July, 2020
Why we’re committed to keeping Matt’s Dream alive
The Matt Garcia Foundation Board is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. Some had the privilege of knowing Matt and others did not, but we all share his dream of strengthening our community, supporting our youth and stopping crime.
“I can’t simply explain all the reasons why I continue to stay committed, but I can try to explain a feeling that keeps me there. That feeling was created when I began attending the foundation’s monthly city clean-ups. I continued attending these events because it wasn’t simply picking up trash, but instead, it was an event full of individuals who willingly came together to better their community with joy and love. This feeling continuously motivates me to be the best I can and to enjoy my community . “

Sakina Ali, College Student
“The voices and leadership of adolescents and young adults in this community hold great power; they must be heard. This foundation allows my voice, as a young woman of color, to be heard as the voice of a community leader. The Matt Garcia Foundation gives me a platform to invite and connect others with service opportunities that can be so simple, yet impactful, in uniting our community. This foundation allows me to inspire others in my community, who constantly inspire me in return.”

 Briana Esquivias, College Student
“I’ve always had a desire to help people in diverse ways. The Foundation has been that platform for me to be at least a presence in the lives of others as a little presence can go a long way. Matt’s dream was to start with the youth and I’ll always have my heart set on working to become a better mentor and a stronger influence to help others make healthier decisions.”

Zachary Young, Artist  
“I am committed to the Foundation because I believe that it is important to be involved in your community in one way or another. Having been in Fairfield almost my entire life, this city is important to me and I’ve found the Matt Garcia Foundation to be that crucial link between me and others in my community.”

Nathan Nevins, College Student
“Matt came across our paths and helped us through the most difficult years we ever faced. He had our backs through thick and thin and became the "big brother" and positive male role model my son so needed in his life and a true and loyal friend to my daughter. Knowing Matt has forever changed us, and although I could never repay him for all he did for my family, any volunteer work I have done since he left us, I do in memory of him. I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve on the board of this foundation.”

Shawna Serpas, School Teacher
“I made a promise during Matt’s campaign and after he was elected; that I would continue to work for him and support his endeavors as our City Councilman.  Even though Matt is not with us here on earth, his spirit is.  I’m committed to Matt’s dream and this foundation; continuing to press on and do the work that he always wanted for this city. Right now more than ever, we need to support and empower the youth in our communities.  The dreams & hope of our youth, along with our hard work can make a city stronger!"

Susie Young, Project/Support manager
“Sheila and I are led to serve our community through the Matt Garcia Foundation primarily because of the time we spent with Matt while he served on the Fairfield City Council. We would see him Sunday mornings before church picking up trash downtown and joined him a couple of times. It was then that we learned his vision for Fairfield. Unlike most politicians, he led from his heart, not his ego. His life legacy is a beacon of hope that keeps the Matt Garcia Foundation dedicated to mentoring youth and making our community a desirable place to live and thrive.”

Vincent Webster, Retired Fire Chief
“Keeping Matt's Dream Alive for me is like keeping a bit of him alive even though He is no longer here. Matt understood the impact that young people have in our world. He was one of them. Keeping his dream alive also means that young people everywhere realize that they can do anything and be anything that they want. Keeping Matt's dream alive means that we give our young people the opportunity and the platform to share their knowledge and solutions. Young people have so much to give and share with all of us. They are our future leaders. Let us come together, young and old, and help build a better tomorrow for all.”

Teresa Courtemanche, Matt's mom
July Events Cancelled
No Community Clean-Up Service Days in July
Due to the COVID - 19 social distancing order we have cancelled all upcoming events for the month of July, following the guidance from public health officials. Please check the Foundation website once the order has been lifted for any changes in volunteer opportunities.

To receive information on our volunteer opportunities:
Through text-message
Enter this number: 81010
Enter this message: @mgfv
Through Email
Send an email to mgfv@mail.remind.com
FFINEST Cloth Mask Still Available!
Thanks to Raymond’s mom Rita Courtemanche the Matt Garcia Foundation has cloth mask available. If you are in need of a mask visit the Foundation website www.ffinest.org  for contact information.
California Public Health requiring Californians to wear face coverings
in most settings outside the home.
Life Hack #2654
The 2 Liter Dime Challenge:

Fill a 2 liter bottle with dimes and you should have around $500.

Some Inspiring Words...
When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.
- Charles Evans Hughes –

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
- Jimmy Dean -
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