Newsletter - September 2019
Letter from the Manager
Hello everyone!

I’m Laura Hachmeister, the Office Manager here at Excel.

Dr. Brown is taking a vacation (see photo to the right, doesn't she look like a tourist?) so it’s my turn to share some thoughts with you all! 

I first wanted to thank everyone who came to our Back to School Bash last month (scroll down for pictures), it was such a success and so much fun to see you all there! For anyone that missed it – we collected school supplies for children in our community, sold “I’m Well Adjusted” t-shirts for $5 which we donated to The Time is Now charity in Lake Geneva, we had some fun games, an obstacle course bounce house and a visit from Lindy Lu the clown! 

Dr. Brown spoke for a few minutes on healthy lunch options for kids and the importance of eating well, as well as some disturbing facts regarding the next generation… our kids. Our children are sicker than ever! Why? Chemicals are all around us. To name a few -

  • fluoride in the toothpaste and water
  • glyphosate being sprayed on crops putting it in the air and in our food
  • vaccines
  • flame retardants in the fabric of clothes and bedsheets
  • air fresheners
  • household cleaners and bathroom products
  • The list goes on…

We are bombarded daily by hundreds, at the least, of toxic chemicals. Being mindful of how many we expose ourselves to is important. 

An interesting website Dr. Brown talked about was 52 chemical residues on a non-organic blueberry! 

I want to jump to a movie I just watched with my kids, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Has anyone seen it? If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy named Ted who invents this “Thneed” made from the tufts of the trees. He is warned by the Lorax to stop chopping down the trees – that all the animals need the trees. He doesn’t listen and cuts down every last one making the air nothing but smog due to his factory and lack of clean air from plants. A new guy comes along… no one has clean air so he starts making bottled purified air. The new normal is buying fresh air for your homes, manufactured plants that light up, swimming pools so full of chemicals you glow after swimming. 

This seems like an extreme situation but I saw a few similarities to reality. In one scene, a boy is sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal that looked like fruit loops and was called “empti-os!” In another scene, a girl paints a picture of trees on the back of her house and the next day it’s painted over by the big top business man running the town whose business is threatened by trees. 

I will skip to the end of the movie and say that the boy throughout the movie finds out about trees, gets the last seed, and risks it all by planting it right in the middle of town for everyone to see. The people in the town realize they don’t like all the fake things around them. The parents don’t like that their kid glows green from swimming and they decide to give this “tree” that produces free, clean air a try.

At the end of the movie there was this quote by Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The boy, small and seemingly insignificant started the change for the better. 

Dr. Brown and our dedicated team here at Excel care a whole awful lot. We are risking that some may get upset about us bringing up “hot topics” like vaccines or what food you should buy. The facts are out there and they are real and we are here to inform the people of what’s really going on. We are a small, grass-roots office at the local level, but that’s where change begins. We care about our patients’ health, the community’s health and ultimately society as a whole. We are up against the giant food industry and the giant medical industry who have millions to spend on advertising to make everyone think that chemicals in our food, water and air is normal, that kids with autism, allergies, ADD, ADHD, etc. is normal. It isn’t! 

We are putting our foot down to these big business men that are making money off a sicker and sicker society. Eat organic and healthy food – play outside and get fresh air – walk around in the grass barefoot – look at ingredients when buying food and buy ones that you can pronounce their ingredients and/or count the number of ingredients on one hand!

We are here to provide resources to you regarding healthy options for you and your family. We are all in this together! 

Thank you!

Office News
Recap on the Back to School Bash!

"Thank you everyone for coming out on August 17th for our Back to School Bash! It was so much fun seeing everyone. We learned about new lunchboxes that your kids can use to bring fresh and healthy foods to school - how to properly wear a backpack to ensure safe and correct posture - Current facts on vaccines and environmental toxins that are effecting our current generation - and more!

We wish all of our students a wonderful year at school!"
Farewell Dr. Spencer! 
Dr. Spencer has left Excel Family Chiropractic to be closer to family and open a new practice in Arkansas. We wish him and his family the best on their new journey!
Excel strives to provide each of our patients with excellent care catered to your individual needs. Please don't hesitate to call our office with any questions or concerns regarding your care! Dr. Brown is changing her hours to best accommodate everyone and our massage team is also here all week to provide for you. If you have been seeing Dr. Spencer and would like to have a consultation with us please give us a call, we will be more than happy to arrange that.

We thank you all for entrusting us with your care and will continue to work everyday to serve you! 
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Dr Brown on vacation Sept 2-7th
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