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Firewalking Institute of Research and EducationSeptember 2010
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Instructor/Entrepreneur with a Vision
Walt Disney's Goofy Idea
Saintly Leadership
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FIT Graduates Dec 2009 
FIT en Espa´┐Żol Firewalk Instructor TrainingDesarrollo Intensivode tus Poderes con Entrenamiento de Instructor paraCaminar sobre Fuego 
December 2 - 5, 2010 
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Charles Horton
 Eduardo Ruiz begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Executive Firewalking Instructor Training (EFIT) 
April 10-18,2011 
 Dallas, TX
Charles Horton
Firewalking InstructorTraining (FIT)
 Pune, India
Charles Horton
Manish Gupta
January 20-23,2010
 Dallas, TX
Charles Horton
April 14-17, 2011  
 Dallas, TX
Charles Horton
Ignite the Secret
Dallas, TX
Charles Horton 
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The Compass
 By Tammy Kling
the compass
The Compass is a life transformation book to catalyze positive change and guide people to access their dreams. This is the companion book to the documentary, The Compass, featuring world renowned speakers and motivators Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Tammy Kling among others.
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Charles LIBE
Have you ever wondered how to host a corporate team building seminar?

We just completed a 5-day course that we host quarterly for Fastbucks, LLC. We combined knowledge with empowerment by having their internal executives and top performers share their wisdom and paired that with the empowerment tools such as glasswalking and firewalking. We also introduced a new active that allows the team to really leap out of their comfort zones. It is called a Flash Mob. It is a choreographed dance that is done in a public area with lots of unexpected on-lookers. As the music is blasted throughout the venue, a progression of people start to dance, starting with only one individual and by the end of the song you have 35+ employees dancing and singing to the music. If you thought speaking in public was a huge fear for people, try dancing in public. This event and many other lessons are taught during these corporate team building seminars, which is how we discovered that this is truly a two way learning street. Not only can the employees learn the lessons and tools they need to succeed at their jobs, but individuals who want to host events similar to these can learns the step by step way to set up and host events like this. That's why we are inviting you to our next 5-day corporate team building seminar, November 16-20, to learn the behind the scenes role you will play as a facilitator to these large scale events.
Boot camp May
What will I learn:
  • How to tailor each activity to allow for the most impactful experience
  • Indepth training on room setup
  • How to draw out the knowledge of top performers and share that with the group
  • Preparation for large scale and multi-day events 
This is the event that will give you that little extra boost of confidence you are looking for and the knowledge you need to gurnuatee your clients that they will receive everything they paid for and more. Certified Firewalk Instructors can join for $995 and for non certified instructors $1495. For more information on how you can help and grow through this experience contact .
Instructor/Entrepreneur with a Vision
Rich Campe
Certified firewalking instructor Rich Campe, dares to challenge himself. After attending the firewalking instructor training (FIT) in April of last year, he started implementing his newly found tools of empowerment and produced his first public firewalking event a mere month later.  The man people always came to for help with problems and inspiration has big aspirations himself: to grow and become more successful as a motivational speaker, coach and individual.

"I am all about helping people get to the next level," explains Campe.  "I always wanted to do this, so I scouted for a location and lit a fire under myself."  As CEO of Rich Campe International, LLC, and exclusive provider of the MindScan, created by the late Dr. Robert S. Hartman, he talked it up to the regular clientele, worked his e-mail contacts, and staged a complete day of firewalking and goal setting.

(Take the MindScan and learn your Strengths and Potential Weaknesses. A $500 value for FREE for firewalking patrons...includes the MindScan Summary report, Your Top Strength, Your Top Potential Weakness and a complimentary MindScan Coaching review call.)
Basking in the Afterglow

"It was a total success," Campe crowed after the event - his voice rich with the pride of accomplishment.  "Everyone was ecstatic with the gathering - we poured a lot of heart and soul into it.  People were crying with excitement, several had personal epiphanies... the testimonials are flying in and they're great."

Since getting his first firewalk under his belt Rich has not stopped his momentum towards success. He has recently produced a single firewalking event for 29 Executives of a Fortune 100 company for over $80,000. This just goes to show, that with hard work and dedication anything can happen.

Reflecting on the process, Campe shared that the best part of all of his events is listening to participants afterward.  "To see that transformation at the end, to witness it happen, to know you've touched someone's life - no one can ever take that from you."

Want to live like Campe? The next firewalking instructor training (FIT) will be held December 2nd-5th, 2010 in the Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information, click here.
Walt Disney's Goofy Idea
I came across this amazing motivational story that I want to share with you of how Disney Land came about. Take a look.
Disney 1When Walt Disney came up with the idea for Disneyland in the early '50s he was already a household name.

