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Issue 3.04
February 23, 2015
Feast of Agnes of Prague
(March 2)

    As we celebrate this feast of Agnes of Prague we are filled with gratitude for this woman of faith and deep relationship.

   Agnes was a first cousin to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. It is also through Agnes' friendship and correspondence with Clare of Assisi that we are enriched with Clare's spirituality and words of guidance and wisdom. Though we have no letters written by Agnes to Clare, one can only imagine the depth of inquiries and desire for guidance that provoked the insight and deep wisdom of Clare's four letters and inspiring words to Agnes.


What you hold, may you always hold.
What you do, may you always do and never abandon.
But with swift pace, light step, and unswerving feet,
so that even your steps stir up no dust, go forward securely, joyfully and swiftly,
on the path of prudent happiness, believing nothing, agreeing with nothing
which would dissuade you from this resolution or which would place a stumbling block for you on the way,
so that you may offer your vows to the Most High in the pursuit of that perfection to which the Spirit of the Lord has called you.


    In the picture of Clare and Agnes the words, Anam Cara, shown in the Tau refers to the Celtic teaching of spiritual friendship and of souls connecting and bonding. Anam Cara is the friend of one's soul, with whom you share your innermost self and the desires of your heart.  

Operation Restore launched by the Franciscan Center
Taken from information released by the Franciscan Center, Tampa


   A new partnership is helping first responders deal with post traumatic stress.  
   Tampa Police Department Chaplain Sister Anne Dougherty, OSF, is the director for the First Responders training known as "Operation Restore". Also participating in the program are First Responder Training's Clinical Director Dr. Eldra Solomon, a forensic psychologist and nationally recognized trauma expert, and First Responder Training Chaplain Rev. Rick Malivuk, a 15-year member of the Tampa Bay Region.

   Operation Restore is designed to ensure first responders who lived through traumatic experiences are still making good decisions at work. It is planned for all Tampa Police officers to go through the training. 

   Sixty-two first responders have completed the training during the 11 retreats that have taken place in 2014 and 2015. Six agencies have sent officers or fire fighters to the program; Tampa Police, Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue, Coral Cables Police, Tiffin Police (Ohio), Wapakoneta Police (Ohio) and a Retired New York City Police officer.

   Tampa Police Launch Operation Restore to Help Cops Cope with Stress of Policing: via @YouTube.

   For more information on "Operation Restore", click here.


Reflection on Consecrated Life
By: Lois Christopher OSF

(The questions referenced in this piece were included in the January 26 edition of the e-newsletter, which can be found here)

Question 1

   I expect : myself and other sisters to show interest in reading articles concerning this special year and discussing them; that the archdiocese will provide prayers sessions, meetings and conferences which we could attend which will be inspirational; the assembles we have will allot some time to this subject.


Question 2

   Regarding my life and commitment to religious life the Gospel says a holy life brings joy and therefore I should bring joy if holy to others and the world.


Question 3

   I can wake up the world by good example and prayers. To be a good listener is most important.


Question 4

   By seeing so few good, mostly indifference and evil in the world. Such extremes if listened to will wake us up. 


Vows that wake up the world

Taken from: A Global Sisters Report "Horizons" column by Tracy Kemme

Submitted by: Lucy Cardet OSF


   The snow began falling steadily just before prayers Monday morning, and Tuesday we awoke to a world completely covered in white. It was a gentle snow, albeit persistent. My housemate Maureen commented, "It looks like nothing is happening!" But before we knew it, schools were closed, appointments were canceled and the plows were hard at work.

   It's quite remarkable to consider that the culprits of this topsy-turvy day are snowflakes. Each one is a tiny, delicate crystal of ice, or cluster of ice crystals, that may be just a fraction of a centimeter and melts instantly upon contact. On its own, it doesn't pack much punch. However, when this teensy snowflake gets together with millions of other teensy snowflakes, everything changes. Nothing quite wakes up the world like a snowstorm! The power of snowflakes is in their togetherness.

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A Goodfinder
Submitted by: Congregational Leadership
Taken from: A Life-Giving Vision by John Powell, SJ

   "By definition, a goodfinder is one who looks for and finds what is good in him or herself, in others, and in all the situations of life. It is probably true that we usually do find whatever we are looking for. If we set ourselves to find evil, there is plenty of it to be discovered. On the other hand, if we seek to find goodness, there is also much goodness waiting for our discovery. If we look for imperfections in ourselves and in others, the search will no doubt be successful. However, if we look beyond the weak and the foolish things and seek to find the good and beautiful things that no one else had ever looked quite far enough to find, our search will be rewarded with success. It all depends upon what we are looking for."


Florida Sisters serve lunch for the homeless
Submitted by: Margaret Mary Foley OSF

   On Valentines Day our Covenant Community was inspired by our Chapter Initiatives to prepare and serve lunch to 100 homeless neighbors with other volunteers.  The meal was sponsored by Sacred Heart Church and the lunch was served at St. Peter Claver Church in Tampa, Florida.

   Srs. Donna Kane, Margaret Rumsey, Dorothy Dwyer, and Margaret Mary Foley participated in this outreach. 


 From the Archives
   Last time, we featured a picture of a classroom and students from Corpus Christi School in Miami, FL. This week, I'd like to shift the focus from the students to the many sisters who taught at Corpus Christi. This photograph has generated much wonderful discussion since it was put on display in the Motherhouse Library. It features a group of sisters who were living in Miami and teaching at Corpus Christi in the late 1950s.
   The sisters pictured are (left to right): Srs. Anne
Shepherd, Alma Glenn, Maureen Dorr, Carlina Tronconi, Agnes Bernadette Quinn, Kathleen Francis Honc, Thomas Rose Redling, James Catherine O'Brien, Mary David Porter, Dorothy Pitts, and Mother Lucian Walsh.


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