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Issue 3.18
September 28, 2015
 Feast of St. Francis

This Sunday, October 4, as we celebrate the feast of Francis of Assisi, let us be attentive to Pope Francis' call to care for our Sister Mother Earth and all of creation. Let us recognize the beauty, dignity and treasure of all of life and praise God our Creator.

Happy feast of St Francis from all the Allegany Franciscan Sisters and Associates!

Franciscan Sponsorship Council Inspires Teachers for New School Year
By: Maureen Clare Hall, OSF

   Recently, the Franciscan Sponsorship Council conducted its annual workshops for the teachers at the schools owned and operated by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.  The workshops are designed to motivate and inspire the teachers at the beginning of each academic year. 
   Approximately 200 teachers were in attendance at the workshops which were held in Kingston, Jamaica, on August 21, 2015, for the lecturers at St Joseph's Teachers' College, and September 1 to 5, 2015, for teachers at Immaculate Conception Preparatory and High Schools, St Joseph's Infant School, St Aloysius Primary School, Alvernia Preparatory School and St Francis Primary and Infant School.
   This year's workshop theme was "Teachers Steadfast in God's Love and Service".  It examined their roles as educators in Franciscan schools, the challenges faced in their lives both personally and professionally, and how to overcome these challenges through affirmation of each other and prayer. God's steadfast love was illustrated through the Max Lucano story called "The Boy and the Ocean"; the fundamental principles which should govern life were presented through the song by 4HIM called "The Basics of Life"; and the rewards for overcoming obstacles was discussed after the story of the "Stone in the Road'.
   The three-hour workshops were presented by Dr Anna Perkins, Mrs Christine Rodriguez, Sr. Teresita DeSouza, and Sr. Maureen Clare Hall, along with other Sponsorship Council members, Sr; Helen Rose Yee Sang, Sr. Trinita Solnek, and Mrs. Ingrid Clarke. Associate Donna Haynes worked on the PowerPoint.

Sr. Anne Dougherty in the News

   In advance of Sr. Anne Dougherty's trip to Washington, D.C., to hear Pope Francis' address to Congress as a guest of  Tampa Congresswoman Kathy Castor, Tampa News 10 caught up with her for a few thoughts on her impending trip. 
   The whole of the interview can be seen here. Rep. Castor's press release following the talk can be read here
   Sr. Anne will be reflecting on Pope Francis' talk and his visit to the United States in the next edition of the e-newsletter. 
SBU Freshmen clean headstones at St. Bonaventure Cemetery
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, communications director

   On Saturday, August 29, a group of St. Bonaventure University freshman traveled to the St. Bonaventure Cemetery to clean headstones as part of Freshman Welcome Days.
    According to Br. Kevin Kriso, students routinely participate in an afternoon of community service during the welcome celebration, to introduce them to the culture of volunteerism on the campus and help them connect with the local community. 
   Br. Kevin had originally intended for the students to clean the Friars' headstones, but found they had been done recently. He then requested permission to do the older section of Sisters' stones, which was granted. 
   The students completed the entirety of the older section of Sisters'  headstones that day, and Br. Kevin hopes they will be able to clean the newer section sometime in the future. He says spending the day among the graves is a way for him to give students an introduction to the history of the university, and the area as a whole. 
Thanksgiving for 65 beautiful years
By: Alma Glenn, OSF 

   On Sunday, October 4 - the Feast of St. Francis - Sr. Alma Glenn will celebrate her 65th year of entry into the congregation. She recently reflected on this milestone: 

   I want to give thanksgiving for entering the congregation 65 beautiful years ago on the Feast of St. Francis. 
  When I first met Sr. Gemma DelGado, and when I saw my second grade students, Sr. Carol Kenyon and her sister Betty (Gail) Burke - a former member - and Sr. Donna Eileen, who would have known what those meetings would bring?
   My 31 beautiful years in Jamaica, and my 20 years working and living in the Motherhouse have added new energy and gifts to my life. 
   I want to thank my family, the Motherhouse sisters, generalate staff, Motherhouse staff, and Olean Medical Group for all they do to keep the spark of life going. 
Now available on DVD in the Generalate: 

2105 Assembly of LCWR in Houston, TX: Presidential Address/Sharon Holland, IHM
2015 Assembly of LCWR in Houston, TX: Janet Mock, CSJ: Surprised By Joy: Springs from the Great Deep Illuminating Religious Life
2015 Assembly of LCWR in Houston, TX: Steven Bevans, SVD: The Spirit Moving Over the Great Deep: The World's Thirsts: Our Response.
These presentations can also be read online at

 From the Archives
   Earlier this month, we discussed the fascinating history of St. Clare's Hospital in Manhattan, NY. In this edition, by request, we're featuring a pair of hospitals in Providence, Rhode Island: St. Joseph's and Our Lady of Fatima.
   In the early 20th century, the sisters ran several homes for working girls in Providence, with great success. At the same time, another congregation of Franciscan sisters ran a hospital and a sanitorium for tuberculosis patients called St. Joseph's. In 1937, when that congregation withdrew from the facility, the Allegany Franciscans undertook its management. In the 1950s, the sisters also took on the management of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence, eventually running the two hospitals as a merged system. The Allegany Franciscans remained at the hospitals until June 1975.
   Pictured here are nurses and sisters nurses hard at work in the Central Dressing Room at St. Joseph's Hospital.
   Don't Forget: This Thursday, Oct. 1st, at 9:45 AM, the monthly Archives Seminar will be held in the Media Room at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse. This month's topic is the sisters' ministry in Bolivia. All are welcome! If you live outside the Motherhouse and are interested in attending, please email for more information.

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