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 September 2014
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Upcoming in October, we have a new version of the software coming, including a feature that we believe many of you will find appealing.
Email Reports



Upcoming, we are offering the ability to schedule a variety of reports and have them emailed to an address of your choosing.


The reports that will initially be offered via this feature are the DDR for past periods, an inventory report, a new audit report, and the DDR for the current day.


You'll need to set up email options in order to use this feature; it will use the same server and address as you use for the email receipt functionality, if you are using that feature.


You can set up multiple copies of the same report to go for different time periods, or to different email addresses, or both.


The new audit report, in addition to the quantity change audit history, can display discounts and price changes done at the register, as well as post-sale voids.  These will only be recorded for transactions done with this version forward.



BRE Inventory Balancing


This new feature will allow for game stores to send their excess inventory in to BRE for the amounts that BRE recommends for trade in.  This can either be for credit with BRE for the wholesale purchase of inventory from BRE, or for cash.


For information on setting up these exchanges, after version 3.5 is released, contact support and we can get you in touch with BRE.




Feedback 2014

Thank you all for all of your feedback from the last newsletter! We look forward to unveiling features over the next year based upon your feedback.

Version 3.4.0 is currently available to supported users.

Not supported?  Get supported here!

You may view an archive of our emails here! 


Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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