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Issue 2.22
November 24, 2014
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St. Francis Anniversary
NRVC Conference
Sr. Anne Dougherty to receive award
Sr. Gladys Sharkey receives award
Sr. Judith reflects on her new ministry
Franciscan Spirituality
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Year of Consecrated Life
November 29, 2014 

Pope Francis has proclaimed 2015 a Year of Consecrated Life, starting on the First Sunday of Advent - the weekend of November 29, 2014 - and ending on February 2, 2016, the World Day of Consecrated Life. This year also marked the 50th anniversary of Perfectae Caritatis, a degree on religious life, and Lumen Gentium, the Second Vatican Council's constitution on the Church. 

Watch for more information about the Year of Consecrated Life in Congregational e-mails and the December 2014 edition of
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 35th Anniversary of St. Francis as Patron Saint of Ecology
St. Francis Manuscripts on display in New York City
From the New York Times

   TEOLO, Italy - Scattered around the steel table of a monastery in the Veneto region of Northern Italy are manuscripts, one with green, red and intensely blue medieval miniatures of dragons, another adorned with ornate leaves culminating in golden flowers.
   A monk gently lays an off�white leather book on the table, and opens it at a long letter A drawn in red ink, the start of a paragraph in gothic letters.
   "I never thought I would have had these in my hands," said the Rev.
Pierangelo Massetti, responsible for the restoration laboratory at the Praglia
Abbey, near Padua. "St. Francis wrote this poem. And this text may be the
foundation of the Italian language." Continue reading


Resources on the Anniversary Celebration: 

Dear Sisters, hoping the information below is helpful to you.

   2014 marks the 35th anniversary of the naming of St. Francis of Assisi as Patron of Ecology. 

   Holy Name Province offers very good resources.   Please click on the following link to access:

    Franciscans for Ecology also have an informative site for this anniversary:  

    This activity was suggested for use on November 29th or close to that date.  



Sr. Marita Flynn, OSF


NRVC Conference 
By: Colleen Brady, OSF

   Lucy Cardet and I - your new Formation/Vocation team - were privileged to experience the 25th Jubilee of the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) with attendance at the Convocation recently held in Chicago.
   The "windy city" offered a warm welcome as we gathered with 325 other vocation/formation personnel and interested people to experience the "mountaintop" together. The atmosphere was one of excitement, anticipation, support and an openness to learning new ideas and exchanging experiences of vocation ministry. The Convocation offered not one, but three, keynote speakers. Sister Colleen Mary Mallon, OP, is an associate professor of Systematic Theology at the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis. Father Bernhard Eckersdorfer, OSB, hails from Kremsmunster Abbey in Austria and holds a Magister Theologiae degree from Salzburg University. Sister Terry Rickard, OP, is the president and executive director of RENEW International. The theme of "Rise, and Have No Fear" was woven through and reinforced by each speaker. The message to let go of the past, to not base our understanding of vocation ministry on numbers, and to be open to the new, echoed through each presentation.

   We were blessed to experience profound prayer through liturgies and morning and evening prayer. The sound of 300 voices being led by students from the Chicago Theological Union and the University of Notre Dame, and accompanied by piano, guitar, cello and violin, was truly inspiring.
   A number of interesting panels and workshops were offered. Dr. Mary Gautier, Ph.D., presented the NRVC/CARA Study on the Integration and Multiethnic Candidates in Religious Life. One panel, comprised of young men and women in the formation process, shared their experience of integration. Their struggle is not only adapting to the American culture, but also adjusting to people from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds within their own communities. Their sharing was honest, deep and rich. The CARA study is available online.
   "This Little Light: A Celebration of Sister Thea Bowman" was offered by Brother Michael McGrath, OSFS. Also offered were workshops on the topics of peer supervision, self-care, and use of media in vocation ministry.

   There was also time for some wonderful entertainment: a concert sponsored by J. S. Paluch with John Angotti and Meredith Augustin; Ms. Robin Watson, Chicago's own Jazz Lady, performed at the Opening Reception; Mr. Clarence Gilyard (actor, director, and author most known for his starring TV roles in Matlock and Texas Ranger) was Master of Ceremonies. We also enjoyed the opportunity to take the 'el' down to the Loop where we discovered Macy's and their awesome Christmas window displays.
We are grateful for this opportunity to learn and share with so many in the ministry of formation and vocation. 

Sr. Anne Dougherty to receive award
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director

    Every year, the Tampa-Hillsborough County Human Rights Council awards a member of the community the Eddie Mitchell Memorial Award in recognition for their work in advancing human rights in the Tampa, FL, area. This year, that recognition is being given to Sr. Anne Dougherty, OSF. 
   The Eddie Mitchell Memorial Award is to a person who has shown continued willingness to give of themselves, help others, and lift up the community. Sr. Anne received the highest number of votes in this year's ballot by a wide margin.
   "Her work in the community is so selfless," said Mark Nash, president of the Human Rights Council. Mr. Nash said he is inspired by Sr. Anne's work, and ensured she was included in this year's vote. "Her work speaks for itself... there's always room for God," he said. 
   Sr. Anne will be presented with the award at the December 12 breakfast. The annual breakfast generally has approximately 400 attendees, with 20 to 30 elected officials present. It is also aired on CTV in Tampa several times in the weeks following the event. The event is open to the community, and tickets are $35 each. Anyone interested in attending is asked to contact Mark Nash at 813-786-7781.

