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June 2015 

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This month, we have a few units on special.  Additionally, have you considered using a display pole?  We'll tell you why you should in this month's newsletter.

The Benefits of a Customer Display


We have offered a customer display option for a number of years now, but we've gotten a few questions lately about why people want them.  They are actually required by law in some places, but even if you are not required to have one, they offer the following benefits:

  • You can customize the look of the display app, allowing you to brand the checkout experience with your logo and store colors.
  • Customers seeing the pricing as they check out allows them to verify that they are being charged correctly, reducing wait times for all customers.
  • You can offer advertisements between transactions, having pictures or videos display to customers browsing through the store.  This can either be internal advertising you've made, allowing for you to show specials within your store, or external advertising from suppliers or other local businesses.
  • Additionally, you can display custom messages and images based on the particular item sold.
Contact sales if you are interested in getting the current pricing on these devices.
The Cost of "Free"

The saying goes that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but on occasions there are, so long as you're willing to listen to someone pitch you on a vacation timeshare during it.


Similarly, with software, you need to make certain you're willing to make the tradeoffs for free programs.  Part of this is simply considering what the motivations of the company are - for example, we offer a free trial of our software, where many point of sale companies do not, because we believe that using it will show off the features and encourage you to become a user long term.  Microsoft offers a number of free utilities, such as their Security Essentials antivirus, because it is in their interest to keep the number of viruses on Windows machines to a minimum. 


In some cases, the free product is a lesser version of commercial software; this may be acceptable to some percentage of casual users, while not being so to a company that is really depending on them.  Examples here include the free graphics program GIMP versus Adobe Photoshop, or the Microsoft Office alternative OpenOffice.  In these cases, whether they are truly free depends on if you need the features available through the fully featured commercial products.  While the examples listed above are generally good programs, sometimes these sorts of programs are so low quality as to be useless.


In other cases, however, "Free" is misleading; either you are tied to some kind of ongoing percentage fee, or the moment you run into any trouble you are going to be charged for configuration assistance, or you are locked into a contract for other, not free services for some amount of time, possibly at a rate well above market.  Many ecommerce platforms are of this style, as are some agreements with credit card processors.  Before you sign, make certain you read closely and are comfortable with what you're getting into.

Current Specials

We've got a few display models and test units of computers, label printers, monitors, and receipt printers around the office we're trying to clear out, and are offering significant discounts on these units while supplies last.  If you are interested in these, please contact sales at (919) 387-7597 extension 101 for details.

Version 3.5.2 is currently available to supported users.

We are closed Friday, July 3th in honor of Independence Day.

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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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