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 January 2015
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There's an update releasing soon, and we're here to bring you all the information regarding features found within.
Version 3.5 Information

There are a number of new features and fixes available in the version 3.5 update that will be out soon.  Many of these have been highlighted previously, but to review:

  • Time based email reports for DDRs, inventory list reports, audits, and today's sales to a certain time.
  • Added new warehouse for Ingram Books.
  • Fixed issue with cash drawer opening prior to initial printing.
  • Added support for Ingram Entertainment database.  The files for this are available from Ingram Entertainment for their users.
  • Added a graphical reports display, available from reports -> general -> reports display.
  • Added a label design that reflects discount card pricing.
  • Added load balancing option for BRE Software users to exchange excess inventory with BRE.
This update will be available to supported users, and will contain the above features and fixes.
Setting Up Employees 

We've had a few questions recently about how to set up new employees, and how to use them with the updated time clock functionality.


Employees can be added through employee maintenance.  To get to this, you'll need to be on the login screen - the screen where your username and password is entered.


Rather than logging in, go to the tools menu at the top of the screen, then down to employee maintenance.  From this screen, you can add new employees.  The minimum fields you'll need are an id - two characters, number or letters - and a password, but you'll almost certainly want to set permissions.


To have employees utilize the time clock, they should go to actions -> time clock.  From here, they can clock in and out.  Administrators can utilize the administrative functions here to erase or modify shifts.


To get reports on the time worked, go through reports -> hours and wages.

Antivirus Options


You should be using an antivirus program on your point of sale system.  If you get a computer from us, we will preload Microsoft's free Security Essentials program onto it for you.  This is an acceptable lightweight protection program.


If you're wanting to get something a little more robust, we have typically seen less problems with Norton products than most other security software.  Regardless, particularly for multistation setups, you may need to do some configuration to allow for proper operation of the software - on the server computer, in particular, access must be allow to SQL server from external devices.


Regardless of what path you go for antivirus protection, the best things you can do for the safety of your data are outside of the antivirus - have regular backups, off of the system, to recover from the worst case, and don't run unauthorized programs.  This latter can be a matter of training and policy with employees.

Clean Out Your Computer Day

The second Monday of February is national Clean Out Your Computer Day.  This refers to both removing unused files, and the physical act of cleaning your computer.


While not something you need to do too often, it's good to do this at least once a year.  Get a can of compressed air, at a minimum, and blow out the fans.  Dust and heat are one of the greatest causes of computer component failure.


One guide for doing this is at this site.

Version 3.4.0 is currently available to supported users.

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Jeremy Spencer
Support Manager
Extreme Point Of Sale Inc
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