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When & Why You Need A Facial

You wash your face and you use good moisturizers...so, why do you need a facial?
For anyone who has ever had a good facial, the answer is as clear as the beautiful skin on their face!  
I equate a good facial to a good teeth cleaning by the dental hygienist. Of course you brush your teeth, but isn't there a huge difference from what the professional hygienist does?  Of course.
Too often, facials are considered a "luxury service".  To be honest, many spa-type facials are no more than a relaxing massage and snooze.  Skin care is serious business.  It's the first defense against premature aging and preventative skin problems..
So...when should you start taking care of your skin and is it ever too late to get started?  Over the past 30 years I have started many young boys and girls on the right path to healthy skin habits.  I recommend the first skin treatment at about 12 years of age and then periodically as puberty starts. This treatment should consist of a lot of education.  Too many times, teenagers listen to their friend's advice or what they read in a magazine.  Step by step, I instruct the young person on the daily care of their skin and how to avoid problems down the road.  Conversely, I have had clients that began taking care of their skin in their 70's!  They have thought, "why bother, it won't make a difference!"  Although those people will never have the skin of those who have always cared for their skin, their skin will look better at 80 than if they hadn't done anything and just given up.
A woman in her 50's and 60's who has taken care of her skin for years, stands out among her peers.  It's about that age that they reap the rewards of consistent good skin care and... It's never to late to start.



Professional Skin treatment for home care...
Eco Masque & Peel Gift Set
The most effective skin care treatment you'll ever use.  Perfect for skin pick-me-up in-between facials or for busy people that don't have time for professional treatments. 
Set includes:
  • 4 oz. Enzyme rich Eco Masque powder
  • 2 oz. Eco Peel
  • Eco Masque Application Brush
  • How to Instructions

Eco Masque & Peel Duo Gift Set
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What's New?


Luxury Liquid Eyeshadow     

  • Radiant Colors
  • Smooth Velvet finish
  • Lasing Fade Resistant Formula
  • Non-creasing


A weightless liquid shadow that glides on effortlessly to wash eyes in sheer, radiant color that lasts for hours. Quick-dry formula won't fade or crease, leaving eyes luxurious even longer.  Hypoallergenic and Paraben-free.

See Luxury Eye Shadow Shades 


       Felt Tip Eye Liner                   

  • No Bleeding or Flaking 
  • Ultra Smooth Tip for Precision
  • Defines Eyes Beautifully
  • Paraben Free Preservative


A new twist for liquid eyeliner lovers! 
Draw the perfect line every time with these precision felt tip liners.The smooth liquid draws on simply and stays put. No bleeding, smudging or flaking.  Paraben free preservative system.

Read more about the new Felt Tip Eyeliner       



       Waterproof Gel Lip Liner                    

  • Waterproof Formula   
  • Lasts up to 7 hours!
  • Prevents lipstick bleeding
  • Luscious shades


Give your lips a professional make-up artist look.  Extremely long lasting, waterproof gel system that glides onto lips for transfer-proof, non-feathering wear. Lasts up to 7 hours with no bleeding and a precision line..

Learn about the new Waterproof Gel Lip Liner       



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