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Turn Back the Clocks
It is easy to see that we are headed towards cold, colder, and coldest weather here in Western New York.  If you are a morning runner, like me, you are rolling out of bed in the dark, heading out the door in the dark, and finishing in the dark too. Until this weekend when we set the clocks back, the evening running crowd at least start out in the light or dusky conditions. Once we turn the clocks back at 2 AM on Sunday 11/3, even that after work running experience will be dark, darker, and more dark. As we move into November, which is National Running Safety Month, we have a few tips on running in the dark for our friends out on the roads - running, walking, or biking. 
Run Safe in the Dark
~ Let someone know where you are running and how long you will be you out on the roads.
~ Light up the Night!  Wear reflective clothing - Brooks Nightlife, Saucony Vizi-Pro, or a New Balance Beacon Jacket.  Or add a reflective vest, bands or lights so drivers can spot you.  Check out this video from Nathan on What a Driver Sees!  Be sure to do something to be seen on the roads so you don't get hit.
What A Driver Sees
What A Driver Sees
~Carry ID.  Don't want to carry your driver's license? Think about Road ID, offering options that attach to your shoe or can be worn on the wrist, ankle, or around the neck. (We have coupons available in store if you need one)
~Carry a cell phone in case you need assistance.  Put your phone in a pocket or add an arm-band with easy access from Amphipod, Yurbuds, and Nathan.
~Listen to the world around you. Have some great tunes on that cellphone or iPod for motivation?  Keep the volume low or try a pair of Yurbuds which let you rock on the run while being able to hear ambient sound around you.
~Run with a friend or even your dog.  Join our Wednesday Night free group run at 6 PM all year long.  There really is power and fun in numbers.
~Switch up your running route or time.  If you are predictable in your activities, you may make yourself more vulnerable.  And a change of route helps to keep the run fresh. 
~Look both ways at corners.  Drivers often look beyond the runner or pedestrian as they get ready to push on the gas - especially in the dark.  I always make eye contact with the driver before stepping off the curb to be sure I am seen.
So, enjoy the beauty of a crisp, dark morning or evening run.  Take in the brilliance of the moon or the beauty of a sunset.  Just be smart about your choices, be seen at all times and be careful out there. Join us at the Nathan Get Lit Run this month to get even more great tips on being seen on the roads!
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Fleet Feet Sports is proud to be part of Small Business Saturday on 11/30/13 - a day dedicated to supporting small businesses in our community.
Presented by American Express accepted at Fleet Feet Sports.  Register your American Express card starting 11/24, shop at Fleet Feet and get one $10 statement credit on your purchase of $10 or more.
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Fleet Feet is proud to once again be partnering with a local food pantry to help families in need during the Thanksgiving season. We will be collecting donations for a local food pantry from November 1st to November 21st. For every non-perishable food item you donate we will add $.50 to your customer rewards points account. Donate 10 cans and it is like you spent $5.00 in the store! The more you donate, the more points you rack up. So donate a little, feel good about helping someone in need, and get a little back.

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Need more incentive? Free drinks, games, prizes, AND for the first time ever a PHOTOBOOTH.
Excited yet? We are.
Marathon Thoughts
Marathon Thoughts -
for everyone who recently completed a marathon!

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