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January 13, 2016

Steve Lawson
It has been an exciting weekend and beginning of this week as I have been in the Seattle area meeting with pastors and leadership. On Monday and Tuesday, 16 of us have been looking at the Strategic Plan and how it relates to the local ministry in our churches, how ACGC can come alongside in helping cast the vision of loving the lost, strengthening our churches, investing in church planting, and working on developing leaders across the board. It is exciting to hear the stories of our pastors and their ministries, to celebrate with them how God is working.
News from Our Churches
O'Brien - The Beachville Advent Christian Church held their annual Christmas Program on Sunday, December 20. The children sang a number of Christmas Carols as part of a play where two tired "shoppers" rested in the "Beachville Country Mall." As the children sang, the message of the true meaning of Christmas came through to the weary shoppers, and they found that Christmas is more than just Santa, presents and shopping. (Santa Claus was at the Mall, and after the program the children and some of the adults had pictures taken with him.)

The evening was concluded as we joined in a candle lighting service "The Colors of Christmas" where different colored candles told the story of the birth of our Savior. In closing, we sang "Silent Night" as each person in the room held a lighted candle.

Announcements & Upcoming Events
THEME: "TOGETHER: The Impact of Being WITH Jesus!" (Mark 3:14)
Jeff Bogue
It seems crazy to think that it has been almost three years since ACGC held its last Leaders Conference, but it's true. Those who attended the conference still talk about what a great time was had by all. The setting (The Cove, Asheville, N.C.) was absolutely beautiful and a perfect place for such a gathering. The program was uplifting and challenging. On top of all this, the fellowship shared by those who attended continues to be a highlight.
The good news is that we are going back to The Cove, Tuesday through Thursday, April 5 - 7, 2016, and plans are being made for another great experience. Next year's theme is one that should be enticing to everyone. We are going to focus on what should happen when we spend time with Jesus whether it be in a discipleship relationship, prayer or any other type of life experience or ministry. Our first keynote speaker, Dr. Jeff Bogue, is booked and the rest of the program is being put together. More details will be coming in the near future as well as complete instructions on registering for the event.

World Outreach
A new well in Mozambique
I love to hear broken English. I am complimented when a brother in Christ with a different mother tongue cares enough about me to speak or write in English. It is not easy to understand, and sometimes the message doesn't come clearly on the first attempt, but if they care enough about me to try to speak, I am determined that I will care enough about them to try to listen. Between the three of us (my brother, God and me) loving understanding will prevail. 
I received a letter of thanks recently that gave to me some joyful chuckles. Yes, it was in broken English, but this is not the reason for the laughter. I laughed because the spirit of the letter brought great joy. Permit me to rewrite a few of the thoughts of this letter so you may understand its content.
Student & Family Ministries
Introducing the ACGC Resource Center
Matt Larkin
For years, ACGC  has been working to serve the local church through the distribution of Sunday school material and through providing other Christian book resources. Through 2015, this service was provided through Venture Bookstore. However, over the last few months, ACGC has been working on a transition, and in 2016, will now unveil the ACGC Resource Center. While this may seem like a simple downsizing of what we used to do, or a minor custodial change, in making this transition we have put ourselves in a better position to serve you, as leaders in your churches.

IF Update
Sam Warren
We are all human and because of this we are limited in our ability to do certain things. Of course, we don't remember everything, but even in our finite condition, we are quite capable of remembering things that should be forgotten. This is particularly true when it comes to our experience with sin, either sin that has been committed against us or for our own sin. In cases like these, we are quite capable of remembering.

Asleep in Christ
Now located on our website is an "Asleep in Christ" page. As we are made aware of your Advent Christian loved ones who have fallen asleep in the Lord, they will be added to this list. Click  HERE  to go to this web page. If you wish to have details of your loved one on the website, please send the information via email to  jthomas@acgc.us .
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