Thursday, September 10, 2020
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First United Methodist - 72 Lake Morton Drive - Lakeland, FL 33801
Sunday, September 13
9:30 and 11am Online

Feeding our Faith: Soul
Psalm 23:1; Mark 6:30-44
Rev. David McEntire will preach
Worship is of prime importance and our foundation. Even though we are practicing social distancing we can worship together. Words to the Affirmation of Faith, hymns and praise songs will be projected on the screen so you can participate from wherever you are. Join us this Sunday at 9:30am and 11am online or on Facebook.

8:15am Worship on the Lawn
We are worshiping in person at 8:15 each Sunday on the front lawn. Bring your own chair and umbrella if you need cover for the sun. Regular 9:30/11am online worship will continue. If you are a vulnerable person, please consider continuing your worship online.

Safety Requirements for those attending:
  • Masks must be worn
  • 6' social distancing between individuals and family groups
  • No direct contact: hugging or handshaking, etc
  • No worship bulletins will be distributed
  • Restrooms in the Narthex will be available. (no other buildings will be open)
  • Outside gates on the south side of the church (Vistabula St gates will be open)
  • Offering baskets will be placed at entry/exit areas
(as of September 7)
Debbie Dettmer and TheresaSuetterlin
Members we have lost contact with: Can You help?
Please take a minute to read over the following names and should you know a current address for any of them, please contact Maggie:
Elizabeth Addair, Alison and/or Philip Albritton, Troy Atlas, Carol and/or George Austin, Seung Baek, David Bagwell, Karin Baker, Wesley Ball, Randy Barnette, Carly Barone, Andrea Becker, Christopher Bell, Pamela Bodwell, Dianna Buckley, Wayne Caldwell, Elizabeth Calhoun, Dwight and/or Karen Chappell, Michael Cone, Carolyn Dent, Mary Elliott, Clara Foland, Margaret Hughes, Ballie Ishmasl, Christopher and/or Melissa Jenkins, Kenneth Jones, Mason Lykes, Heather and/or Jeffrey MacMillan, Leslie and/or Sharon Murray, Stanley Reed, Sally Rosinsky, Alisha Rufty, Kerry Rydzik, Paul Scoggins, Beverly Scott, Stephen Sheldon, Denise and/or Timothy Strickland, Dabra and/or James Stump, Juli Surface, Clara Taylor, D'Andrea and/or Thomas Thompson, Alice and/or Markallen, Victoria Vaughn, Angela and/or John Vitale, Diane Washington, Rita Washington, Jasmine Watkins, Jeffrey Weaver, Connie Westfall, Tyler Wright, Hyung Yim, Edward Yingling and Diane Yochum.
Social Justice League Now Forming
Join other justice seekers in a new group meeting on Zoom Sunday evenings at 6:00pm, beginning September 27. Together we will study anti-racism and other justice issues and take action in the community to bring about change. There will be reading, discussion and ongoing opportunities to serve. Email Angie Pattison for more information and to register Trunk or Treat

A New Trunk or Treat
We will experience a new drive thru 'Trunk or Treat' this year. We still need lots of help. Please bring individually wrapped candy to the Mission Depot for pick up this Sunday, September 13 between 1-4pm. You won't have to get out of your car and all heath and social requirements will be met. Contact Diana
Bishop Carter’s Wednesday Evening Bible Study, 6pm on Zoom
Continue your spiritual growth with an online Bible Study hosted by Bishop Ken Carter and sponsored by Fill the Table! Join Bishop Carter each Wednesday at 6pm through November 25. You’ll hear from biblical scholars, share your prayer requests and learn with fellow Methodists from across the Conference.
Each Wednesday at 6pm, we will gather on Zoom to experience the Livestream video presentation together. We’ll then spend some time in conversation and prayer around what we’ve heard. Learn more and find the Zoom link 

Going Deeper
Every Sunday at 5pm, one of our pastors hosts a Going Deeper conversation to dive in to this morning's sermon and scripture. The format is casual and interactive. Learn more and register at Going Deeper.  

