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 October 2013
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BigCommerce Updates
NRF Projections
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We have a number of new features coming soon, and a few already out to go over with you in this month's newsletter
BigCommerce Updates


In response to feedback from the initial wave of adopters of the BigCommerce integration, we've added a few features here, including the ability to hide out of stock items and fixes allowing for negative stock level items and multiple items with the same title.

National Retail Federation Holiday Projections


The National Retail Federation has released their holiday season projections for this year, and the outlook appears to be somewhat optimistic, with the projection being for a 3.9% increase over last year.


The report, which is available in full from the NRF, expects lowered unemployment and consumer optimism in the private sector to overcome a number of other potential problems such as the federal government's shutdown or the slightly shortened time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Upcoming Features 

With the next release of ExtremePOS, Musicware and Praiz, a number of smaller requested features will be available.

  • Advanced Searching from inventory maintenance by both Vendor # and Last Date Sold
  • Option to print signature line for tradein items
  • Bonus point balances will now appear on the receipt for customers who have them
  • Coupon option added for Email Receipts
  • Option added for preventing customers from trading items in as the cash customer.
  • Permissions added for customer transactions, allowing this to be locked down separately from the editing of the customer generally
  • Electronic Ordering for Ingram Entertainment
We hope that our customers will find these updates useful.
Make Backups

This article may strike some as a familiar refrain from the newsletter, but we have had multiple customers lose data this month owing to not having recent (or in one case ANY) backups.


If you do not know how long it has been since your last backup, go make one right now, and make certain that you move it onto storage separate from your computer.  If all of your backups are on the server computer, and the hard drive for the server computer crashes, then your backups may as well not exist.


To make a backup in ExtremePOS 2.9 or later, simply hit the 'backup database' button on the launcher screen.  To change where this is being made to, set the option under administrative functions labeled 'Change Backup Directory'.


The file that is created will be a single file for each backup, named something to the effect of ESC_V20, followed by the date and time, followed by .bak.


This file can range in size from approximately 5 MB for a very new store to up to 1 GB for the oldest, largest, and busiest of stores, but should fit onto most external storage solutions regardless.


Always remember:  The last backup you have could be your database tomorrow in the worst case.  Are you ready to hit the ground running from that point?

Version 3.1.0 is available to supported users


Not supported?  Get supported here!

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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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