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CL Meetings
May 30 and July 11
Annual Meetings with Sponsored and Congregation Ministries
June 8-12, Tampa
June 26-30, Allegany
Franciscan Federation Conference
June 16-19  Buffalo, NY
Franciscan Spirituality
July 7-9 St. Clare's, Tampa

Issue 5.10
May 22, 2017
Congratulations, Jubilarians!

On Saturday, May 27,  we will celebrate the 50th Jubilee of our Sisters. Families and friends will join in th is celebration with Mass followed by festive meal at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse. We thank God for the witness and joy of each of our Jubarians.
Congratulations, Sisters!
Bernadette Schuler OSF
Colleen Chen OSF
Celia Cools-Lartigue OSF
Clare Bertero OSF
Rosemarie Kolmer OSF
Helen Rose Yee Sang OSF

Congratulations, Sr. Judith!

    On Friday, May 12, Judith Terrameo  OSF graduated from Christ the King Seminary in   East Aurora, NY,  with a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry. Congratulations, Judith - we are proud of you
Keeping the Charism Vibrant
Report from the Associate Advisory Committee meeting
By: Kathy Doyle, Associate Program Co-Director
   Mary Laubenthal, chair of the Associate Advisory Committee, highlighted the work of the group during their May 13 meeting with the phrase, "Keeping the Charism vibrant."
   It seems that much of the group's discussion incorporated that sentiment, whether referring to Associate leadership, Associate formation, the Associate retreat, and the values of relationship, way of life and community. We further discussed Meg Guider's presentations at the Assemblies and how to use them within our Associate Program.
  We were pleased that our leadership liaison, Pat Klemm OSF, was present as her thoughtful remarks and understanding of the Associate Program added a depth and richness to our conversations. We missed the camaraderie and joyful spirit of Ana Bernadete Albernaz OSF, who remained in Brazil to be with our sisters as they awaited Sr. Teresa Sweeney's being called home to God.
   Since Sheila Vincent and Kathy Doyle would not be present for their Local Associate recommitment they made their renewal in the chapel at St. Clare's surrounded by the members of the Advisory Committee.
   We are grateful for the hospitality of the sisters at St. Clare's, Tampa, and for God's graciousness of providing enough sunny times for some relaxation by the pool. 
   The Associate Co-Directors, Jeanne Williams OSF and Kathy Doyle, will be busy over the summer implementing many of the committee's suggestions and recommendations in preparation for the September meeting of the Associate Advisory Committee and the Local Associate Coordinators (LACs) which will also take place at St. Clare's, Tampa.

"Where there is hatred, let me sow love"
By: Judith Terrameo OSF
The following is the first in a series of reflections by the Franciscan Spirituality Committee on the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. These reflections will be shared in future editions of the e-newsletter. 
"Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet."
                                                                                                                              Maya Angelou
   Every night when I watch the news, I encounter another act of violence. These acts seem to emanate from the hate that is so prevalent in our world today.  As Maya Angelou notes above, hate has never solved any of the world's problems. It has only intensified them. Hate only fosters more hate.
   Why so much hate? Is it perhaps that people do not like themselves and so cannot be happy with anything around them, therefore lashing out at everything that is different or which they cannot control.  Or perhaps there is so much violence on TV, in the movies, in video games, on the news, in politics, that people's immediate response is violence − causing more and more hatred.
   Can this hatred be alleviated? I believe that hate can be alleviated, but it takes time− time to go within ourselves and to honestly ponder our own prejudices and hatred and seriously look at how they impact life in a negative way; and, time to really get to know those who are different than ourselves and to meditate upon the gifts that these differences can offer us. Perhaps, these two things can disarm us of our own hatred/prejudice and open us to accept the differences around us.
   Several months ago I was visiting a 36-year-old, African-American patient in the hospital. After a pleasant visit I asked her if I could offer a prayer. She told me that she was Muslim.  I said that I could offer the prayer in the name of Allah. She said "no," because we both worship the same God.  With that, I proceeded to offer a prayer. Following the prayer she held on to my hands, looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you, my sister." I need to say that her words disarmed me, but I responded in all sincerity with, "Thank you, my sister!" 
   I thought a lot about this sacred encounter. This young woman taught me a great lesson on this particular day:  We all worship the same benevolent God who is Father of us all.  If God is our Father, then we are truly sister and brother to all. Hence, I can only love this other as I love my biological sister − with full acceptance and unconditional love.
   How can you alleviate the hatred/prejudice within your own life?

Coming Soon in Allegany Connections
The Allegany Connections Summer Edition is set to be released on or about July 1! Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect in this coming issue!

  • St. Joseph's Teachers' College celebrates 120 Years: "It is my pleasure and honor to bring greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. This is indeed a significant milestone worthy of celebration, and I offer heartfelt congratulations to the board of administrators, teachers, and staff of the St. Joseph's Teachers' College for 120 years of providing quality education and molding the minds of our young teachers." - Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information in Jamaica, West Indies.
  • A Reflection on Africa: To be joyful among the poor was a great challenge since we were always worried with doing things ... doing things as if we were going to be able to change the world in a few days. We forgot, however, that poverty means more than just not having things, but is also the ability to give into plundering everything. We were deeply disturbed by the socio-environmental reality and the coexistence in the street and in the "tabancas" neighbourhoods with the Muslims, a reality we had never experienced before. - Sisters Aldenir Mota Ribeiro and Maria da Paz de Jesus reflect on their Mission in Guinea Bissau, Africa from February 22 to March 9, 2017. 
  • Bishop Verot High School, Fort Myers, FL, celebrates 50 Years

Canticle Farm to host Pot Luck and Plant Swap

 On Thursday, June 1, 2017, Canticle Farm will host A Lazy Spring Potluck and Plant Swap. This event is free and open to the public. It will be held on their property at 3835 South Nine Mile Road in Allegany , NY,  from 5 to 7 p.m.          
  Attendees are asked to bring a dish to share, as well as the recipe for the dish, a full table setting and chair or picnic blanket, drinks, bug repellent, and a plant (or two, or seeds) to swap with others. 

For more information, visit the Canticle Farm Facebook page

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