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August 15,
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September 19
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Issue 5.14
August 14, 2017
Transitus of St. Clare
Our sisters at St. Anthony's Convent in St. Petersburg, FL, gathered in the Chapel for the Transitus. 

Pictured are Associates Mary Skroback and Mary Kay Tambash (left and right, standing) and Guy Robert Benoit (in wheelchair) and his wife Judy (behind), who joined the Motherhouse Sisters in celebration.
The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in St. Petersburg, Jamaica, and at the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse observed the Transitus of St. Clare of Assisi on Thursday, August 10, 2017. 

The Congregational Leadership Team, while at the LCWR Assembly, gathered and prayed the transitus of Clare on Thursday evening. They were joined by Sr. Marilyn Geiger, OSF, Congregational Minister of the Rochester Minnesota Franciscans.
If you have celebrated transitus and would like to share the experience and/or a picture, please send it to Denise Bunk-Hatch at

Sr. Liliane Professes Final Vows
From Brazilian Monthly Newsletter

"My son, my daughter, if you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials. Be single-hearted and steadfast and do not stray in times of adversity."

   To make Perpetual Vows is to be prepared for everything, including for trials, to be single- hearted, steadfast and never deviate or stray from the God's call. Clare, in her third letter to Inês, says, "Put your heart in the figure of Divine Substance and become entirely transformed, by contemplation, upon the image of Divinity." To give your definitive YES is to place oneself entirely in the presence of the Lord and to keep your eyes fixed upon Him.
   In the Gospel of John, the Samaritan woman asks Jesus, "Lord, give me this water that I may no longer thirst, nor have to come here again to draw water." Perpetual Vows are to drink of this Living Water that never runs dry; it is to dialogue intimately with Jesus without reserve. It is also to feel satiated by the water of life, but to always be drinking from the source, which is Jesus Himself. Lord, give me this water, this is a bold request, but it is a request from one who knows to whom they are asking for this water, and also knows that He will not deny them.
   The Samaritan woman is a wise woman, brave and strong, after quenching her thirst for love, understanding, and faith, she goes out to meet those who rejected her presence, she received everything and does not keep it only for herself. She left the edge of the well, stepped out of her comfort zone and shouted to the world, "Come and see He who has told me all that I have done, is he not the Messiah?" And they all went to meet Jesus. That woman who sought water at noon, under the scorching sun so that no one would see her, was surprised by the mercy of the Son of God, announced Him to so many men and women who were thirsty.
   Let us be amazed by the surprises of God, and allow Jesus to fill, love, heal, and totally transform us. Making Perpetual Vows is to be amazed by the goodness and mercy of God. It is to announce His Word to everyone who asks to drink, it is to be part of a Congregation that generates life. To vow Poverty, Obedience, and Consecrated Chastity is to leave everything and accept the call of Jesus in the footsteps of Francis and Clare of Assisi.

   Sr. Liliane Araújo Costa professed her final vows as a Franciscan Sister of Allegany on Saturday, July 22, 2017, in Macajuba, Brazil, South America. The Mass was presided over by Bishop André de Witte of the Diocese of Ruy Barbosa. Congratulations, Sr. Liliane!

House of Prayer Update
By: Kathie Uhler OSF

Dear Ones and All, 

   This is my first Update on the House of Prayer for All People (HoP) in 2017, my last was dated April 4, 2016. The HoP vision and mission are still alive with me, the Core Group and the HoP Advisory Board. What is holding up the project is finding a location: the real estate, if you will. Please allow me to summarize this activity.
   About a year ago, Brother Tom Barton, OSF, of the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn, joined the Core Group. (Praise the Lord!) Through Tom's contacts in the Diocese of Brooklyn, he and I began scouting locations in that part of New York City. We visited a vacated convent in Coney Island. This looked promising until we learned that it had already been promised to another party. We met with clergy and others and were given a tour of Flushing, NY. The neighborhood demographics were mixed and many religions were established there. This was ideal but the rents were too high.
   In the winter, Tom and I met with an auxiliary bishop of the diocese who encouraged us to contact the bishop with a detailed description of the project. Upon following this advice, the auxiliary bishop related that His Excellency was unable to support the HoP because of, along with other concerns, the position of the Catholic Church on interfaith prayer: this the Church endorses only in ecumenical situations.
   While this turn of events was disappointing, it was not entirely unexpected. The mission of the HoP is clear that it is merely a place, "not a church or a mosque or a synagogue: it is a place made holy by the people who come there." (From the HoP Mission Statement.) The HoP is not even a ministry of my religious congregation, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY. The HoP is religion-neutral, for want of a better term. And, that is the whole point: The HoP is simply to model a world where all people are brothers and sisters of one human family, where they can pray with one voice, for peace, to their Creator God.
   In June, Tom and I did a walk-about in the neighborhoods of Borough Park and Sunset Park in Brooklyn. We had a good feeling about, again, the demographics and the presence of many religions; and the economics were mixed, as well. We are looking further into real estate possibilities there. 

