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 June 2013
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ICRS 2013
Special Order Deposits
3.0.11 Changes
Next Generation Used Games
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This month, we will be at the annual International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis!  As always, we look forward to seeing many of you at this event.  We also have information on a few of the software updates that have rolled out in the last few weeks.
International Christian Retail Show 2013      


Each year, one of our best chances to meet customers in person is at the International Christian Retail Show.  This year, the show is in St. Louis, Missouri.

The ICRS is the largest trade show focused on Christian Retail in the United States each year.  At their website, you can get information on registration and on hotels.  We would be glad to see you join us!

We will be at booth 2028 this year.

Special Order Deposits

With version 3.0.11, we have added the frequently requested feature of depositing additional funds towards an existing preorder or special order.


In order to utilize this feature, simply go to the special orders screen, and select the order you want to deposit additional funds on. There is now a button labeled 'add deposit' next to the cancel button.


Clicking this will allow you to add an amount between one cent and the amount still due at maximum.  You cannot add funds to a deposit that is already at maximum, nor to one which is being filled or canceled on the current transaction.

Other Changes  


There have been a number of other feature changes with versions 3.0.10 and 3.0.11.


First, there is now a report for discount cards, giving a complete list of cards, customers, and expiration dates.  This is available from the Reports menu of the invoice screen by going to customer reports -> discount cards.


A more occasionally needed feature is the ability to merge two departments or categories together.  You may do this by going to department or category maintenance, selecting the department you want to merge from, and going to actions -> change (category/department) ID.


Enter the ID of the category or department you want to merge into, and all items in the selected category or department will be moved to the new one and the old will be deleted.


Additionally, we have added the ability to automatically generate customer numbers.  In order to do this, on the customer entry screen, check the box labeled autogenerate customer numbers. While this is checked, any time you hit add the customer number box will be prefilled.


Autogenerated numbers will distinctly consist of the form (STOREID)-(RANDOM NUMBER) and always be ten total characters in length.  For example, if you were to use this in store number 115, you might get a customer number of 115-272392.

Used Games on Playstation 4, Xbox One  


Something many of our game store users have been concerned about was the uncertainty over whether used games would continue to function properly for the next generation of consoles.  Recent announcements first from Microsoft and then from Sony have cleared this up to some degree.


Microsoft's Xbox One will not have a fee for first-party used games, but will offer the option to its publishers.  Additionally, their policy for rentals and loaning games is still somewhat cloudy.


Sony has elected to maintain the current policy, and physical media games will be traded, loaned, and used in essentially the same way as current generation consoles.


Both of these are obviously better than the feared shutdown of the used game market, but Sony's announcement in particular is welcome news for independent game stores.

We will be closed July 4th for Independence Day.  

Version 3.0.11 is available to supported users.


Not supported?  Get supported here!

You may view an archive of our emails here! 


Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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