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 May 2014
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As the summer begins, we are trying to clear out our offices of some display models of Sharp equipment, as well as continuing to encourage customers who have not yet done so to upgrade off of Windows XP.
Event Logging

Starting with version 3.1, we have windows event logging for certain actions, including login attempts both failed and successful, option changes, setting up new administrator accounts, changing credit card settings, and other high risk actions.


To view these, go to control panel in windows -> administrative tools -> Event Viewer.  Entries from ExtremePOS, Praiz, or Musicware will all be marked as from ExtremePOS on the source, within the Application log.


This can allow for you to track down when a change to mission critical settings was made, letting you narrow the responsible parties.

Fedex Policy Change

Fedex is making a policy change that may be a help to local retailers, by making it more difficult for online retailers to offer free or discounted shipping.


As reported by CNBC, Fedex is going to begin to apply dimensional weighting to smaller packages.  This will effectively increase the cost on lighter weight items of shipping.  As the article indicates, this applies to clothing and toiletries most of all, but can also apply to things like CDs or games in cases, which take up relatively large amounts of space to their weight.


The increased shipping costs may help to inspire customers to go back out to their local stores, instead.



We are attempting to clear out some old display units, and as such have the following in very limited quantities available:


Sharp UP-3500 - $750.00

Sharp UP-810F - $750.00


Additionally, due to the popularity of the promotion, we are going to continue the $100 off for replacement PCs for users upgrading from Windows XP through the end of the month.  Note that if you are using integrated credit cards, you are no longer PCI compliant if you are continuing to use Windows XP past its expiration date.

Version 3.1.2 is out for supported users.

We will be closed Monday, May 26th for Memorial Day.


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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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