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May 17, 2017

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Rocky the Therapy Horse tells us what horses REALLY need to live the GOOD LIFE!  Check out his blog or ask you own questions on his Facebook Page and get answers right from the horse's mouth!

Rocky and his friends work with PBJ Connections to provide mental health therapy to local youth and families. 


Stealaway Farm
Johnstown, Ohio

Fun and learning abound at Stealaway. April concluded our showing at the amazing World Equestrian Center with circuit champions Jeff Ruff and Valentine, Clive owned by Davina Beck and shown by Stealaway professional, Mandy Patterson and Davina's Truman! We all loved the heated facility during the winter. A clinic was held at Stealaway April 7 to help folks prepare for the spring and summer showing. We had many ottb and novice riders who had positive experiences and are ready to continue on and jump the moon!   Proceeds from this clinic were donated to The Shane Center for Therapeutic Riding (501.c3).  It is awesome to be a contributing force to that fabulous facility. 

   Next , we will be attending all the Brave Horse shows at the incredible facility literally in our backyard! We are available with professional riding or training assistance to any folks that want to Ride Brave!

 Our non showing folks have accomplished a lot this winter.. including Charlotte who can not only go " around the world" on Schultz but can literally go to the " top of the world" as Schultz patiently stands while she stands up on his back!! These amazing school horses teach balance and, more importantly, empower their riders daily. Some of the favorite lessons include going out back in the Stealaway field and enjoying the birds, berries and hopping the occasional log. These activities can be enjoyed at our Summer camp June 20 thru 22. 

 We enjoy watching the haul in folks take advantage of our 1/2 mile track for stretching and conditioning. It is such a pleasure and so great for the horses' minds and bodies to get outside the ring. All are welcome to come make use of the varied riding spaces at Stealaway. You can come on your own, bring your trainer or schedule assistance from us.  

  We are fortunate to be invited to teach/ train  at many superb central Ohio  facilities including Hickory Run, Quail Run, Milestone and Sweet Clover.  We are thrilled to be adding LRC Farm to that list in June where haul in's will be welcome and school horses are available.  

 Heels down, eyes up and gallop(or saunter) into the sun!


Local Trainer
Jennifer Roth has been named an Official ROMFH Ambassador
We are thrilled to announce that LOCAL trainer and Equus Now! Sponsored Rider - Jennifer Roth has been named as an Official ROMFH Ambassador! 

Congratulations to Jennifer and Milestone Farms LLC

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