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  March 2015
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Version 3.5.1
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BRE Load Balancing
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Version 3.5.1 Information

This is a relatively small update, featuring primarily the BRE load balancing feature described below.  It additionally has a small fix to the previously introduced member price label design, ensuring that labels can print in this style when labels are printed automatically post-trades.

Keeping In Touch


There are a number of options the system offers you for keeping in touch with your customers, potentially in combination with external items.


First, consider collecting customer email addresses from those willing to give them.  One thing that can incentivize this for your customer is to utilize the email receipts feature.  You can include coupons with the email receipts - this is set in the same place as the email receipt option, under tools -> options -> internet features.


Once you have those email addresses, if you get permission to email your customers with a newsletter, you can use a service like Constant Contact to email out regular communications.  These can keep customers informed of events, new products, and other goings on in your store.


Second, you can use ExtremePOS with a label printer to do physical mailings - with Bixolon and Zebra label printers, if you print a label for the customer but do not include a barcode it will be formatted in a mailing style.  You can print these for a particular customer, or for all of the customers you've had set up.

BRE Load Balancing

Before using this function, you should already have an account set up with Brad at BRE Software, and let him know you will be submitting through ExtremePOS to him.


You can access the functionality through the actions menu of the invoice screen; actions -> BRE Load Balancing.




To create a new invoice of items to send up, simply hit new.  You can then add items through searching or scanning them.  Select whether they are complete or incomplete - that is, with box and manual or without - and it will add the item with a temporary value onto the screen.  This is the amount of credit being offered as of the time when you add the item to the invoice.


You can temporarily save an order to come back to later by hitting save; it will then have a list of orders available for you to open from the drop down list.


When you're ready to ship the order, hit submit - this should be done when you are completely ready for the order to go that day to get the pricing that it will then offer you.  Prices may vary from when the item was initially added to the order, as these change when the BRE database does or when any special offers they have going start or end.


At this point, the system will tell you the cash and credit values that you can get for the items.  If you want to proceed, select the way you want to go, input your tracking number, and ship the order to BRE.

Version 3.5.1 is currently available to supported users.

We will be closed Friday, April 3rd for Good Friday.

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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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