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 September 2013
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Additional Station Promotion
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Additional Station Promotion


While supplies last, we are including, for existing customers only, a free USB barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer with the purchase of each ExtremePOS, Musicware, or Praiz license for an existing location.


This should cut down on expenses for customers adding registers or ordering stations for their back office or for the holiday season.

New Quick Searching 

Among the new features in the updated release is a new form of quick searching in inventory.  Now, upon hitting quick search, you will be presented with the following screen:

This offers a number of different methods of searching, rather than the simpler one.  However, you can ignore the new options, scan the item, and it will simply search the item numbers as it has in the past.

Additionally, you can now search by title, descriptions 1 and 2, manufacturer, and department and category ids from quick searching.
Ecommerce Available


The BigCommerce Integration discussed in our previous newsletter is available with the release of 3.1.  Contact Sales for further information on this, or check our archives or youtube page to see more about this exciting product!

Extreme Invoice View Improvements

Similar to the above, we've made changes and improvements to the Extreme Invoice View screen, available from view -> invoices -> Extreme Invoice View.



This screen still has the functionality it always has - if you hit show all invoices, then it'll show all completed invoices in reverse chronological order. 


However, now if you hit quicksearch, rather than only being able to enter the invoice number, you get a number of options to search by, allowing you to easily find relevant invoices.  Have a 13.55 check, or a specific customer with problems?  Search by the check amount, or the customer number.


Once you find a transaction you want to take a closer look at, double click it to recall the detailed invoice to the grid.

Version 3.1.0 is available to supported users on Monday, September 16th


Not supported?  Get supported here!

You may view an archive of our emails here! 


Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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