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 February 2014
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Upcoming in the next release, we have a few new features for you, primarily including a new option for ecommerce integration with Amazon
Amazon Integration


The next version to be released, 3.2, now includes integration with Amazon.  You can now upload and sell products on Amazon and fill orders right from the POS.  You can also search and import items from Amazon to your store database, similar to our other database integrations such as VPD.


In order to take advantage of these features, you will have to establish a professional selling account on Amazon, and set it up to utilize Marketplace Web Services.   Establishing the account will allow you to access Amazon's database.  In order to send inventory to and process orders from Amazon, you just have to set up ExtremePOS Store Server with your account information.

Amazon Database Integration 

In order to use Amazon as a vendor database, you will need to have a merchant account with Amazon and configure ExtremePOS with the settings given by Amazon.  To access these settings, from the main invoice screen, go to tools -> options -> internet features and click the Amazon Settings button.  If you want to use quick importing with the database, select Amazon as one of the options under the vendor database tab.


This will enable several new features within the software.  Under view, and then Amazon database, you will be able to do text searching for items to import from Amazon.  Amazon limits the results to the top ten items, and only the ASIN will be returned (not the UPC or EAN).  You will have the opportunity to change this to your UPC or EAN.  If you use quick importing from Amazon, the number you scanned will be automatically used as the primary item number.


Amazon does not provide tools to do a mass price update from their site, but you can look up the current competitive pricing for a particular item.  To do this, go to the book db tab in inventory, then hit Check Amazon Pricing.  From there, you can look up and update the item's price and used price.
Listing and Handling Orders 

You can select which items you want to list on Amazon by checking Amazon under the optional tab in Inventory Maintenance.  You'll also need valid prices for both new and used set if you are going to list both.  Amazon requires a valid UPC or EAN-13 set, or alternately you can enter the ASIN (which is Amazon's internal item number) for the item you want to sell.  Items imported from Amazon will have the ASIN automatically set.


When an order comes in, you can process it by selecting Utilities on the initial ExtremePOS screen.  Select fulfill order under amazon, and you will find the screen that will allow you to enter the shipper, the tracking number, and other information.  Once you have confirmed the shipment, the items will be removed from inventory and the shipment information is sent back up to Amazon.
Version 3.1.2 is out for supported users.


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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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