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Issue 4.15
August 8, 2016
 Feast of St. Clare of Assisi (August 11)

In our world's current experience of violence and terrorism, it is good to reflect on the faith and courage of Clare of Assisi as we celebrate her feast. 

In 1234, an army of Saracens invaded the valley of Spoleto, preparing to assault Assisi. The soldiers scaled the walls of Clare's convent, San Damiano, spreading terror among her sisters. Clare, rising from her sick bed, took the ciborium  from the chapel adjoining her cell and stood at an open window, against which the invaders had placed a ladder. Clare raised the Eucharist and the soldiers fell back as if dazed then took flight. The people of Assisi filled with gratitude, acknowledged Clare as their "Seraphic Mother". 

May we incarnate Christ and bring peace to our world as we gaze upon Christ, consider Christ, contemplate Christ, so to imitate Christ!

Welcome, Congregational Leadership for 2016-2020!
Thank you for your willingness to serve!

 Pictured, from left: 
Standing - Margaret Magee (Associate Minister), Margaret Mary Kimmins (Congregational Minister), Patricia Klemm (Councilor)
Seated - Odette Haddad (Councilor), Goianira Silva (Councilor)

Chapter Statement 2016

 Ignited by the fire of the Spirit and our Allegany Franciscan-Clarian charism, we lovingly gaze on the Source of All Goodness, and consider our mission and witness in the church and the world. We contemplate creation's clamor for justice and peace; and transformed by the life and ministry of Jesus, we respond.  We act as Gospel women and partner with others to generate a culture of peace and integrity, reflecting God's love for our human family and common home. 

US Franciscan Family issues Joint Message for Year of Mercy
By: Kathie Uhler OSF

   Members of the U.S. Franciscan Family gathered on June 23, 2016 during the annual gathering of members of the Franciscan Federation for a formal signing ceremony of the Message for the Year of Mercy and the Pardon of Assisi. Our Sisters, Margaret Mary Kimmins and Kathie Uhler, worked with Tom Washburn OFM and Kevin Mullen OFM drafting this message. Kathie also included this message in her remarks during the Chapter morning prayer on the Pardon of Assisi, August 2nd.  Read More
Gathering of Young Professed Sisters
By: Lilian Cristina Pinheiro OSF

   On July 23, 2016, we had the joy of gathering together as the New Generations of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.  Gathered were sisters with temporary vows and up to 10 years of perpetual vows from the United States and Brazil.  The groups included: Young Professed Sisters Dayanne Rodrigues Santana, Edir de Freitas Pereira, Maria Donizete Rabelo, Liz Schumacher, Lilian Cristina Pinheiro, Liliane Araújo Costa, and the formation directors, Srs. Lucy Cardet and Maria da Paz de Jesus.  Sr. Patricia Reid represented Congregational Leadership and Sr. Ellen Dabrieo, SND, was the translator.  We were graciously received by the Sisters of the Ritiro, with whom we shared breakfast and the peace of their home.
   We opened our prayer sharing our own vocation stories in the light of the journey of the Emmaus disciples.  This was followed by reflections from Srs. Lucy and Carol Kenyon about conversion, poverty, contemplation and minority.  After lunch we made a pilgrimage to our roots, walking the old Motherhouse grounds, praying  at the grotto in honor of Mother Teresa O'Neil.  We then visited the tomb of our Foundress to pray that we would have the same evangelical courage that once motivated her to lead her sisters.
   We are grateful to the formation team and the Congregational Leadership for giving us this enriching moment.  The prayers, sharing and togetherness helped us to know one another better and establish deeper relationships.  Thank you!
   No dia 23 de Julho tivemos a alegria de nos encontrar como Novas Gerações das Irmãs Franciscanas de Allegany. Estavam presentes as irmãs de votos temporários até 10 anos de votos perpétuos dos EUA e do Brasil, Dayanne Rodrigue Santana, Edir de Freitas Pereira, Maria Donizete Rabelo, Liz Schumacher, Lilian Cristina Pinheiro, Liliane Araújo Costa e as diretoras de formação, Lucy Cardet e Maria da Paz de Jesus. Também esteve presente Ir. Patricia Reid representando a Liderança Geral e Ellen Dabrieo, SND foi nossa tradutora. Fomos fraternalmente acolhidas pelas irmãs do Ritiro e partilhamos de seu pão no café da manhã e da paz de sua casa.
   Iniciamos rezando, à luz da caminhada dos discípulos de Emaús, a nossa própria caminhada vocacional. Em seguida as irmãs Lucy e Carol refletiram conosco sobre conversão, pobreza, contemplação e minoridade. Após o almoço, retornando as fontes fizemos uma caminhada até o terreno da antiga Casa Mãe e rezamos na gruta em homenagem a Madre Teresa O´Neil. Depois fomos ao tumulo de nossa fundadora rezar para que tenhamos a mesma coragem evangélica que um dia a motivou na condução das irmãs.
   Agradecemos a equipe de formação e a liderança congregacional que nos proporcionaram esse momento tão rico. As orações, partilhas e convivência possibilitaram a nós um maior conhecimento umas das outras e o estabelecimento de relacionamentos mais profundos. Obrigada!

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