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 June 2014
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Coming up soon, we have a number of exciting new features we want to highlight.
Upcoming Features for Version 3.3

Hours and Wages:


One of the primary changes in version 3.3 is to the time clock functionality within the system, including the labor scheduler.  We've revamped the labor scheduler to provide an easy, weekly view of who is scheduled for how many hours.


Additionally, the time clock now shows who is clocked in and out, and provides the ability for an administrator to edit shifts or add a missed clock in or clock out.


For the report, as requested by many, we've added a column to show the time worked in hours as well as by minutes.


Wish Lists:


We're adding a wish list feature.  This allows customers to set up a list of titles they want, which friends and family shopping for them can request to allow them to make wise purchases.  You can also view these to get an idea when something comes in stock.  Unlike special orders, there's no way to put a deposit on them, but you can create wish list for items that are in stock. 


Special Orders:


We're making a revision to special orders, allowing for you to take in special orders for used items.


Customer Searching:


Customer searching by name can now include first and last names, either in Last, First or First Last format.  Single names will continue to search by last name.


Inventory Searching:


We're adding functionality to inventory searches to search solely for in stock product.

Blocking Websites


We've gotten a few questions of late about recommendations for blocking employees from accessing unauthorized websites on the point of sale computers.


The optimal case for your point of sale computers is simply banning any internet use other than that of the point of sale itself.  Unfortunately, we know that isn't always realistic.  However, one of the most common causes of issues is malware infection, generally from email or poor decisionmaking on the websites visited.


An alternative is blocking all but the websites needed for store operations, at least for your employees.  There are third party programs that can assist with this, but most web browsers have functionality to allow for it for limited users.


If you use a third party piece of software, make certain that you are allowing www.extremepos.net, which is our license and updates server.


For Internet Explorer, instructions on blocking and allowing specific sites can be found here.  For Google Chrome, instructions on blocking and allowing specific sites can be found here.

Version 3.2.0 is out for supported users.

We will be closed Friday, July 4th for Independence Day.


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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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