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 May 2013
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Another summer is starting, and changes are coming, whether it's software updates to ExtremePOS, Musicware and Praiz, or updates to Windows 8, or a new store, or a move.  Regardless, we are here to help you!
Windows 8 Changes      

Microsoft has announced a number of revisions to Windows 8 upcoming soon.  Many of these are meant to increase the resemblance to older versions of Windows and address the complaints of enterprise customers.

Among these changes are the reintroduction of the start button, and boot to desktop.  This may help to address the steep learning curve for users on older versions of Windows.  Rumors are the new update will be free to existing Windows 8 users and will be named version 8.1.  

Windows 8 goes a long way in bringing touch to the Windows user base, but treating mobile users the same as desktop users has many resisting this new version.  There are some manufacturers that have released innovative new devices to take advantage of the new touch features.  Great examples of these devices are Lenovo's new Yoga series laptops and Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface Pro.  These devices demonstrate the promise of Microsoft's new OS.  

ExtremePOS, Musicware and Praiz are compatible with Windows 8.  However, we are recommending our users hold off on purchasing Windows 8 until version 8.1 is released.
Version 3.0.9

Version 3.0.9 is releasing, and there are a few notable differences, both for enterprise users and non-enterprise users.


For non-Enterprise users, we have added support for a new database, Video Game Price Charts.  This, along with our already existing price guide from BRE software, allows for you as a retailer to have a choice in your pricing guides for used games.


Additionally, we have made a number of minor tweaks and fixes in reporting, quick searching, and other areas of the software.

Enterprise Changes in 3.0.9  

Additionally, there are a number of changes to Enterprise with the release of 3.0.9.  We have previously discussed the change in networking to only require static IP addresses at the corporate location.


However, this is not the only change.  Store Transfers are now more centrally managed, and tasks can be set to automatically process throughout the day.  Additionally, if a store is taken offline for some time, or other issues arise due to a change in options, a restored backup, or whatever else might happen in the course of business, the new mass resync feature will bring your store in line even as you continue doing business.


Additionally, the price update manager with BRE, VPD, and the new VGPC databases will allow you to exclude entire departments and categories from your updates.

Upcoming Features


Based on feedback we received from our users, here is a list of some of the features we plan to add in upcoming releases:


Ecommerce integration

New Hours and Wages report

Autogenerate Customer numbers

Full return from Invoice Number

Add additional prepay amount on special orders

Improved Customer Searching

Generic Dept/Cat items for quick invoicing


We will be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.


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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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