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October 26
Congregational Leadership
October 28, 29, 30
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November 5, 6
Florida Assembly
November 7 to 12
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November 16
Congregational Leadership
November 29
Congregational Leadership
November 30
Contemplative Day at Mt. Irenaeus

Issue 4.20
October 24, 2016
Feast of All Saints (November 1)

Happy feast day! As we celebrate this feast of All Saints let us be attentive to how God has called each of us to be holy and united in Christ.

We hear this proclaimed in the first letter of John, "See what love God has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God. Yet so we are." We grow more deeply into the image of Christ by learning to live the Beatitudes.
Pray the Beatitudes, insert your name to hear this call more clearly.

Blessed are you, poor in spirit...
Blessed are you, who mourn...
Blessed are you, when you are meek and humble...
Blessed are you, who hunger and thirst for righteousness...
Blessed are you, merciful...
Blessed are you, clean of heart...
Blessed are you, the peacemaker...
May we grow more deeply to be God's visible signs of love!
LCWR Region 2 Meeting
By: Margaret Magee OSF

   Odette Haddad and I recently attended the LCWR Region 2 meeting, October 11-13, 2016, held at the Carondelet Hospitality Center in Latham, NY. The presenter was Janet Mock CSJ, former Executive Director of LCWR. Her presentation was entitled, "Deepening Our Response to the LCWR Call as Ecclesial Women."
    Janet opened her talk with the statement, "Ecclesial Women are women with moral authority."
She reminded the leaders gathered of the three-fold purpose of the Leadership Conference:
  • assisting its members personally and communally to carry out more collaboratively their service of leadership in order to accomplish further the mission of Christ in today's world.
  • fostering dialogue and collaboration among religious congregations within the church and in the larger society.
  • developing models for initiating and strengthening relationships with groups concerned with the needs of society, thereby maximizing the potential of the conference for effecting change.
   The day-long presentation focused on the LCWR Call for 2015-2022, which states:
"We are ecclesial women , living in hope, rooted in the mission of Jesus.  We claim our prophetic role and inherent responsibility in the church by grounding all we are and all we do in a contemplative stance, by living in right relationship with all creation, and being in solidarity with the global community."
     Reflecting on this call to be ecclesial women calls us to live our vocation of the charismatic gift of religious life which is a critical part of the life of the church but should not be institutionalized or confined by the structures of the church. What is needed today is the continued movement in contemplative prayer and deepening the dialogue that invites us to stand in the place of mystery and the unknown to experience the pain and suffering of all people and of our world. Janet recommended a video of Parker Palmer entitled The Tragic Gap.
   Let us continue to deepen our desire and practice of contemplative and reflective dialogue to bring healing and wholeness to our souls and the soul of our world and of all of creation.
*Note: Parker Palmer is an author, educator, and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality and social change. He is the founder of the Center for Courage & Renewal.

Sisters continue their Silent Prayer Witness 
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director

   Before the first bombs dropped in Iraq in 2003, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany were standing silently in Olean's Lincoln Park, witnessing for peace every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. For over a decade, the sisters, associates, and friends stood, regardless of the weather, sometimes alone, sometimes joined by others. When the war in Iraq was declared over, the Sisters stayed.
   These days, you won't see the Sisters in Lincoln Park, but you will still find them in silent prayer for peace every Thursday. The vigil moved earlier this year, making it easier for more sisters to participate. It takes place simultaneously in both the Motherhouse chapel and at the foot of the hill on which the Motherhouse stands, and the community continues to be welcome.
 "We want to open up our Motherhouse to people who want to pray for peace" regardless of faith, said Sr. Carol Ann Kenyon, who has been involved with the silent witness since its beginning. The vigil is held from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and participants are free to come and go as they need to.  "We pray for the needs of the world now," explained Sr. Carol.
   The Franciscan charism is one of peaceful witness, and the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany continue in this tradition started by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th Century. In addition to the weekly prayer vigil at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse, the Sisters invite everyone to join with them in praying the Peace Prayer of St. Francis each day. 

A Reflection on the Chapter Statement 2016
By: Jeanne Williams OSF

   Our Chapter statement captures succinctly the essence of our mandate to "Be the Fire"!  Framed by the four movements into contemplative prayer which we learn from St. Clare, our statement emphasizes the vital importance of contemplative prayer as the very framework of our lives as Franciscans.  All that we become and all that we ever do flows from the transformative experience of contemplative prayer.  These same movements of gaze, consider, contemplate, and imitate provided us a method for reflection and discernment in preparation for Chapter and throughout the entire unfolding of the Chapter process.
    The opening phrase of the statement awakens us to the importance of being receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us.  We do nothing of our own accord.  It is only when we allow God to work within us that our hearts are set afire.
    We are invited to gaze on the "Source of All Goodness".  When we address our God in this way, we underscore our Bonaventurian understanding of God as Creator.  St. Francis praised God as being "all good ... the Highest Good".  In our Chapter Statement, when we address God as the "Source of All Goodness", we acknowledge that all the beauty and loveliness of creation, especially the human person, flows from the goodness of the Creator.
    As we consider our Mission, we recognize that a powerful and effective way to "Be the Fire" is through an active presence in the world as members of Christ's family.  We may not always be able to accomplish great things.  But we can always be there, abiding as a loving, caring presence to others.  All of us, regardless of age or physical health and stamina, can glow with a warm and loving way of being with others.
    As we contemplate the need for peace through justice, we respond as we are able to the needs which present themselves to us wherever we find ourselves.  We look for inspiration to Jesus, whose response to others was at times a "hands on", and at other times a loving "being with".  We each are called to do what we can to honor the dignity of all through our own loving presence and action.
    Being Gospel persons in imitation of Jesus is the very foundation of our Franciscan Rule.  Our Chapter Statement reminds us of the value of partnership and collaboration with others as we endeavor to live the Gospel as peacemakers.  We can do much more together than we can do alone.  Partnering with others can provide a model of the very integrity and wholeness toward which we aspire.
    We are so blessed at this time with Pope Francis as our leader.  He continues to inspire us with his words and model for us the effectiveness of servant leadership.  Our Chapter Statement closes with the phrase "common home", which echoes the phrase used in Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si.  The use of this phrase reminds us of our responsibility as Franciscans to engage in care for the earth and its people and all of creation.

