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What Your Brows Are Saying About You


Brows are the most important feature on our face.  With over 75% of our expression controlled through our brows, it's easy to see why having the proper brow is so essential.  Our brows tell if we are happy, surprised, sad or mad. They can also make us look younger or older and contribute to a hard or soft appearance. As we get older, we loose brow hair.  LATISSE by Allergan is one of the only products legally on the market that can actually stimulate hair for eyelashes and brows.  It is a prescription that is easily obtained through a doctor.   However, once the root of the hair has been destroyed, it can not be restored.  There are also many topical remedies on the market such as; brow pencils, shadows, fixatives and brushes which can be a quick fix for a perfect brow. If you are tired of applying even brows every day and want an easier solution, Permanent Make-up might be the answer.  I have seen women who felt like they looked tired and old, that were ready to undergo a forehead/brow lift, and with the proper brows, looked younger and more vibrant.  Although it is called "permanent" this procedure generally lasts 11/2-4 years.  It is a no fuss alternative allowing you to wake-up to the perfect brows that you always dreamed of .

With the many ways that we communicate with our brows ...be careful how you use them!

Get ready for a carefree life with permanent make-up

Eyebrow Enhancements: Even-out uneven brows, fill-in empty spots and create a beautiful smooth brow frame for your eye




Sandy Before_Eyeliner
Sandy After_eyeliner

Learn how permanent make-up can enhance your eyes 
What's New?


     Liquid Lipstick   


Why I LOVE it...

Provides the super creamy, non-sticky coverage of a lipstick with the ease of a wand.  The luxurious liquid texture, made with advanced polymers and intense pigments, delivers fabulous full coverage color in a single swipe. 


Kosher / Vegan / Glluten-Free / Paraben-Free       

choose your shade! 







       Felt Tip Eye Liner 

  • No Bleeding or Flaking 
  • Ultra Smooth Tip for Precision
  • Defines Eyes Beautifully
  • Paraben Free Preservatives
A new twist for liquid eyeliner lovers! 
Draw the perfect line every time with these precision felt tip liners.The smooth liquid draws on simply and stays put. No bleeding, smudging or flaking.  Paraben free preservative system.

Read more about the new Felt Tip Eyeliner       




       Marini Juveneck by Jan Marini    


 The most successful product launch in Jan Marini history.  I can't keep it in stock!  Next shipment due 10/30.  Reserve yours today!



  • Visibly improves the signs of aging
  • Eliminates crepey skin and improves texture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Potent anti-aging and skin nourishing ingredients
  • Dramatic anti-aging benefits
  • Skin regains a smoother, more refined appearance
  • Improves definition in the jaw area 

A revolutionary anti-aging cream specifically formulated for the delicate neck area. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases, refine skin texture and increase hydration

Marini Juveneck additional info

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