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Canada has seen some record-breaking cold temperatures this winter leaving Canadians ready for spring. The ground hogs have predicted 6 more weeks but some days, it feels like winter will never end.  As always, the dedicated workers for Canada's Electricity Industry have worked tirelessly to keep the electricity flowing and the lights on across the country.


The new season brings about an opportunity to identify new goals that will help guide EHRC's direction for the year. By focusing our efforts, it allows us to provide industry with the support they need to develop and maintain an innovative, motivated and highly skilled workforce. EHRC's focus for 2015 will be in three key areas: workforce metrics, communications, and partnerships that will proactively support the development of a skilled, safety-focused, diverse, and productive workforce.


This issue will look at some new partnership opportunities, the importance of engaging the Aboriginal community, reports and events of note, and a variety of articles to help support HR managers.


EHRC to Undertake Workforce Planning Update for Canadian Electricity Industry for 2015


Human Resources managers know the value of having information on labour trends.


The electricity sector faces multiple human resources challenges, be that the pace of technological innovation, the impact of aging infrastructure, retirements, or the competition for labour. Consistent, comprehensive, and credible analysis of the labour supply-demand gap is essential for employers to draw practical insights and guide human resource management.


Educators need to know what jobs will be available over the next decade and what training and education will be required to ensure graduates are entering the workforce ready to meet employers needs.


EHRC is looking to bring together employers, government, labour, educational institutions and other interested stakeholders to address the need for current and accurate labour market intelligence.


The objective is to produce an updated LMI report in response to industry demand for more rapid and responsive workforce planning data for use in regulatory filing and for organizational business planning, both on the demand and supply side.  It will also provide government stakeholders with validated data to assist in the development of policy at the municipal, provincial or federal level.


This update will build upon previous work done in 2004, 2008, and 2011 and provide the industry with the most up to date issues and statistics impacting the sector. Need specific data for your sector or region? Let us know.


How Can You Be Involved?


In order for this body of work to be successful, the support and commitment from all of our industry stakeholders is essential. The program will have operating costs and involvement from employee volunteers to sit on the national steering committee and companies to support research participation. Join us in this exciting partnership by providing funding, participating in the committee, and becoming engaged in this initiative.


At this time we are asking government and industry to contribute the funding required to undertake the 2015 LMI study. Project management will be conducted under the oversight of an industry stakeholder volunteer advisory committee and EHRC's Board of Directors.


The partners for this program will have the opportunity to sit on the national Steering Committee and participate in the direction of the research, as well as receive industry recognition as a champion for innovative growth in the electricity sector workforce. As an industry Labour Market Champion, you will also have an opportunity to raise and reinforce the profile and recognition of your organization and its products and services to industry decision makers in business, government, labour, education as well as the general public.


Want to be involved with advancing EHRC's mission?

For a range of options on how you can work with us to support the industry, click here:  2015 LMI Partnership Opportunities

Aboriginal Talent and Support

The 2011 National Household survey saw 1.4 million Canadians self-identify as Aboriginal. Of these, the median age of First Nations is 26. This segment of our nation's population is a perfect solution to our workforce shortages. But the need for Aboriginal participation doesn't end there.  Over 37,000 Aboriginal people own their own business with 72% of them on reserves, often located in proximity to major electricity projects.  These business owners offer a full range of products from construction and primary sectors while also providing services and a workforce.


EHRC has been working since 2008 to increase the attraction, recruitment and retention  of Aboriginal peoples in the sector,  as well as help the industry to engage Aboriginal business owners along the supply chain. Some of the tools we've developed for utilities, Aboriginal candidates, and Aboriginal business owners include:


-       10 Guidelines for Success

-       Communicating Career Opportunities

-       How to Support Candidates Through the Hiring Process

-       Tips for Improving Self-Identification of Aboriginal Candidates

-       Orientation and On-boarding

-       Aboriginal Mentorship Programs

-       Developing a Business Case for Aboriginal Procurement

-       Developing an Aboriginal Procurement Policy

-       Identifying an Aboriginal Business Advocate

-       EHRC's Aboriginal Business Directory

-       EHRC's Aboriginal Business Workshops

-       Creating Winning Bids

-       16 Best Practice Case Studies

-       And more!


