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 November 2013
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We have important news for all users of ExtremePOS, Musicware and Praiz, but particularly for those who are using ExtremePOS Payment for their credit card processing.
ExtremePOS Payment Transition


ExtremePOS Payment is no longer PCI Validated for new deployments as of October 28th, 2013. With ExtremePOS, Musicware, and Praiz 3.1.1, we are introducing an alternative solution utilizing Mercury's TransSentry software into the Point of Sale proper; this will maintain the majority of features previously available from ExtremePOS Payment, while adding a few new ones.

If you are a supported user and wish to use TransSentry with an existing deployment, contact support and we will be glad to assist you in transitioning.

If you are not a supported user, then in order to get this, you will need to update. Contact sales, and they can get you information on upgrading to this version. However, note that for new locations, we will not be able to issue new licenses for ExtremePOS Payment, and we encourage you to upgrade and transition to TransSentry.

New features available with this include the ability to do voids within the point of sale, check balances on Mercury gift cards, and no longer needing to run multiple programs or have multiple logins for credit card processing. However, cards may no longer be stored on file. We are looking at implementing a token-based solution for these sorts of needs.  

Security Changes


Alongside the changes to credit cards, we are revamping some of the basic security measures within ExtremePOS.  These will increase the ability to secure ExtremePOS, Musicware, and Praiz from unauthorized access, as well as allowing us to grant greater control over accounts and security in the future:

  • Multiple admin accounts may now be set up, but will have their own distinct ids.
  • Passwords for admin accounts must be periodically changed.
  • Passwords must be at least seven characters long and contain both a letter and a number
  • A number of events will be logged to windows event viewer, allowing for better tracking of behavior within the system.
  • Administrative users will be locked out after enough consecutive erroneous passwords; this lasts either half an hour or until another administrator unlocks the account.
Additional Upcoming Features 

In addition to the credit card changes, the features that were mentioned in last month's newsletter are also in 3.1.1.  Information on accessing these are below.
  • Advanced Searching from inventory maintenance by both Vendor # and Last Date Sold.  These options will appear on the advanced search screen within inventory form view.
  • Option to print signature line for tradein items.  This option appears under the receipt tab of inventory; check the box to get the signature line.  Note that for credit card receipts with trades, this will cause multiple lines to appear, with a disclaimer of ownership under the one for this option.
  • Bonus point balances will now appear on the receipt for customers who have them.  This is automatic.
  • Coupon option added for Email Receipts.  This can be controlled from the email receipt options under the internet features tab of options.
  • Option added for preventing customers from trading items in as the cash customer.  The is set under the invoice settings section of options.
  • Permissions added for customer transactions, allowing this to be locked down separately from the editing of the customer generally
  • Electronic Ordering for Ingram Entertainment, on the purchase order screen.
We hope that our customers will find these updates useful.
Version 3.1.1 is planned to be available to supported users the week of December 9th.


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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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