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First Press Weekly e-News
June 7, 2018

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BBQ Fundraiser 
BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Saturday, June 9th @ 11:00am - 3:00pm
Cub Scout Pack 4511 is having a BBQ to raise funds for the activities of the pack. Stop by the fellowship hall between 11:00am and 3:00pm to pickup your BBQ plate and support Scouting! 

Vacation Bible School
June 11th - 15th    9:00am - Noon Daily
At Shipwrecked VBS, kids discover that Jesus rescues them! Kids will participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play team-building games, devour yummy treats, and experience one-of-a-kind Bible adventures to remind them of God's love.
All children who are rising Kindergarten through rising 5th graders are welcome to participate. Older youth (6th grade and higher) and adults are needed as volunteers, so please plan on helping out in any way that you can. Registration forms are available online HERE or in the narthex.

QUESTIONS?? Call Dan Walden at the church office: 770-786-7321
Awards, Celebration & Graduations 
  • MacKenzie Grace Berry, granddaughter of Julie Epps and great-granddaughter of Charlotte Epps graduated from Weddington High School in NC and will attend UNC Wilmington in the fall. 
  • Bill Loeble was awarded the Silver Buffalo Award by the Boy Scouts of America for extraordinary service to youth. Previous recipients of this award include 15 presidents of the United States of America!
Share your good news!
We are always happy to share in the celebrations of our church and extended family, so please let us know about awards, celebrations or graduations that we can share in upcoming e-new editions. E-mail your good news to Dan Walden HERE.
Music Ministry News
Summer Rehearsals

Watch this space for more news from our Music Ministry Team. 

  •  Sanctuary Choir will NOT meet for rehearsals during the months of June and July. 
  • Ambassador Choir will NOT meet for rehearsals during June.
  • Praise & Prayers

    Please keep the following people and their families in your thoughts and prayers this week:

    Earlier this month,  Patti Lanford headed back to Zambia to complete her Peace Corps assignment after spending time in the U.S. recovering from a fractured leg and surgery. The bus on which she was traveling to her village was involved in an accident that resulted in a fractured foot and vertebra for Patti. UPDATE:   Patti's doctors are sending her back to the U.S. to recover and she expects to head back to Zambia in July. She says, " I don't know if there's something I'm supposed to be learning from all this, but I surely appreciate the reminder from Taryn, a fellow PCV, that 'everyone's (PC) experience is unique! And no experience is ever not worth it :)'"
    • Saundra Evans - hip surgery 6/11 (sister of Bill Cobham)
    • Dot Schaeffer - moving to California 6/12/18
    • Deb Hales - hospital (daughter of Joel and Faye Kitchens)
    • Joel and Fay Kitchens' families have several ill members and invite your prayers.
    • Tim Blankenship - home (brother of Trent, son of Maxine Blankeship)
    • Harry Hicks - heart surgery  (father of Doug Hicks)
    • Sam Ramsey - home
    • Spencer Boyd - cancer
      • 3037 Pine Needle Rd. August, GA 30909-3047
    • Lewis Bunn - surgery (father of Alan Bunn)
    • Angela Gregory - cancer (sister of Dave Gregory)
    • Roger Wallace - home
    • Sharon Popinski - donating a kidney (niece of Joyce Ashworth)
    • Dewight Wilson - receiving a kidney (nephew of Joyce Ashworth)
    • Lauran Ashworth - surgery 4/3 (daughter-in-law of Joyce Ashworth)
    • Joel Kitchens - home
    • Kathryn Wallace - broken leg
    • Phyllis Pruner - bronchitis & pleurisy (home)
    • Debi (Dee) Selin - home
    • Larry Kennon - surgery (home)
    • Sharon Wallace - back surgery (sister of Debbie Gossage)
    • Thomas Stewart - leg amputation (home)
    • Sophia Hawley--Cystic Fibrosis (home)
    • Roger Gossage - home
    • Tom Holmes - cancer (friend of Dan Walden)
    • Clynton Byer - heart surgery (friend of the Ardis family)
    • Brandon Massey - blood cancer (grandson of Chuck & Sherry Brasher)
    • Jeanette Davis - hospice care (mother of Maria Davis)
    • Ethan Lassiter - brain tumor (8 y.o. grandson of E.G. and Maryanne Lassiter)
    • Rick Gunter - Glory Personal Care Home (Covington)
    • Adriane Ivey - completed chemotherapy
    • David Cooper - lung cancer (father of Rebecca Bates)
    • Anderson Krieger--chemotherapy at home
    • Carol Baynes--cancer, friend of Phyllis Yoder
    • Robin McKeown - cancer, friend of Phyllis Yoder
    • Chuck Hodges--treatment for lymphoma (friend of Patti Lanford)
    • Ron Swatty--heart problems (brother-in-law of Charles Ardis)
    • Mitchell Jessup--cancer (father of Nick Jessup)
    • Jan Coulon--home

    Please update your prayer requests this week! 
    Email: or call the church office, 770-786-7321.