Sr. Gladys Sharkey receives award
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director

   Sr. Gladys Sharkey, OSF, was awarded the 2014 Good Help Award from Bon Secours St. Petersburg Health System on November 12, 2014. 
   The Good Help Award is given to "those in (the) community who have served with dedication and passion for the benefit of senior care in the Tampa - St. Petersburg area." 
   Sr. Gladys has had a long and dedicated career serving in healthcare in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and currently serves as the Health Care Coordinator for the congregation. 
   Congratulations, Sr. Gladys! 

Sr. Judith Terrameo nominated for award

By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director


   Sr. Judith Terrameo, OSF, was one of 23 women in Niagara County nominated for the 2014 YWCA Women of Distinction Award. I was nominated in the area of Health & Human Services Award. While Sr. Judith did not win the award, she shared that she felt humbled with the honor of being nominated.

   During the award presentation, a brief description of each woman's accomplishments were shared with the audience of 380 guests while each nominee was called forth. Judith commented, "We all shared in the spotlight together and it was very humbling to stand among the 22 other woman as we were called forth to receive a certificate of nomination." Congratulations, Judith! 

   For more information on the YWCA of Niagara and the nomination Sr. Judith received, click here


Sr. Judith reflects on her ministry in Spiritual Direction

By: Sr. Judith Terrameo, OSF

   For the longest time it has been my desire to do Spiritual Direction for the poor. This desire became a reality within the past several months. Mt. St. Mary's Hospital and Health Care Center sponsors the Neighborhood Center in the heart of inner-city Niagara Falls.  I mentioned my desire to Sr. Nora, a Daughter of Charity, who is the Social Worker at the Clinic, over the summer months and she was very supportive. Over the past several months I have alternated between one Thursday morning and one Thursday afternoon at the 9th Street Clinic, meeting with people in the waiting room as they are waiting for their appointments. I spend a little bit of time talking about Spiritual Direction and then engage folks in conversation.  Much of my time has been spent doing "Waiting Room Spirituality", but recently began receiving requests for spiritual direction appointments.

   Spending time with people as they wait for appointments and sharing has been incredible. One woman was sitting by herself. She had a child in a buggy. I sat down and introduced myself to her. Before long she was telling me that the child in the buggy was her grandchild, the only thing that she had of her daughter who was murdered a year ago. This grandmother was going to Boston the next day for the hearing of the man who murdered her daughter. Her pain was great, but her joy of having this baby tempered the pain a bit for her. On another occasion, talked with a woman who was discerning a move to North Carolina where her two daughters had moved within the past couple of years. She was confused about everything. Within the 10 or so minutes I had with her I was able to share a process for discernment. She was grateful for the information and thanked me profusely when leaving the Clinic. Just recently a gentleman came into the Clinic for a prescription. I sat down to speak with him around 3:30 pm. At 4:45 pm I questioned him about his appointment and he told me that he came in simply to pick up a prescription, however the visit with me had allowed him an opportunity to speak about what has recently been going on in his life.  

   I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to do Spiritual Direction and/or "Waiting Room Spirituality", whatever is helping people in their life journey.


BayCare partnership helps homeless patients transition from hospital 

   LARGO - Roy Lee McDaniel ended up in the hospital earlier this year after doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. After surgery and therapy, he was ready to go home.

   But McDaniel, 46, lost his construction job and apartment when he fell ill. With nowhere to recover, he faced a far greater risk that he'd quickly be back in the hospital.

   But McDaniel got lucky: He was accepted into a small medical respite program at Pinellas Hope, the "tent city" and transitional housing campus run by Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg.

   As part of a partnership with BayCare Health System, the facility set up 10 "casitas" - tiny cabins that include a bed - just for frail patients recently released from BayCare hospitals.

   These are patients who still need followup treatment but are not sick enough to stay in the hospital. Continue reading


 From the Archives
Calling All Clippings!

   An important part of my role as Archivist is to track and preserve the history of the Congregation and the sisters. I collect and catalog many different kinds of media to accomplish this, including photographs, articles, and books. However, it is the seemingly humble newspaper clipping that provides the most information for its small size. A clipping provides a detailed glimpse into the Congregation's history at a specific point in time. It's like a miniature time capsule! However, one clipping only tells a fraction of the story. It's incredibly important that I collect as many clippings as possible to create the most detailed picture possible of the history of the sisters.

   Our sisters have served in so many cities and towns that it is challenging to monitor all of the newspapers that may publish articles about them. It would probably take one person all day to look over every single newspaper from areas where the sisters have served or are serving. Therefore, the Archives relies on YOU to help gather these important puzzle pieces. If you find a news article about the sisters, one of their ministries, or the Congregation, please follow these steps:

  1. CLIP IT. Cut out all pieces of the article from your paper.
  2. LABEL IT. Write a quick note detailing the name of the newspaper, the publication date, and the page the article was found on. If the clipping is older, and you don't remember exact dates or page numbers, please just give your best estimation.
  3. MAIL IT. Pop that clipping and its note in an envelope and send it to:
FSA Archives

PO Box W
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778

  1. BE PROUD. History belongs to all of us, and you just helped preserve a little piece of it!

   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Archives at


 Retreat Opportunities
Experiencing the Incarnation through Spiritual Companioning: A Scriptural Foundation
A retreat for spiritual directors and those who companion others in the Franciscan Tradition. 

Offered by: The Franciscan Center
February 23-27, 2015
Guided by: Nancy Schreck, OSF
Cost: $475 before January 30, 2015
         $500 after January 30, 2015

For more information contact Karen Davies, (813) 229-2695 or email

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