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Child Care Providers Share Why They are Getting Vaccinated in New Video Series
“I’m getting vaccinated so I can invite families back into the classroom,” says preschool provider Desiray Taylor. Over the past year, child care providers have put their lives on the line for the children and families they serve. Now, all individuals ages 12 and older in California are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, including essential workers like early care and education providers. It’s normal to be nervous about a new vaccine, but all of the vaccinations available are safe and effective at preventing serious illness —and getting vaccinated can help you and your community return to normal life. Child care providers from around the state, like Desiray, share why they got vaccinated in a new series of videos from First 5 Association and First 5 California. They share reasons like protecting their community, keeping their students and families safe, and helping to end the pandemic.
Click here to watch the videos and hear their stories.

For more information on where to get vaccinated visit:
Santa Cruz SEEDS Investing in Children's Futures
First 5 Santa Cruz County is proud to partner with Santa Cruz Community Ventures to promote the Santa Cruz SEEDS program, offering families an opportunity to begin a college savings account for their child as a newborn. First 5 Santa Cruz County’s Baby Gateway Newborn Enrollment Coordinators share information about Santa Cruz SEEDS at each visit with a newborn's family along with enrolling that child in health insurance and helping make their first well-visit appointment.

Santa Cruz Community Ventures automatically opens Children’s Savings Accounts for all Santa Cruz County newborns. These accounts improve the social-emotional wellbeing of both newborns and mothers, build dedicated educational funds for our local babies’ futures and lay a foundational path of hope and possibility for all Santa Cruz County newborns. 

Santa Cruz SEEDS is a county-wide collaborative program that provides newborns with a college savings account (CSA), which receives an initial SEED contribution of $25 - $50. These accounts are a gift from the Santa Cruz community, held in California’s ScholarShare 529 plan, and are administered by Santa Cruz Community Ventures. The funds are dedicated to college or vocational education expenses until a child’s 26th birthday. The accounts do not impact household income or public benefit qualifications and there is no cost to parents.

Santa Cruz SEEDS welcomes every newborn into our community with love, support, and commitment by investing in their future from birth. We are coming together to invest in our children's wellbeing and the future of our county.

In collaboration with County partners, additional contributions are planned to compliment a child’s health and educational milestones, such as well-child visits or a first dental cleaning. These milestone contributions will encourage healthy habits well into the future and will help our community meet regional goals related to health, wellness, and education. The goal is to have $500 in each child’s account by the time they reach kindergarten.
Learn more at www.santacruzseeds.org
First Partner's Summer Book Club
Launched in June
California First Partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom has launched the First Partner’s Summer Book Club with the California State Library, The First 5 Association and First 5 California. This 10 week program began in June and will promote participation in summer reading programs hosted by local libraries, and keep our little ones engaged all summer long! Sign up for the First Partner’s Summer Book Club and join in on the fun! For more information, please visit: gov.ca.gov/cakids read
Community Announcements
Local Pediatric Dental Appointments Available
There are pediatric dental appointment openings at local clinics for children 0 to 3. Please check out this flyer for more information about the importance of bringing young children in to have regular dental checkups.
Local Assistance Available to Help with Health Insurance and CalFresh Applications
Having access to health insurance and food for our families is of vital importance. If you, a family member, friend or neighbor need help completing or renewing an application to county or state health insurance programs, Certified Application Assistors can answer your questions and offer free application assistance. Call an Application Assistor directly at any of the agencies listed on this flyer for more information.
Community Resources
Parenting and Caregiver Resources

  • From the National Institute of Mental Health - Flyers on Stress and Anxiety in English and Spanish

If you are in need of child care,
please call the Child Development Resource Center
COVID-19 Related Community Resources

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