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In this month's newsletter, we focus on the most recent education news pertaining to Common Core Testing (Hot Topic), Common Core Implementation (Common Core Update), Print-to-Digital in Publishing Industry (Client Solution), Watching Out for You at ISTE (EdGate Services) and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).  


As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.




Sandra Schugren,
EdGate General Manager


Client Solution

Print-to-Digital in Publishing Industry


A panel titled "Mom Are We There Yet? The Long Ride From Print to Digital" was held at a conference of the Association of American Publishers' PreK-12 Learning Group in Washington DC on Tuesday, June 3rd. According to reports there was little consensus on the length the journey might take.


One reported comment by panelist Fady Khairallah urged publishers to take "extreme caution" when making shifts to digital. He stated it was not clear what was causing the downturn in print sales. He went on to express that many schools still need and want print materials. He urged publishers to listen to those customer requests.


Many publishers, however, are seeing the opportunity and need for moving to digital content. By offering their content in digital formats they believe that they are meeting the demand of a growing audience and are offering content in yet another format.


There are many issues for schools to address as they move from a predominantly print to digital environment. Grappling with the costs and the need for significant technical band-width and Internet access being one of the most difficult as ebooks and digital content becomes the norm for the educational arena.


Read more about Print-to-Digital Transition.  Rich_New


By: Rich Street

Project Manager


Hot Topic 
Common Core Testing - Take Your Pick!

The Common Core Initiative directed the use of a common set of assessments - accountability tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics - to be shared across the U.S., gauging learning achieved with the new common-core standards. Initially, 45 states and the District of Columbia had enlisted, but today, the testing looks much more fragmented. Only 27 of the states still plan to use those tests in 2014-15, and the rest of the states are opting for other assessments or are undecided, according to Education Week.


In a nutshell, testing is all over the board!  Some states are using 'Smarter Balance', some are using 'Partnership for Assessment', some are using their own, and some are still trying to figure it all out.  And to add to this mix, some states will have a different test for grades 3-8, than they have for high school.  Education Week says at least 19 different this point.


As political influences continue to shape all aspects of the 'Common Core', EdGate will be closely watching, keeping our clients up to date!


Larry_NewFor more details, see the Education Week article.  


By: Larry Johnson

Client Relationship Manager


Common Core Update 


Transitioning State Implementations in the EdGate Standards Repository



For the states who have adopted Common Core, the upcoming 2014-2015 school year will be the first in which all states are to have fully implemented the standards.


Over the last several years, states have implemented Common Core with staggered timelines which resulted in EdGate maintaining two sets of standards in our repository (i.e. housed under the United States Standards grouping and Common Core State Standards grouping). With the new school year bringing full implementation for all states, we will now be integrating all states that have adopted into the U.S. State Standards and removing the individual state Common Core standards sets. We will be keeping the "National Set" (Common Core State Standards) for users to view those correlations but users will now be able to view a state's Common Core correlations by just clicking on individual states.


Some users currently only have the "National Set" and others may only see the Common Core standards that have already been integrated into the U.S. Standards grouping, but for our clients that have both the National and Common Core State specific standard sets, this will affect you. This move will be made over the summer and we wanted to give those clients notice in case they felt the need to alert users.


For our clients with a Correlation User Interface (CUI) who think their customers may benefit from an explanation of the changes to the implemented Common Core Standards, we can certainly add text to the CUI page. Feel free to contact your project manager if that is something you will be interested in having added. 


In This Issue
Top Stories 

Teachers Hit The Common Core Wall
This time next year, millions of schoolkids in the U.S. will sit down for their first Common Core test. In some places, the stakes will be high and challenges huge - for kids, their teachers and their communities. For one, the standards are more rigorous than the state standards that they are replacing.  The Common Core also require many other significant changes as well - to textbooks, lesson plans, homework assignments. You name it.


What Does A Good Common Core Lesson Look Like?
Take a walk with Kate Gerson, an EngageNY researcher and former classroom teacher, through one of the lessons featured on her site, as a way of getting super-specific about what makes a good Common Core-aligned lesson. She chose a lesson designed for the first day of ninth-grade English. And so, with Gerson as our guide, here is a close reading of a close reading.


North Carolina's Dot Notation for Standards
Home Base, the student information and instructional improvement system, provides resources that are aligned to these standards and provides the ability for teachers to conduct standards-based grading, where appropriate. To support these functions, each standard within the North Carolina Standard Course of Study has been associated with a unique dot notation.


Public Schools Are Hurting More in the Recovery Than in the Recession
The slow economic recovery is taking a toll on the nation's public schools, reversing a multi-decade trend of increased funding and pushing student-teacher ratios to their highest levels since 2000.


Staff Highlight 

In this issue of the EdGate Observer, we would like to introduce you a member of our Digital/Video Content Project Team, Kathleen Ideguchi.


Kathleen has been with EdGate for 10 years with a strong technical background and a Masters in Business Administration. As a project manager, Kathleen works with clients that have digital and online content. She has extensive knowledge of EdGate's correlation and product delivery tools and works closely with the technical team to implement improvements to EdGate products.

EdGate Services 
Watching Out for You at ISTE

As part of our ongoing efforts to stay in touch with our clients, meet new publishers, and keep pulse on the market, Tracy Olstad will be attending ISTE. If you are exhibiting, she will make every effort to stop by your booth and say hello!


For those who want to discuss an existing project, new initiative, or simply want to learn more about EdGate services, please contact Tracy and she'll be happy to schedule time with you in advance. Tracy can be reached by email at or by phone at (253) 853-7133 x232.


You can also learn more about EdGate products and service by visiting our website at


Tracy_OlstadThe "EdGate Advantage is
YOUR Advantage"

Standards Update 

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • Alabama - Science (2014 Literacy)
  • Alabama - Social Studies (2014 Literacy)
  • College Board AP Human Geography - Social Studies (2013)
  • College Board AP Spanish Language and Culture - World Languages (2013)
  • Florida Standards - Mathematics (2014)   
  • Indiana - Language Arts (2014)
  • Indiana - Science (2014 Literacy)
  • Indiana - Social Studies (2014 Literacy)
  • Kentucky Standards - Science (2013)  
  • Louisiana - World Languages (2013)
  • Mississippi - Early Childhood Education (2013 Infant to Age 5)
  • Nebraska - Arts Education (2014)
  • New York - Social Studies (2014)
  • Ohio World Languages Grades 6-12 Program (2012)
  • Ohio World Languages Grades 9-12 Program (2012)
  • South Carolina - World Languages (2013)
Kristie McCarley

EdGate Standards and Operations Manager
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