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Issue 4.08
April 25, 2016
Goodbye, boiler house

On Monday, April 18, 2016, the boiler house that served both the Old and New Motherhouses was demolished. The area where it stood is now being converted to green space.

To view video of the demolition, click here.
Priest, Nun Tapped as University Classroom Guest Speakers
Submitted by: Annie Dougherty OSF

   Two members of the Diocesan religious community fulfilled the seemingly unusual request recently of serving as guest speakers for a Saint Leo University class on the history of the Vietnam War.
    Rev. Timothy Corcoran of Saint Mary Parish in Tampa, and Sister Annie Dougherty, president and chief executive of The Franciscan Center in Tampa, visited the undergraduate class separately at the invitation of historian instructor Tom Draude. The teacher also served three tours in Vietnam, and retired as a brigadier general from the U.S. Marine Corps. He likes to bring people who experienced modern history into his classes as speakers, and in these cases, the Catholic guests were able to provide two distinct perspectives as end of the course semester approached.
   Father Corcoran visited on a Wednesday morning, telling students mainly about his experiences in 1969 and 1970 in the U.S. Navy (long before he was ordained), when he was an intelligence officer in Vietnam. He was assigned to work with U.S. Army forces to help block North Vietnamese shipments of military supplies over river and land routes. The Americans worked with the South Vietnamese Navy. In addition to explaining geography and military strategy,    Father Corcoran shared cultural observations. He recalled that in the town where he was stationed, the parish priest was the most influential person because of the strong Catholic influence in the community. Father Corcoran shared that he still retains a "sense of accomplishment for the service I performed." He stated that he never witnessed or heard of any dishonorable conduct or wartime abuses directed toward the Vietnamese while he was "in country."
   At the next class session on a Friday, Sister Annie was called upon to talk about social and military history leading up to the war, and why Vietnam presented so many ethical challenges to many in the country. She brought the class back to the history of Saint Francis of Assisi. Then she guided them through the evolution of a Catholic peace movement, involving the influence of Dorothy Day, Daniel Berrigan, Thomas Merton, the impact of television, and the role of peacemaking in faith as later articulated (1993) by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Throughout, Sister Annie noted the human difficulty of praying for one's persecutors and loving one's enemies. "And if you don't agree with this presentation, that's fine," Sister Annie assured the students.
   General Draude, who likes to say that history is all about people and the decisions they make, was gratified by the speakers' generosity of time.  General Draude and his wife Marysandra are members of a Tampa parish, the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church (also home to Saint Joseph's Vietnamese mission).

Remembering Sr. Dolores Thorndike
Submitted by: Margaret Mary Foley OSF
Printed in: STAT News
   When Sr. Dolores Eileen Thorndike OSF, learned about a program called Parish Nursing in 1991, she knew that it was something that she wanted to bring to St. Anthony's Hospital. She was on sabbatical at the time when she was introduced to the program that connects faith communities with their members who have a health care background.
   "When I returned to St. Anthony's Hospital in the fall, I knew this would become the first hospital based Parish Nurse program in Florida," she wrote in 2011 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of what is now called Faith Community Nursing. "Upon meeting all necessary conditions and receiving hospital approval, the program officially started on September 3, 1991. It was an exciting time; we were on the journey to a new vision."
   Even when she left Faith Community Nursing in 1998 and became a patient advocate at St. Anthony's, the program was still a major source of pride for her. "My heart and soul remains dedicated to the wonderful people I continue to meet at different events with the FCNs," she wrote in 2011. "Faith Community Nurses are very spiritual people. They put their whole hearts and souls into this program. It becomes a sacred part
of you."
   Sr. Dolores passed away on March 31 at the Franciscan Sisters' Motherhouse in Allegany, NY. She was 89. Click here to continue reading
Sr. Pat Tyre Recognized for her Nursing Excellence
By: Cathy Cahill OSF   

   Imagine Sister Pat Tyre's surprise when what she thought was going to be a routine team meeting turned out to be her being awarded a "You Make a Difference Award" for her "...loyal and unwavering commitment to clinical nursing excellence". Pat's supervisors' comments bring to light what we already know about Pat: she cares deeply!
    Some those comments: "Sr Pat is the whole package when it comes to caring for patients, family, and coworkers." And "...always willing to lend a hand." and "She is always vigilant towards other people's stress levels and emotions, offering support and guidance." St Joseph's Hospital in Tampa has one fine Pre-Op Nurse who is also a Franciscan Sister of Allegany, devoted to mission!  

St. Elizabeth Convent holds Retreat
By: Roberta Brunner OSF  

   Fr. Anthony Arrons TOR from Orlando, FL, gave the Sisters Retreat at St. Elizabeth Convent in Tampa April 3 - 8.  The theme of the retreat was Mercy.  Fr. Anthony used the Old and New Testament to bring God's mercy alive in our daily lives.
   He said we have two great reminders of God's mercy in our lives when we pray the Benedictus and the Magnificat.  Fr. Anthony is a native Jamaican and has a great love for the Allegany sisters.
Sr. Anne Lillis to Serve on Board
By: Pat Reid OSF

   Sr. Anne Lillis, a longtime member of the staff and current volunteer at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Camden N.J., has been asked to be on the Board of the of Haddon Township. Anne will continue to advocate for the poor and those without a voice. Congratulations.

 From the Archives
   The Ambience Committee is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Heritage Walls that wrap around the outside of the Chapel in the Motherhouse. Pictured here is the amazing work that has been done on the wall that honors the sisters' years of ministry in Jamaica, Brazil, and Bolivia. This wall can be found in the hallway on the East Side of the Chapel (the side of the Chapel nearest to the Ritiro). 
     When they are completed, the Heritage Walls will form a walking tour of the sisters' history around the heart of the Motherhouse that will end in the Heritage Room. We are so excited to bring these beautiful displays to life!


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