For access to our Aboriginal tools, please contact us or visit our website at


Release of the Apprenticeship Completion, Certification, and Outcomes Report

In December 2014, the Apprenticeship Completion, Certification, and Outcomes report was made available online on the Red Seal Program Website. The research report demonstrated the strategic advantage that apprenticeship completion provides to skilled trades workers


Findings from this research report suggest that apprenticeship completers enjoy a significant income premium compared to all other status groups (trade qualifiers, discontinuers, long-term continuers, and regular continuers). The study found that one year after certification, apprenticeship completers earn over $7,000 more than trade qualifiers and $4,000 more five years after certification. The study also found that apprenticeship completers earn close to $18,000 more than regular continuers one year after certification and over $10,000 more five years after certification. To read the report, go to

2015 Canadian Energy Industry Updates and Insights Event

The Energy Council of Canada's 2015 Canadian Energy Industry - Updates and Insights event took place on February 17th in Ottawa. This event was designed to provide the latest information on developments, issues and the outlook for 2015 across the Canadian energy sector. Sessions covered energy supply, energy transportation and transmission, energy end-use, as well as the HR and social issues relevant to the energy sector. EHRC CEO Michelle Branigan spoke to the workforce challenges and opportunities in the electricity sector, and the criticality of HR planning as utilities plan for the next five years.

Join CEEA For Its 20th Anniversary & Tribute Dinner


Planning for CEEA's 20th anniversary celebration is well underway. IESO President and CEO Bruce Campbell will be the keynote speaker on May 20th in Toronto and CEEA will also be recognizing two industry champions. Please join CEEA to celebrate its advocacy work in energy efficiency and its plans for the future. 


CEEA's sponsorship opportunities have already sold out but don't miss out on getting a ticket ($275 for -members, $325 for non-members, corporate tables $2500).

2015 Awards of Excellence

Do you have what it takes? Are you or your organization leading the field of HR? Are you piloting an innovative program within your organization? Be recognized by your peers and industry as a leader with EHRC's 2015 Awards of Excellence.


Join our 2014 winners:

Leader of the Year - Brian Bentz, Powerstream Inc.

Emerging Leader - Jim Pegg, Hydro Ottawa

Innovation in HR Practices: Educational/Training Institution - Fortis Alberta's Employee Development Centre

Innovation in HR Practices: Employer - ATCO Electric and Ontario Power Authority

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Champion - Ontario Power Generation and the SIBI Board of Directors


Watch for more news on the 2015 Awards of Excellence over the coming months and how your can submit a nomination!




EHRC In The Industry


-       February 2015 - EHRC CEO Michelle Branigan joins the Editorial Advisory Board of Electrical Industry Newsweek/Le monde de l'�lectricit� en ligne.  Watch for articles on mentorship and succession planning! For the latest edition and a featured interview with Michelle Branigan as part of the Peers and Profile section, click here:

-       Canadian Hydropower Association's 2015 Forum on Hydropower will provide updates on greenfield, rehabilitation, refurbishment and expansion projects going on across the country.  EHRC's CEO, Michelle Branigan, will be chairing a session on Meeting Labour Demand with speakers from Manitoba Hydro, Nalcor, Hydro Qu�bec, and Kiewit. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to join Ms. Branigan and a great panel of distinguished speakers.


Professional Women Video Series From Womensphere


Womensphere is a unique global community of individuals, leaders, networks, organizations, and companies, aligned by a shared mission and purpose:


-Empowering and connecting the world's women to unleash potential, create opportunities, and inspire impact; and

- Bringing together leaders to collaborate on solving some of the most important global and local issues of our time.


With over 178 videos from a variety of speakers including Michele Wucker (President of World Policy Institute), Margaret Wheeler Johnson (Editor at Women Huffington Post),  Dr. Monica Beltrametti (Chief Services Research Officer at Xerox), and Edie Hunt (Global Chief Diversity Officer at Goldman Sachs), this video series provides a wealth of inspiring talks from women that will lead others to greatness.


Visit to view the series.


Articles of Interest


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