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 July 2013
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Windows XP
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In the upcoming month, we will be releasing the support for BigCommerce.  Learn more about it in this issue.
Windows XP End of Life Cycle     

Microsoft's support for Windows XP is coming to an end next year, after a nearly 13 year run.  They have repeatedly confirmed that extended support for XP will be ending on April 8, 2014.  This means that further security updates will not be issued for XP.
What does this mean to you?  First, if you are processing cards using your computer, whether through ExtremePOS Payment or through another piece of software, you will need to upgrade your version of Windows for PCI compliance reasons.  Windows 7 would be our recommendation, but Windows 8 or Windows Vista would also work. 
We would also recommend upgrading even if you are not using credit card processing; staying on XP could leave you vulnerable to future security exploits once Microsoft is no longer closing them.
International Christian Retail Show

The International Christian Retail Show was as always wonderful.  It is always excellent to get an opportunity to see our customers and speak with them.





Our E-Commerce integration with BigCommerce will be completed and available in the coming month, and so we thought we'd show a little more information about how it will work.


There are two sides to the integration - managing inventory, and processing orders to pull them from inventory at the store level.



Inventory will maintain live levels of inventory, and you can either list new inventory, used inventory, or both.  You may also set on an item by item basis which items are available in your ecommerce store.




For the order processing, you can select the carrier, set up tracking numbers, and automatically reduce your inventory levels as things are shipped.  You can split up shipments, as well.




Beyond that, there will be a number of customization options on the BigCommerce site itself.  You can set up a trial account to poke at these at http://www.bigcommerce.com/p/12425.html


Version 3.0.11 is available to supported users.


Not supported?  Get supported here!

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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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