We have Bible study and faith formation resources for all ages available on our website at For more information on these opportunities, email Warren.
Parenting Now
Raising Justice Seeking Kids with Cindy Wang Brandt, Wednesday September 30, 7:30pm on Zoom. In our second Parenting Now session, we are delighted to welcome Cindy Wang Brandt, podcaster and author of Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness. The last several months have brought into sharp focus many areas of injustice in our society – racism, healthcare, education, and more. How can we as parents work for a better world and raise our children to seek justice? What are some ways we can talk with our kids about the world around us and how we can work to make it better? What does it mean to raise kids who are antiracist, kind, and strong? Join us for this special Zoom webinar – register at Parenting Now
Sunday School for Adults
The following Sunday School classes meet via UberConference or Zoom. Visitors are welcome to join any of these classes. For more information on connecting with a particular class, email Warren.
BYKOTA (Be Ye Kind One To Another)
In September, Rev. Doug Hallman will teach on the New Testament Letter from James. Meets via Conference Call to (863) 250-1152. Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
Currently exploring Adam Hamilton’s study Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple. Complete the form below to request access to Amplify Media to watch the videos that accompany the study. Class meets via Zoom. Contact Diana or Warren for Zoom invite. Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
This our longest-running Sunday school class, having started in the 1940s. Rev. Brian Tiffany teaches from the Standard Lesson Series Bible study. September’s theme is “Struggles with Love” with texts from Genesis. Meets via Conference Call to (863) 250-1141 or online (email Warren for link). Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
The class welcomes all who desire to grow in their love of God and neighbor. You are invited to join them in a study of Philip Gulley’s book Living the Quaker Way taught by Rev. Terry Heck. Meets via Zoom. Contact Warren for Zoom link and more information. Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
This class is studying James Moore’s When You’re a Christian, the Whole World is from Missouri, led by Gwen Pipkin. Meets via Zoom. Contact Warren for Zoom link and more information. NOTE MEETING TIME- Class starts at 9:15am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:05am.
An inter-generational adult class, they are studying “Hosea: Letters of a Discarded Lover,” led by Rev. Wesley Crist. The only book necessary is your Holy Bible. Meets via Conference Call to (863) 243-6668. Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
This class uses the Adult Bible Studies series. September’s theme is “So That You Can See” with lessons taught by Bishop Robert Fannin. Study texts come from Acts and Romans. Supplemental videos for the lessons are available on Amplify Media. Meets via Conference Call to (863) 250-1038 or online. email Warren for link). Class starts at 9:30am Sundays, call is open starting at 9:20am.
Contact Forrest White, Director of Missions with any questions!
Food Collection
Our next collection day for our migrant ministry partners - Mulberry UMC Food Pantry and Called to Serve Farmworkers -will be this Sunday, September 13, from 1-4 pm at the Mission Depot on the Vistabula side of the church. Requested items list is shorter this time: 

We need a couple more servants to help with the collection and sorting of the food during second shift: 2:30-4:15. Social Distancing guidelines will be strictly observed. Email Forrest White, Director of Mission Ministries, to sign up (
Beans (pinto and black)
Maseca flour 
Spaghetti sauce (plastic jars, no glass)
Canned tuna and chicken
Vienna Sausage
Canned vegetables
Breakfast cereal
Mobile Food Pantries
Salvation Army Lakeland – First and third Thursday, from 8:30 am-12:30 pm. First United was there from the beginning for this needed ministry in area once served by Kathleen UMC’s food pantry. Next opportunity to serve: September 17
Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) – Second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 4-6:30 pm at 4441 Academy Drive, Mulberry, 33860. Next opportunity to serve: September 23

Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine (LVIM) – First United has long had a connection with this volunteer-run healthcare center, which provides free, high-quality medical care to those in need. Now, we are helping with their food distribution on the second and last Tuesday of each month, from 10:45 am-2:15 pm.
Next opportunity to serve: September 29.

** Social distancing guidelines strictly observed at mobile food pantries. Please contact Forrest White if you're interested in serving
Tackling Procrastination to Avoid Dangerous Consequences When Caregiving
One of the worst enemies for caregivers is procrastination. It may be something as simple as delaying a trip to the grocery to get their loved one a favorite snack, and causing a little frustration and disappointment to your loved one. However, busy schedules and overwhelming responsibilities of caregiving and putting off that call to the doctor, or delaying picking up medications on time can result in procrastinating around healthcare issues that may result in dire consequences.
  • Stay in tune to any changes in behaviors of the person you are providing care. Is she/he falling more, seem more confused, weak, or exhibiting urgency to urinate? You make a mental note to call the physician but time gets away and the call never happens. All of the symptoms above could indicate a very common urinary tract infection (UTI) and treated with medication. Without treatment, this infection can lead to sepsis, a potentially life threatening illness.
  • Dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, weakness, irritability and confusion can be a sign of dehydration. A UCLA study found that 40% of seniors may be under-hydrated and adults 65 and up have the highest hospital rates for dehydration. Drinking enough water can help to reduce urinary tract infections, reduce falls, decrease constipation, and help with the prevention of kidney stones. Encouraging your loved one to drink more can be a challenge (seniors are less sensitive to feeling thirsty) and it is easy to give up and avoid a conflict, however the consequence of dehydration can result in a hospitalization.
  • Losing interest in activities, avoiding socialization, confusion, loss of concentration, change in appetite and change in sleep patterns (too much or difficulty sleeping) can all be signs of depression. It is easy to overlook these symptoms because they can be similar with someone with dementia, however, adults with dementia can still experience depression. Older people are more likely to be living with more than one chronic illness. People living with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, a brain injury and individuals that have had a stroke (CVA) can also be clinically depressed. Untreated depression can have serious and fatal consequences.
  • Many of us procrastinate and it can have detrimental effects on our own physical and mental health causing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even financial repercussions if we delay in paying a bill. However, when caring for someone, procrastination pertaining to health issues can be life changing for everyone. Discovering why you procrastinate and developing strategies to stop “putting things off” will afford you the opportunity to accomplish more things, take risks, get yourself out of a rut, conquer fears and make an impact on other people’s lives.

For support in practical care giving strategies or information on our Memory Ministry, contact Vicky