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3  Easy Skin Tips for Your Next Working-out 

The kids are back to school and the erratic schedules are gone.  It's time to get back to the gym and get back on a routine of taking care of yourself.


Women as well as men are unhappy with the red and blotchy appearance of their skin after exercising. Here are three of my favorite tips to help keep you looking great while working out...


  • Excessive Redness 
    This is particularly upsetting for women who have rosacea or sensitive skin. Vasodilation caused by working out will make it even worse!  Keep your body temperature as low as possible during your workout.  An occasional spritz of Ecologica Rose Water will help keep your skin feeling cool and refreshed.   You can also purchase cooling towels at most sport goods shop.  Avoid using moisturizers that have glycolic acids or cleansers with scrubbing grains.
  • Excessive Oiliness  End your work-out by washing off with a soapless cleanser. This is especially important for those who have occasional skin break-outs or oily skin.  Ecologica Soapless Cleanser,
    while very gentle, will break up sebum and debris on the skin and will help to remove bacteria that can cause blemishes.
  •  Dry and Dehydration  You've been working out for an hour or more, you are hot and thirsty, but so is your skin!  Quench your skins' thirst by hydrating it. Ecologica Regenerative Cream is loaded with Hyaluronic Acid to plump-up those thirsty cells and to keep moisture from escaping. 
  • Post Work-out care
    You've given your body an invigorating work-out.  It's time to give your skin the same work-out!  Yes...Ecologica Masque and Peel works the same way that a work-out in the gym does for your body.  As the Masque tightens, it pumps blood to the surface of the skin to oxygenate, cleanse and nourish the skin.  It's the best work-out you can possibly give your skin!
Must have skin products for the gym...
Ecologica Rose H20 
A light fragrant rose mist to hydrate and refresh the skin without adding oil. Available in a 2oz gym bag size. 

Ecologica Rose Water
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Rose Water

 Ecologica Soapless Cleanser

Cleanse while maintaining the  natural balance of the skin. Convenient 2oz. travel size which is the perfect size for a gym bag or locker. 

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Soapless Cleanser


What's New?


     Luxury Liquid Eyeshadow     
  • Radiant Colors
  • Smooth Velvet finish
  • Lasing Fade Resistant Formula
  • Non-creasing


A weightless liquid shadow that glides on effortlessly to wash eyes in sheer, radiant color that lasts for hours. Quick-dry formula won't fade or crease, leaving eyes luxurious even longer.  Hypoallergenic and Paraben-free.

See Luxury Eye Shadow Shades 


       Eco Masque & Peel Gift Set                

In home professional skin treatment 
  • Eco Enzyme Masque Powder   
  • Eco Peel
  • Eco Masque Brush
  • How to instructions 


This beautiful clear lucite box makes a great gift for the holidays.  It's a perfect way to start friends and family on a path to improving their skin. Everything included for a professional type treatment without leaving home.  

Masque & Peel Gift Set                                 

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