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Issue 2.15
August 11, 2014
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Associate Anniversary celebrated with joy and community
The Dwelling Place featured on TV
Sullivan Street celebrates anniversary
St. Joseph's wins award
Reflection for World Humanitarian Day
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Feast of St. Clare of Assisi

"Place your mind before the mirror of eternity!
Place your soul in the brilliance of glory!
Place your heart in the figure of the divine substance!
And transform your whole being into the image of the Godhead Itself through contemplation!"

These words of Clare of Assisi are an invitation to us to ponder, ponder, ponder! 
Let our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our whole being play in the presence of our God who delights in our pondering and desires that we simply be!
Associates end anniversary year with festive gathering
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, communications director   

   From the time the associates from Brazil walked into the Motherhouse on the evening of Wednesday, July 30, until the final sisters and associates departed on Tuesday, August 5, St. Elizabeth Motherhouse was abuzz with energy and community. 
   The Associate Program's 25th Anniversary brought together sisters and associates from Brazil, Jamaica, and the United States, for four days of sharing, education, celebration, and dreaming for the future. 
   Throughout the course of the celebration, those involved in the founding and leadership of the associate program over the years were honored. The associates also had opportunities to get to know more about one another, about the associate program, and about the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. Other presentations highlighted the St. Elizabeth Mission Society, the ministry of our Sisters in Bolivia, the Communications Office, and Allegany Franciscan Ministries. Our Congregational Archivist, Ellen Winger, compiled a DVD presentation which documents the 25-year history of the associate program, which was shown Thursday evening.
   Associates were also treated to a tour of the Motherhouse, St. Bonaventure University (where they were housed), and Canticle Farm. Some associates and sisters enjoyed a taste of the local flavor during an outing to Sprague's Maple Farm Restaurant and a trip to Niagara Falls. 
The Dwelling Place of NY featured in TV segment
Submitted by: Margaret Magee OSF


   Catholic TV from the Diocese of Brooklyn paid residents and Sisters at The Dwelling Place of NY a visit.

   Watch the wonderful story told by correspondent Katie Breidenbach here.

   The Dwelling Place is a privately-funded transitional residence for women located in Midtown Manhattan, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. Since 1977, we've provided shelter, sustenance, and support to thousands of women. One of our favorite residents summed it up best: "It's not the food. It's not the shelter. It's the love. There's so much love." Whether you're here as a donor or volunteer, or as a woman seeking shelter, we hope that The Dwelling Place will find a special place in your heart. 

Sullivan Street Celebrates 140th Anniversary
Submitted by: Janette Regan, OSF
   In 1866, at the request of Archbishop McCloskey, Father Pamfilo da Magliano sent Friars to New York City, where they opened St Anthony's Church on Sullivan Street. Their mission was to serve the Italian and Irish immigrants who were arriving in the area in great numbers. The Friars soon realized that they needed Sisters, and asked Mother Teresa O'Neill to send some.
   In 1874, Mother Teresa arrived with five other Allegany Sisters and opened St Anthony's School. She served as its first principal. Allegany Franciscans served in the school from 1874 until it closed in 2005.
   The sisters of St. Anthony Convent in New York City celebrated with a meal together in honor of this event.    
   To God be the glory!


St. Joseph's Children's Hospital receives Health Care Innovation Award
Submitted by: Arlene McGannon, Vice President for Mission, St. Joseph's Hospital
   St. Joseph's Children's Hospital is one of 10 children's hospitals that will share a $23 million CMS Health Care Innovation Award to test new ideas and innovative models to deliver improved care, lower costs, and better health to medically complex children. St. Joseph's Chronic-Complex Clinic serves as a medical home for approximately 1,000 children. The financial support of the highly competitive grant will allow the hospital to take the care provided in the Chronic-Complex Clinic to the next level, and provide the resources needed to share best practices with children's hospitals across the country. 


World Humanitarian Day

   August 19 marks World Humanitarian Day, which honors those who have lost their lives while providing humanitarian service, as well as those who continue to work around the world providing aid and assistance. This recognition was created by the United Nations in 2008, and is celebrated on the date of the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, on August 19, 2003.  
   The Catholic Health Association (CHA) has released a reflection in honor of World Humanitarian Day, which says in its introduction: 
   "As we reflect on the annual observance of World Humanitarian Day and our call as Catholic Health Care ministry, there are two people who offer selfless examples of how one person can make a difference. Jean Donovan and Father Oscar Romero, within months of one another, lost their lives in El Salvador. Their deaths have had a great impact on not just Catholics, but on people of all faiths, because they lived in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable people of that country and died among them. Their words offer us much to reflect upon."
   To see the full text of the reflection, click here


 From the Archives
Moving day has arrived!

Something big is around the corner for the Archives! After years of construction, the climate-controlled archival storeroom is finally ready! Starting next week, the Congregational Archives will be coming home to their new space. Dozens of storage boxes will be stacked around the perimeter of the storeroom, from which the contents of the Archives will be unpacked, organized, and placed onto their sturdy new shelves. This is going to be a big job, so stay tuned for future updates! 

Ellen Winger, 
Congregational Archivist
 Retreat Opportunities
Experiencing the Incarnation through Spiritual Companioning: A Scriptural Foundation
A retreat for spiritual directors and those who companion others in the Franciscan Tradition. 

Offered by: The Franciscan Center
February 23-27, 2015
Guided by: Nancy Schreck, OSF
Cost: $475 before January 30, 2015
         $500 after January 30, 2015

For more information contact Karen Davies, (813) 229-2695 or email

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