Common Core Identifiers, ASN URIs, and others) into multiple systems.


EdGate Correlation Services has taken the necessary steps to now offer these identifier schemas, making it flexible and effective for our partners to integrate their content into other systems. 


For more information on these identifiers and/or mapping your content, please contact Leslie Kolber at lkolber@edgate.com or Tracy Olstad at tolstad@edgate.com.

  TLeslie_2009he "EdGate Advantage is  Tracy_Olstad

YOUR Advantage"




Standards Update 


Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:


� Florida - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-1)

� Florida - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K-1)

� Georgia - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Georgia - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Hawaii - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K, 1, 2, 11-12)

� Hawaii - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K, 1, 2, 11-12)

� Indiana - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-1)

� Indiana - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K-1)

� Iowa Core - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Iowa Core - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Maine - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Maine - Mathematics (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Minnesota - Language Arts (state implemented CCSS Grades K-12)

� Oklahoma - Social Studies (2012)

� Quebec (English Version) - Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies (2009)

Qu�bec (French Version) - Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies (2009)

� Washington Assessment Standards - Mathematics (2011 MSP & EOC)

Common Core Update

The EdGate Standards Repository now includes the following state-specific Common Core Standards:

Alabama*, Arizona*, Arkansas, California*, Colorado*, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia*, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa*, Kansas*, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts*, Michigan, Minnesota*, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana*, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico*, New York*, North Carolina, North Dakota*, Ohio*, Oklahoma, Oregon*, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, US Virgin Islands, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. (Note: states marked with an * indicate up to 15% additions).


**News Bulletin**


The Maryland State DOE confirmed that all of the new State Common Core Curriculum, including the English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Literacy frameworks are still in draft form and will be taken to the State Board in the Spring 2013 for final adoption. Between now and then work continues and stakeholder feedback continues to be considered. For more information, visit: http://mdk12.org/instruction/commoncore/index.html


The Pennsylvania State DOE crafted a set of PA Common Core Standards which mirror the content and rigor of Common Core, but reflect the organization and design of the PA Academic Standards. Once the PA Board of Education approves these documents, they will post the finalized versions. For more information, visit: http://www.pdesas.org/Standard/CommonCore 


If you have any questions regarding standards, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you. You can always join us on Twitter and Facebook to receive notifications regarding state standards in the EdGate Standards Repository at:





Kristie McCarley

EdGate Standards Manager