His cartoons characters had been entertaining audiences for more than two decades and he had Academy Awards on his shelf for his animated feature-length films like Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi.

But when he went looking for financing for a theme park, even his own banker thought it was a real Mickey Mouse idea.

Keep in mind, at the time there was nothing like it. There were amusement parks like Coney Island, but nothing like the park Disney envisioned. He imagined a place that transported you to a "magic kingdom" with rides, food and entertainment appealing to children and adults.
Disney 2
"Stick to cartoons," advised his banker. "The world loves your characters. It's been pen and paper that's made you a success. A 60-acre construction project? Walt, you've lost your mind."
Disney was not deterred. He had a vision and he was determined to find funding, so he made an appointment with another bank and was met with the same response.

"You're the greatest animator the world has ever known," the next banker said. "Your characters are part of my childhood and now they're a part of my kids' childhood, but an amusement park with life-sized characters in costume? Walt, you've been working too hard. Try to get more sleep."

One by one, Disney kept scheduling appointments with bankers only to hear the same thing.

Walt Disney visited more than 302 lenders before a bank manager finally interrupted him and said, "Mr. Disney, how much do you need?"

Disney 3Disneyland opened to the public on July 17, 1955 and was an instant hit with the public. It took just 7 weeks for the world's first theme park to welcome it's one millionth visitor.

Today 118-million people visit the various Disney theme parks around the planet each year.

The lesson is obvious. Don't give up. You're going to get rejected in your attempts to get publicity, but each time you do, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say to yourself, "302 banks."
Saintly Leadership 
By Krish Dhanam
On July the 7th of 1994, I had the rare privilege of meeting one of the most effective top performers of our time. I was entrusted with the task of taking a donation from my employer in Dallas to a little missionary worker in the backward slums of Calcutta. I was asked to meet and greet Mother Teresa and offer the donation as a gesture of goodwill for all that she had accomplished. Little did I know that the encounter, which would last about twenty minutes, would give me some incredible leadership principles that were going to last me a lifetime. In my haste to part with the money and capture a picture with the future saint, I kept egging this icon of patience to come to where I was standing so a memory of our meeting could forever be recorded. It was clearly evident from what transpired that the memory I hoped to create was of less significance than what was to become the results of the events of that day. My camera malfunctioned and any number of efforts to get a picture were thwarted by fate, coincidence or happenstance. I left India disappointed and blamed myself for having come so close to greatness only to fail to have something to show for posterity.

Mother TeresaThe Saintly Leadership of Mother Teresa taught me some valuable lessons. She was consistent in her quest to save the very poor, calling them "distress in disguise." In an audio series called "Thirsting for God," she tells of the many times when she faced the impossible just to be rewarded because of her consistency. She was loyal to her cause. In her acceptance speech when receiving the Nobel Peace Prize she simply said "I accept this in the name of the poor." These were the people she was called to lead and amidst the degradation and decadence of human decay she found the self-reliance to be loyal to her cause. She believed in succession planning. Even though the world knew her name and her deeds, she knew that one day her role as the visionary for the Missionaries of Charity would end. She knew that she needed a successor whose vision could take this humble organization forward. Sister Nirmala was appointed the successor the day Mother Teresa passed on and continuity was established.

The role of top performers is to learn the various attributes that allow people to go from normalcy to greatness. Great people don't start out to be great. They follow their vision with consistency and loyalty. When I wrote a letter of gratitude to Mother Teresa she replied with a picture and a personal note to me. She taught me humility. This great lady wrote me a letter thanking me for mailing some letters for her that were sent to encourage the sisters representing the Missionaries of Charity in the USA . Along with the picture and letter were the words, "Be a little instrument in God's hands, so that He can use you any time, anywhere. We have only to say 'Yes' to Him. The poor need your love and care. Give them your hands to serve, and your heart to love. And in doing so, you will receive much more. Keep the joy of loving through serving." In doing this she proved to be a great encourager.

I call this segment Saintly Leadership because most of us reading this know she got her skills at a venue more prestigious than Harvard and from a teacher who was called just that--"Teacher." I call her a top performer because this Roman Catholic nun who lived and served amidst the poorest of the poor had her home in the only Marxist state in a predominantly Hindu society. (Dominique Lappierre called this infested maze of degradation and filth "The City of Joy.") Yet when she died she was given full state honors and was sent to her resting place on the gun carriage that carried some of the great martyrs of India. She transcended circumstances and societal assumptions and rose above the plateau of mortal expectations while practicing servant leadership of the very highest order. While many of us will not be called to live a life of such exemplary servitude, we can conclude that all top performers can practice the principles of Saintly Leadership.

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