Everybody Paddles


Good Afternoon Everyone,



With your help, the Everybody Paddles movement has begun.


What is Everybody Paddles? It can start out in families, communities, cities, states, and countries... it is defined by a pattern of growth, development and improvement that occurs when all participants work together for a common interest.


Society today is being divided by economics, education, classism, ageism, gender differences, religion, and partisan politics. Despite these challenges, I believe there is opportunity.


The opportunity that presents itself to us today is that no matter our interests, alignments, and differences, everyone shares the desired outcome to get from, through, and towards a common interest.


To that end, "Everybody Paddles - at the Same Time, in the Same Direction, towards the Same Goal." In all cases, that goal is the determined common interest.


You and I are best suited for this unifying opportunity because we understand that It Takes Everybody!


So why not sign up today to join the Everybody Paddles movement. It's easy to do! Just visit my brand new website at everybodypaddles.com, check out my Facebook page, or read my blog at EverybodyPaddles.wordpress.com.


Thank you in advance for your support and believing that Everybody is required for Everything.


I look forward to having you on the team!





Charles A. Archer
Everybody Paddles
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