December, 2020
We want to thank you!
2020 Halloween Event

On behalf of the Matt Garcia Foundation, I would like to thank all the businesses, vendors, volunteers, and attendees of the 2020 Halloween Event for making this event a success. This event would not have been possible without your help. Our goal for this event was to allow our city’s youth to safely trick-or-treat while also bringing business to downtown Fairfield. It was thrilling to see Downtown be so full of life and joy, and we hoped that we helped establish a connection between our businesses and potential customers.
List of groups in particular we want to thank
  • Larry’s Produce, for providing the Matt Garcia Foundation with a discount on the pumpkins
  • The Fairfield Police Department, for giving us permission to host this event
  • Delta Graphics, for providing us with flyers for the event
  • Shawndra Rentschler of Color Street, for donating $115 worth of candy
  • Tara Cruz of Shop La Jefa, for helping to plan the event
List of businesses who participated
  • Shawndra Rentscher, Color Street
  • Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Doriss Panduro for Fairfield City Council District 5
  • Carolina Ramirez, Club Nutrición Viva Feliz
  • Downtown Cuts n Style
  • Gordon’s Music & Sound
  • Kameron Holzendorf for Fairfield City Council District 4
  • Baja Ice Cream - Shop La Jefa
  • Cyber Cave
  • Gala Rentals
  • Terisita Floral
  • ERA Antiques & Collectibles - K&A Furniture

Thank you all again. Matt’s dream is as alive as ever.
-Nathan Nevins Board Member
Deep Theory Kickstarter Campaign
Hello everyone! Remember our board member, Zach? If you haven’t heard, he and his friend have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a comic book project they’ve been working on for some time. The Kickstarter campaign has been LIVE for the past couple of weeks and they’re at 70%! It’s been an amazing first half, but it doesn’t end here. They still have a ways to go with only two and a half weeks left. 

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, please do! Here is the link:

The campaign ends December 15th. Hard at remembering dates? Visit the link and click the “Remind Me” button. You’ll be notified 48 hours before it ends.

This comic book project has been the dream of both creators for a while now. They’re so happy to finally share the fruits of their labor and invite you to come along for the ride in its final two weeks! Your contributions will help fund this project and it will also help to cultivate new ways in keeping Matt’s dream alive with 25% of the proceeds being donated to the Foundation. Any questions? You can reach out to Zach directly at
The California King Tides Project
December 13-15, 2020
The California King Tides Project helps us visualize future sea level by observing the highest high tides of today. Explore a map of photos taken during recent King Tides seasons.

You can help by taking and sharing photos of the shoreline during King Tides to create a record of changes to our coast and estuaries. Find out what time and how high the King Tides will be near you. Learn how to participate by uploading your photos via a web browser or with a free app. Your photos will be added to a map of King Tides photos. As always, please be cautious and respect the power of the ocean, and don't disturb shorebirds which may be much farther upland than usual.

Download a poster for Northern California or Southern California King Tides.
The Matt Garcia Foundation
Monthly Community Cleanup
December 26, 2020 @ 9:00am – 11:00am
Located 'on the green' at the corner of Jefferson & Texas Streets
Fairfield, CA 94533

To protect your health and slow the spread of the coronavirus, we will be follow the most recent guidance from the Center for Disease Control.
  • If you are sick in any way, DO NOT come out to the cleanup.
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from everyone you encounter, even if you are wearing a mask.
  • ALWAYS wear gloves.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Unfortunately, you may find used gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) among litter. DO NOT PICK UP ANY PPE without a grabber.
The Matt Garcia Foundation will provide gloves, grabbers and buckets for collecting the trash.

For more information visit
Holiday Safety Tips
Well, it’s been an unbelievable year. In spite of the craziness all around us, we have lots to be grateful for. Transitioning into 2021 safely should be a high priority for all of us. This brings to mind the importance of enjoying the holidays safely. This time of year usually means Christmas trees and lots of cooking. Did you know that a Christmas tree is one of the most hazardous items in your house? An ignited tree can generate around 2000 degrees of radiant heat, and be consumed in fire in as little as a few seconds. Christmas tree related fires account for a fairly high percentage of fire department emergency calls this time of year. Please remember to take these precautions:

  1. If you are using candles, keep them at least three feet away from combustible items and extinguish them when not in use (keep out of reach of children and pets also)
  2. Be sure to have the base of the tree in water and replace daily.
  3. Check lights for frayed wires and broken sockets and replace if necessary.
  4. Keep your tree away from any heat sources and dispose of it right after the holidays (the scouts usually have a Christmas tree pick up each year).
  5. Be sure to cook safely in the kitchen (keep flammable objects away from fire sources, use lids, and have a properly rated fire extinguisher nearby).
  6. Do not overload your house circuit with exterior or interior Christmas lights.

On behalf of the Matt Garcia Foundation, we wish you a safe and blessed Holiday Season. We look forward to an event filled 2021 living out Matt’s legacy!
Some Inspiring Words...
Life is so short. We spend so much time sweating the small stuff; worrying, complaining, gossiping, comparing, wishing, wanting and waiting for something bigger and better instead of focusing on all the simple blessings that surround us everyday. Life is so fragile and all it takes is a single moment to change everything you take for granted. Focus on what’s important and be grateful! You are blessed! Believe it! Live your life and leave no regrets.
-Melanie Koulouris
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Everyday we learn something new. Take life as a test and shoot for a better score each day… It doesn’t have to be an “A” the next day,
but let’s hope it improves.
-Matt Garcia
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