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Another Great Month. Interesting and challenging companions, a very enjoyable workshop in Maryland, A long weekend with Cesar Millan,a very exciting meeting with a new organization from Holland plus 4 of the most enjoyable days training with Managers and a Vice President of that great dog company Radio Systems, the company which owns PetSafe, Premier Pet Products and Invisible Fence to mention just three.
Maryland Workshop

Absolute delight to work with Andrew Fraser of Canine Obedience Unlimited and his students up in Maryland. We had five days working with a variety of dogs from German Shepherds to a cockerpoo or as we began to call the little rascal - cockerdoodledoo. Andrew has an excellent set up there working alongside a very state of the art Veterinary facility. One of the vets actually attended the course and I have to say if he became a dog trainer we would all have to watch out - he was good.

This course had me not only enjoying working with the group but also enjoying friendships from many I know in that area. An evening did not go by without me being invited out for dinner and entertained. Dogs do retrieve us some great friends.
PetSafe Managers - Learning at the end of a Leash. 

What a great 4 days. Senior Executives including a Vice President of PetSafe Products - the leader in pet products - joined us at Green Mountain for theory and practical sessions in basic dog training. Involved in developing and  marketing pet, and specifically dog related products, and in supporting rescues and shelters throughout the country, these men wanted to know more about what made dogs tick and how products and methods were applied in training  to help them become the companions their owners desired.

The openness and willingness to listen and learn, stood out as the main feature of this special program. We learned a lot from them about their work and what they were working to achieve, and they learned a lot from us about what we need to help us in our work and what we need to help bring about that perfect companion. We explained, debated, delved, explored, created, tried out and laughed as we developed an invaluable learning experience. By working together we can bring about products and services that will benefit the dogs and owners of this world. Radio Systems is one of the most generous companies in their donations to rescues and shelter, in addition to funding dog parks. I am certain this knowledge will help them to do more as well as create products that assist us in training and enjoying our dogs, and most of all keep them safe.

This first team from PetSafe, and we hope there will be more, took back to their company not only many ideas but also knowledge of the basic concepts behind today's dog training approaches. They turned out to be pretty good trainers themselves too, we were proud of the way they applied themselves to training, and creating the right relationship with their canine partners. .
Emily and Beau - A partnership made in Heaven.

In this job there are many people and dogs who touch your heart. Emily and Beau are two who will remain in mine and Pat's. A wonderful lady who has been in a wheelchair all her life, Emily had fallen in love with Beau who was in need of a home. Although never really trained to any extent Beau had taken to Emily like the long lost friend he had yearned for all his life. Emily found it difficult to communicate with Beau, who although kind, gentle and really caring occasionally would forget himself and pull strongly on the leash. This was very often the case when he saw a cat or a squirrel. Now a sleigh ride in a wheel chair even though motorized, can be a little scary and Emily needed help to show Beau how to be a gentleman, which underneath he truly was.

Beau was quite easy really as he wanted to please. The use of an e-collar as a communicator to help him understand and provide guidance was quickly accepted by Beau. It was almost as though he was pleased to gain the information through the collar because he wanted to do what was right for Emily. And of course once Emily realized that she could talk to him and help him understand what was required, she grew in confidence. It was an upwards spiral.

These two wonderful people were made for each other. Beau loaded into the back of Emily's vehicle and was strapped into a seat belt. Emily could ask him to wait as she got in and out of the vehicle in her chair; and encounters on walks with 'enticements' were met by a look from Beau to Emily which said "They used to interest me once but now you are the light of my life."

Emily and Beau are special, not only to each other, but in the amazing bond they have created, teaching us all that nothing is impossible if we really do want to find a way. I personally found them inspirational. They both wanted to find a way to live and love together. We were touched to have been abe to help. And I can tell you there was a damp eye for both Pat and myself as they drove away smiling.

A weekend with Cesar Millan

I had a great team of helpers in Los Angeles at Cesar Millan's first event with Scooby Doo to raise money for the Cesar Millan Foundation. All trainers from the International Association of Canine Professionals, they did a first class job advising the one thousand walkers and their dogs on many aspects of training and care. Plus, on one occasion, saving an owner from being dragged into the lake as her dog took off after a duck.

With Lickety Sticks - a great new treat item from Radio Systems- we enjoyed every minute of showing the public how to get the best out of their dogs and build the wonderful relationship that means so much in our lives.

Prior to this event I visited Cesar's Dog Psychology Center high in the hills of Santa Clarita. My, has he changed this place. Adriana who manages the center for Cesar with her two helpers have made a paradise out of a barren hill. I visited the site almost three years ago when Cesar purchased the land, and never beleived that you could do anything with it. Now terraced, cleared and planted, the tranquility and calmness of this special place for dogs is unbelievable. Cesar comes regularly when not on tour and spends many happy hours working with the dogs and revitalizing his human batteries in this 'temple' for dogs. Here dogs are rehabilitated and helped to enjoy a normal life. For some rehab is not necessary, they just come to soak up the 'atmosphere' and joy  this special place brings. Here ,I was lucky enough to meet the lovely dogs of the singer and actress Pink. Hope they told her how nice I was .

Animal Foundation Platform

There are organizations who claim to do much to help shelters and rescues HSUS being one of them, where  very little of the money they raise goes to help the animals and hard working people in them. With this in mInd a Dutch Business woman Angelique 't Riet has established an organization the Animal Foundation Platform or if you speak Dutch . The goal of the Animal Foundation Platform is to create a close cooperation between the different organizations (shelters and rescues) many of them small, located in  countries all over the world, and who are involved with abandoned and stray animal problems.  By cooperation and networking the aim is to provide experienced help,  knowledge, finance and resources to be used to benefit animals and those working  in shelters and rescues. Alongside Angelique is Isabelle Sternheim and Carien Radstaker, both very dedicated and dynamic ladies and I am certain they will make this a really valuable endeavor, which will benefit many dogs, rescue workers and owners. So much so that I proudly and willingly accepted their invitation to become an Ambassador in the USA for the Foundation.


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