We thank Jeanne for sharing her reflection on the 2016 Chapter Statement.
We invite you, Sisters, Associates, Partners in Ministry, and friends, to share your reflections (written, artistically, poetically, and other expressions) so that they can be shared with our e-newsletter subscribers. Please send them to Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director, at

Associate Advisory Committee and Local Associate Contacts meet in Tampa for Joint Meeting
By: Kathy Doyle, Associate Program Co-Director

   The annual Joint Meeting of the Associate Advisory Committee and the Local Associate Contacts took place at St. Clare's Convent, Tampa, October 14-16.  The Advisory Committee welcomed Sr. Colleen Brady and Betty Parbst (Associate from Calabash) who replaced out-going members Sr. Marcy Kiesel, OSF (Stella Niagara) and Pat Simmons, OFS (Associate from South Jersey), whose terms had ended.  
    The entire group met the new Congregational Liaison, Sr.Pat Klemm, via ZOOM, as she was not available to attend the meeting in person. The liaison position was formerly held by Sr. Margaret Magee.
    Other first time attendees included associates Margaret Jarrett (Jamaica), Marcia Gill (Miami), Teddy Altreuter (Calabash), Sandi Klose (NJ), and Mary Kay Tambash, OFS (Allegany). They worked with existing members: Sr. Ana Bernadete Albernaz (Brazil), Michelle Robinson (Jamaica), Ella Pulido (Miami), Linda Dees (Tampa), Co-Directors, Sr. Jeanne Williams (Tampa), and Kathy Doyle (NJ), and Mary Laubenthal (Allegany) who agreed to continue as Chair of the Associate Advisory Committee.  Sr. Pat Tyre graciously provided translation for the meeting.
    Srs. Jeanne and Colleen, and Kathy Doyle, are preparing a retreat for associates in their local areas, to begin in November and run into next year.

Kimberly Guy Transitions to St. Joseph's Hospital President
From CHAT News

   Glenn Waters, BayCare executive vice president and COO, recently announced, "Kimberly Guy will be transitioning her role to that of President of St. Joseph's Hospital. Kimberly will maintain her current position as the Senior Vice President and Market Leader for our eastern region facilities, which include St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Women's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital North, St. Joseph's Hospital South, and South Florida Baptist Hospital."
   Kimberly joined BayCare in 2005 as  COO of St. Joseph's Women's Hospital. In 2010, she also assumed the leadership role at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital and became President of both. Earlier this year, she became Senior Vice President and Market Leader for BayCare's eastern region.
   Originally from Rochester, NY, Kimberly attended the University of Richmond, where she received her BS in Chemistry, then went on to obtain a Masters in Health Administration from Duke University. Prior to her move to Tampa, Kimberly spent 18 years at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC, her last position being that of Vice President of Operations.
   "I love working with the teams at Women's and Children's hospitals and am looking forward to developing those same relationships with the team as I take on new responsibilities at the Main Hospital," Kimberly said. "We all share a mission to improve the health of our community. Our team members work hard to provide excellent patient care and outstanding customer service, and one of my goals is to be sure they know how much these efforts are appreciated. I'll continue to assure our hospitals work well together across the region and as part of our BayCare Health System."
   Kimberly's transition becomes effective Oct. 21, when current St. Joseph's Hospital President Lorraine Lutton leaves to become the first female CEO of a health system in South Carolina. A national search is underway to fill Kimberly's former role as President of St. Joseph's Women's Hospital and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.

St. Joseph's Hospitals Celebrate Mission Week
From CHAT News

   In celebration of St. Joseph's Hospital's Founders Day, October 1, Mission Integration organized a week's worth of events.
   "This year marks the 82nd anniversary of the day the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany opened the hospital at 7th and Morgan Streets on the edge of downtown Tampa," said Arlene McGannon, vice president of Mission. Because Oct. 1 fell on a Saturday, it was combined with the Feast of St. Francis on Oct. 4 and included the annual Blessing of Animals, as well as the Blessing of the Food Pantry.
   "The Food Pantry is a beautiful expression of our Mission," Arlene said. "A total of 95 of our co-workers benefitted from team members' generosity. Thank you to everyone for all that you are and do, every day, to bring our Mission alive. God bless you!"
Trinity Cafe Celebrates 15 Years: Sr. Maureen's Story

   Trinity Cafe is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, and as part of that celebration have produced videos celebrating the cafe's history. One such video honored Sr. Maureen Dorr, a longtime volunteer at the cafe who passed away on October 1, 2015. To view the video, click here

Congregational Archives now available electronically! 

   It's never been easier to find information on the Congregation's history! Starting today (Monday, October 24), the congregational archives are now available electronically via our website! 
   The archives website allows users to find information from past articles featured in Allegany Connections, Zeal, and the e-newsletter, as well as featuring scrapbook pages and information on the congregation's work in various ministries, including education and healthcare. 
   While some portions of the website are still under construction, many features are available now! Click here to visit the archives pages, or find it on our main website under the "About Us" tab and on the front page!

Upcoming deadlines: 

November 9, 2016 - First edition e-newsletter
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