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CL meetings
Feb 7th and 21st
Assembly Planning  Committee
Zoom call Feb 7th
General Commission
Feb 6th - Zoom call
May 8-9 St. Clare's, Tampa
Franciscan Spirituality
March 13th - Zoom call
July 7-9 St. Clare's, Tampa

Issue 5.02
January 30, 2017

Please join us on Wednesday evening for the St. Bonaventure premiere of "The Sultan and the Saint".
First Meeting of the General Commission 2016-2020

   The first meeting of the General Commission was  held January 13 and 14 at St. Clare's, Tampa, FL.
    We see the fundamental task before us all as the deepening of our personal and congregational commitment to the gospel way of life and our mission. The focus of the Commission's work will be to look at our current structure of governance in terms of how we wish to be together, how we wish to gather for community, and how these might redefine the roles and responsibilities of leadership.
We affirm the expressed desire for more personal responsibility and mutuality in community life. We hope that our work, reflection and sharing together may assist in deepening our lives, our faith and spirituality together and with others as we move into the future.
All are asked to support the work of the General Commission in prayer, by assisting the members when called upon, and especially by responding to requests for feedback.
    Members of the General Commission will make a presentation and lead a reflection during the March and April Assemblies.
    We, as the General Commission, understand that our initial focus will be on our life and mission as sisters together. We will be attentive to how we may involve our associates and partners in ministry in future conversations and processes.
    Members of the General Commission are Marlene Weidenborner (Chairperson), Maria Isabel Pereira, Cindy Matthews, Jo Streva, Angella Harris, Rosimeire Dias NolĂȘto, Joyce Ramage, Goianira Silva, Dolores O'Brien (Secretary), Pat Tyre (Translator), and Margaret Magee (Liaison)
Future General Commission meeting dates:
February 6 via Zoom, May 8-9 and Sept 15-16, 2017 at St. Clare's, Tampa, FL

Franciscan Spirituality Committee Meets  

   The Franciscan Spirituality Committee met at St. Clare's Convent in Tampa January 19-21, 2017, the days leading up to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. 
    Present at the meeting were Sr. Colleen Brady, Sr. Lucy Cardet, Sr. Marita Flynn, Donna Haynes (Associate), Sr. Carole Ann Hoppe, Sr. Lilian Cristina Pinheiro, Alba Luz Mejia Solis (Associate), Sr. Judith Terrameo, Sr. Michele Dolyk (Secretary), Sheila Vincent (Associate & Translator), and Sr. Margaret Magee (Liaison).
   At the meeting, Judith Terrameo was selected as chairperson, with Lucy Cardet selected as assistant chair.
    The committee reviewed and affirmed the projects completed by the previous members. This review provided a foundation for ensuing dialogue and direction for future work. The committee's primary focus will be fostering an understanding of the Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality as presented in our Chapter 2016 Statement.
    Each day began with Liturgy at St. Joseph's Church in Tampa, followed by a time of contemplative prayer in the chapel at St. Clare's.  In these times of great concern for our world, we felt the guiding and comforting presence of the Holy Spirit. In light of this, the committee will be publishing reflections on the Peace Prayer. Watch for these in the e-newsletter!
    In closing, the Spirituality Committee welcomes your thoughts and ideas.  Please send these to Judith Terrameo at .

Diocese of Palm Beach to observe World Day of Consecrated Life
By: Joan Dawson OSF
   The Diocese of Palm Beach Office for Religious holds an annual celebration of World day of Consecrated Life. All the Men and Women Religious are invited to a special Holy Hour with the Bishop at a parish church. During the Holy Hour there is a renewal of vows for the Religious. Afterwards, the pastor holds a reception for the Religious in the parish hall. The office has again invited members of the Third Order Franciscan Seculars, Lay Carmelites, and Associate Members of the Religious Congregations in the area to join them for this year's World Day of Consecrated Life, which occurs on February 2 and will be observed February 4-5. 

Working Hands
By: Eva DiCamillo OSF   

   Over the many years of our response to God's call   to serve as Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, our hands  have worked as  teachers, nurses, therapists etc. 
   Now the hands of some of our Sisters - Barbara Bartkowiak,  Carole Anne Hoppe, Ellen MacDonell, and Eva DiCamillo, in their time of retirement,  continue to serve by fashioning afghans, quilts, knitted  mittens and socks, and note cards.
   Visitors and friends, by their generous donations,  leave the Motherhouse lobby with these handmade  items and the monies collected are sent to many missions. 
   Thus the circle is complete - the work of God continues  through the hands of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.

Vietnamese Sisters visit St. Elizabeth Motherhouse

   The Motherhouse Sisters recently welcomed two Sisters from Vietnam, who will be residing with them for 13 months.  Sisters Sen Tran and Tuyet Hoang are Missionaries of Charity from the Vinh Diocese in Central Vietnam, and are in the United States to learn English and the American culture. 
    Allegany Associate , Mary Laubenthal, and ten  of our Sisters, are engaging these Sisters in an ESL program . A fter their time in Allegany, they will apply for scholarship at a college or university to earn a degree in Theology, with the hope of then becoming formators in their own country. 
   Srs. Tran and Tuyet are not the only ones benefiting from their stay
, as all the Sisters of the Motherhouse have been invigorated by their visit. 
   Below is a thank you note received from Fr. Bao Nguyen 
S.J., who assisted in bringing the Sisters to Allegany: 

   Dear Srs. Margaret Mary and Mary Lou,
   Thanks very much for your impressive hospitality yesterday. The Sisters and I have learned so much from your generosity and kindness which are very moving and provide us new perspectives of treating one another. In Vietnam, the Sisters and Priests only throw out a splendid greetings to Bishops and Cardinals, but you have hosted us in a very special way. The Sisters and I can see this as a valuable lesson so that we will treat others, especially the lowliest, as the way we have been treated.
    Thank you and thank you.  Sr. Thach and I arrived home last night safely and today we start the new semester with much homework and assignment. 
   Peace and have a good day.
    Fr. Bao Nguyen, S.J.

Circle the City with Love

   In response to the call of LCWR to join with people across the country and beyond, Sr. Rose Bernhardt organized a group in the Healthcare Units on January 15, 2017 from 3-3:30 p.m. Approximately 25 Sisters gathered in silent prayer embodying the power of love that brings healing, peace, and justice to our cities, our country and our world as we anticipated the inauguration of our new President. Their participation and enthusiasm were truly indicative of the power of presence and prayer.

Upcoming deadlines: 

February 8, 2017 - First edition February e-newsletter
February 15, 2017 - Spring edition Allegany Connections