Newsletter - June 2019
Letter from the Doctor
Happy June everyone!

Does it feel like June?
It seems like April to me with all of this rain – but I’m hopeful we’ll get some warm weather soon!

I wanted to share two testimonies about our Nutragen Cleanse we have here at the office. Mary and Laura volunteered to be our guinea pigs for this new brand. Read their experiences below!

-Dr Brown
Nutragen Cleanse Testimonials
To me, the 7 Day Nutragen Cleanse had the easiest regiment to follow out of every cleanse that I’ve done. First, I was allowed to eat plenty of food without feeling hungry, with a little booklet to remind me of what I could and couldn’t eat! The plan consists of two shakes a day, the Nutragen greens powder, good tasting fish oil, and an anti-inflammatory supplement. The protein shake required a fiber powder mixed in with the protein, which I think helped with not being bloated the entire time (in my experience cleanses will do that). Day 4 and 5 were the hardest to complete without cheating, but I think the greens powder really helped me get through the day. By the 7th day, I had a lot of energy, my stomach felt so much better, and I lost a couple pounds. 
After our Parker Seminar in Las Vegas in February, and meeting the founder and creator of Nutragen, I was excited to try their 7 day cleanse. I can’t count how many different types and brands of cleanses I have tried, and they’ve all resulted in me feeling bloated.

I am here to tell you – this one is different! The protein powder is made from vegetable protein vs a dairy protein and it makes all the difference. Day 1 I felt pretty good. Days 2 and 3 I felt a little headache – I had to remind myself I am cleansing and my body is ridding itself of toxins so a headache was ok to have! Day 4 right in the middle of the week was a little tough to stay on track. Days 6 and 7 I felt great! The citrus-mango fish oil tastes so good – no fishy taste, no after taste, no “side effects” that some people experience with a fish oil. I looked forward to taking my tablespoon of it each day! Overall, this cleanse was well researched when being created. It’s diabetic friendly and anti-inflammatory. It’s a great one to do to kick off this summer season feeling great!
Current Events
AB:248 - removal of personal conviction opt out for vaccination.

New legislation has been introduced into the Wisconsin legislature that will remove the personal conviction opt out for vaccination. AB 248 has been authored by Rep. Hintz and Senator Carpenter.  

This is a very controversy and emotional topic from both sides.
It is our stand that regardless of whether you choose to vaccinate or not is our concern not that of the government. Excel Family Chiropractic does not feel the government should be in control of our health care decisions.

We will never tell you what to do about getting vaccinated. We don't care. In a "free" country, we should have the choice to educate our self and make the decision what is best for our health and the health of our children. Removing the personal conviction opt out removes our freedom of choice.
We will continue to provide education, to you our patients on the pros and cons of vaccinating your children. If you have any questions please feel free to speak with the either of the doctors.
Patient Testimonials
Budd started coming to see Dr. Brown since she opened her clinic. He stated "I think I was one of her 1st patients"!. He had severe back problems which she was able to clear up in approximately two weeks. He continues to come on a regular basis to maintain his improvement and also takes advantage of the massage treatments at Excel Family Chiropractic which also gives him relief. He says "I think I've referred two dozen people here"!
Office News

Happy Father's Day to all of our fathers and grandfathers! We appreciate you!

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