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Look Hot in the Heat   

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In many parts of the country, along with increased temperatures comes increased humidity. The weather has been particularly humid and sticky even in Malibu. Several of my clients with oily skin have been asking how they should be caring for their skin during times of heat and humidity.  Here are four tips to keep oily skin in check during the heat:



  • Keep the skin clean by using a soapless cleanser to break-up the sebum and debris on the skin.  Humidity creates a "petri dish" type of environment allowing bacteria to grow at a faster rate.  Soaps dry the skin and leave a layer of dead cells, not allowing the skin to eliminate efficiently.  If you are exercising or very active on those humid days, 
    give your face one extra washing with a mild, soapless wash..  
  • Masque it!
    Apply an exfoliating type masque once a week to remove accumulated dead skin and to allow good elimination from the pores. 
  • Absorb the oil
    If excessive oiliness occurs within hours of washing your face, consider a loose face powder.  Avoid pressed powders because they are pressed with oil and the applicators can often spread bacteria.
  • Say No Thank you to Moisturizers 
    during hot & humid weather.  Allow your body to work and do not over tax your skin with additional oil.  Apply a spray of Rose Water if you want a little skin pick-me-up.
Products to get you through the heat...

Ecologica Soapless Cleanser
Gently removes impurities and restores the natural balance of the skin.
 Ecologica Soapless Cleanser
Soapless Cleanser
Ecologica Rose H20 
A light fragrant rose mist to hydrate and refresh the skin without adding oil


Ecologica Rose Water
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Rose Water

 Ecologica Masque & Peel Duo

The most effective home use skin treatment on the market 

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Masque & Peel Duo_tighter



Featured Product      

     Avance' Acne Formula
  Avance Formula & gift        
  • 100% Natural
  • Kills bacteria without drying skin 
  • My favorite blemished skin  tool!


Promotes a clean, clear complexion Minimize skin imperfections with a blend of essential oils of Tea Tree, Cajeput, Chamomile, Sage, Juniper, Lemon and Lavender.  formulated to dissolve blemishes.  This has always been one of my top sellers!

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Septtember 2013    

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