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Jan 3, 17, 31, Feb 14, 28, Mar 7
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Mon Feb 2, Fri Apr 10

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Thurs Feb 26

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April 22 - 27
Hand Reflexology
Apr 28
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Apr 29
Hospice Volunteer Opportunities

For those of you who live in Toronto, Hospice Toronto are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing continuity of care through volunteer care teams.  In-home support is provided to individuals and their families in the Toronto area who are living with life-threatening/life-limiting illnesses.

Check out their website at
Footsteps Newsletter - Winter 2014

 Here we are just into the winter season.  We have already had several snow falls here in Ontario and I know Newfoundland and Nova Scotia have been hit too.  Lets try and embrace the cold and the snow and use this time to re-group, look at where our businesses are going and what we can each do to keep them moving forward.

The new year is a perfect time for that, we all need to keep changing, adapting and learning.


 I shall be planning for 2017 when Footsteps will be offering the only 500 hour diploma course in Reflexology in Canada.  I have a lot of work to do to get that ready and will be keeping you up to date with my progress.  The current diploma course is now 300 hours and will include 6 days in class instead of 5 so please spread the word and the dates to anyone you know might be interested in registering.


I will also to putting a lot of effort into Baby Footsteps in the next 6 months, I have lots of new contacts and marketing ideas here in Toronto and hope it will be successful for those of you who are involved. The website is up and running now so please direct anyone you know.


My inspiration of the season for you all:


"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."


Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society  


I hope you all have a very happy and healthy xmas time with your family and friends and here's to a successful 2015.




Best wishes, Janet


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For NSARP members in Atlantic Canada

A reminder that membership renewal is due at the end of the year.  This is really important that we keep up this membership and support the people who support us.

Last minute ideas for Xmas

Check out

Probably several of you have heard of Louise Hay who has written many inspirational books, the most well known - How to heal yourself.  She has written many more books and there is now a Hay House in many countries around the world.  They sell lots of interesting stuff which would make great xmas gifts - books, videos, apps, online courses and much more.

Further Education Courses at Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto
Supplementation in Clinical Practice
 | Starts January 6 2015 Instructor: Baljinder Chhoker
Nutrition & Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention & Survival | Starts January 7 2015 Instructor: Lisa Bridgman
Culinary Nutrition in the Kitchen with Marni | Starts February 4 2015 Instructor: Marni Wasserman
Applied Iridology in Professional Practice | Starts February 17 2015 Instructor: Robert Tomilson
"Naturally Designed" Pregnancy & Early Childhood | Starts February 25 2015 Instructor: Alexandra Hurtado
Applied Endocrinology | Starts March 24 2015 Instructor: Linda Bazinet 
Nutrition and Mental Health | Starts March 25 2015 Instructor: Paul Demeda
Energy Medicine | Starts April 8 2015 Instructor: Tracy McBurney
Energy Medicine | Starts April 10 2015 Instructor: Tracy McBurney
Supplementation in Clinical Practice | Starts May 6 2015 Instructor: Baljinder Chhoker
Explore the Wilderness Way | Starts May 6 2015 Instructor Hawks Shadow
Clinical Detoxification | Starts September 22 2015 Instructor: Paul Demeda
Fat Loss -Applications to Live a LEAN Life | Starts September 23 2015 Instructor: Angelo Greco
Energy Medicine | Starts September 30 2015 Instructor: Tracy McBurney
Culinary Nutrition in the Kitchen with Marni | Starts September 30 2015 Instructor: Marni Wasserman
Homeopathy for Beginners | Starts October 6 2015 Instructor: Edith Kunszt 
Blood Sugar Management in Clinical Practice | Starts October 6 2015 Instructor: Jill Hillhouse
12 Wednesdays Sep 24 - Dec 10 Energy Medicine, $780

For more information, contact