update_paper_hdr.jpg Necrology Update
By: Ellen Winger, Congregational Archivist  

   As the archivist, one of my tasks is to keep the Necrology of Sisters up-to-date. I'm happy to announce that, thanks to the dedicated sleuthing of Sr. Gloria Oehl, a number of errors in recent Necrologies distributed after 2008 have been identified, researched, and corrected!
   The Necrology corrections fall into two categories. In the first group, we have corrected information that was misprinted in earlier necrologies. Those corrections are as follows:
Maher, Maureen died 1/5/1976
Wusteney, M. Anne Henry died 1/27/2013
Joyce, Margaret Mary died 2/16/1993
O'Meara, M. Emelian died 3/3/1945
Lewis, M. Clare died 6/25/1947
Tumino, M. Anne Loretto died 6/30/1982
Dempsey, M. Ambrose died 11/29/1940
McDade, M. Veronica died 12/16/1953
Nolan, M. Delphine died 11/15/1932
McMahon, M. Salome died 11/22/1937
   The second group of names are additions to the current Necrology. These sisters were included in the 2008 printed Necrology, but were not originally included in the database. When we investigated our paper records in the Generalate for more information on these sisters, we were surprised to find no record of them! These sisters had no Congregation numbers, no paper Kardex records, nothing! Puzzled, we dug deeper into the Archives to try to solve this mystery.
    The first clue came to us from Sister Gloria, who noted that in the 2008 Necrology, these sisters were listed as being buried in Jamaica. With this in mind, we turned to Sr. Veronica Rodrigues' written history of the Congregation. In the history, Veronica lists the names of the Scottish Franciscan sisters who affiliated with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany when the Allegany Franciscans arrived to take on the mission in Jamaica. This list included the names below.
   It seems that, although the Scottish Franciscans in Kingston affiliated with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, they did not receive Congregation numbers as sisters who officially transfer do. Veronica's history notes that the "Articles of Affliation" asserted that the Scottish Franciscans were to be treated exactly the same as the Allegany Franciscans, and that both groups coalesced into one Congregation serving in the Jamaican mission. Our photographic records indicate that these Scottish-Allegany Franciscan sisters rest at Mt. Alvernia Cemetery in Kingston with the Allegany Franciscan sisters who came after them.
   The names of the Scottish Franciscans who should be added to the current Necrology are as follows:
Mulvey, Victorine died 1/2/1896
Branday, Francis died 3/18/1873
Dalle, M. Philomena died 3/25/1906
Filippi, M. Conception died 4/8/1940
Charlet, M. Paula died 5/24/1914
Duveiger, Mary of the Sacred Heart  died 6/5/1921
D'Aquin, Mary Joseph died 6/13/1922
Chevolleau, M. Xavier died 6/15/1923
Grant, Teresa died 8/1/1893
Combes, Mother M. Theresa died 10/20/1869
D'Aquin, M. Clare died 11/3/1922
   All information in the corrected Necrology has been meticulously verified by myself and Sr. Pat Klemm, using a variety of sources. These archival sources include: official congregation records, written histories, newspaper articles, and photographs of tombstones. The online Necrology, available in the Members Only section of the sisters' website has been updated to reflect all of these changes.
   If you would like a printed copy of the current, corrected Necrology, please contact the Archives, and I will be happy to send you one! I can be reached during business hours at 716-373-0200, x3242, or at

Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center Celebrates 10 Years
From St. Anthony's Hospital STAT News July 2017

   When the Breast Center opened on the St. Anthony's Hospital campus in June 2007, it was equipped with the only two full-field digital mammography units in south Pinellas County and a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing compassionate care in a full spectrum of clinical and support services to the community.
   As the Breast Center celebrates its 10th anniversary, the technology has continued to advance and the name has changed, but the team still provides that same quality and compassionate care. "We never lose sight of the one-on-one care that we provide to each patient," said Claudia Bundschu, MD, a board-certified radiologist who has been medical director of the center from the beginning. "It's important that each patient knows that through detection, diagnosis and treatment, we will be there to serve them."
   "About 10 team members and physicians have been a part of the Breast Center since it opened 10 years ago," said St. Anthony's President Scott Smith. "It's a testimony to the center and the work that they do that this team has been consistent in its care for the community. I know the entire St. Anthony's family joins me in congratulating everyone who works in and with the center on this milestone."
   About a year after the center opened, it was renamed the Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center through generous donations from her family. Sr. Susan McGillicuddy, a St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation team member who passed away in 2014, encouraged her brothers, former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack and Dennis McGillicuddy, to raise funds for the center.
   Through the past 10 years, more than 150,000 imaging exams have been done at the center with nearly 2,100 breast cancers diagnosed and treated. Numerous technological advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast-related disease. St. Anthony's has been at the forefront of utilizing those advancements to treat patients:
  •  Through a grant from the Foundation, the center purchased a new ultrasound machine with advanced technology and resolution to greatly enhance ultrasound diagnostic accuracy. A key feature of the unit is called Elastography, which gives a noninvasive view into the presence or status of disease. The advanced features and resolution improves accuracy and facilitates the targeting of difficult lesions during procedures.
  • Over the past two years, the center has installed two new mammography machines that have Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
    (DBT) capabilities. DBT is the latest technology that improves visualization of dense breast tissue, reduces the number of call-backs and reduces the number of false positives. DBT technology also has been installed at satellite imaging facilities at the Suncoast Medical Clinic and the BayCare Outpatient Center (Carillon) which increases access for the community.
   The Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center is one of only two breast centers
in Pinellas County to receive the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers
(NAPBC) recognition for its high quality and broad spectrum of breast health services.
The center also is accredited by the American College of Radiology as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.
   The Breast Center has a wide array of disciplines assisting patients from screening and diagnosis to treatments, counselling and navigation. Celebrating the anniversary with the Breast Center is the multi-disciplinary team that spans many departments throughout the hospital - surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and the Cancer Center.
"The treatment does not stop with the Breast Center," Dr. Bundschu said. "It is a close collaboration between departments and a full complement of services spanning the entire continuum to ensure all patient needs are met."

Franciscan Spirituality Committee gets new name
By: Judith Terrameo OSF

    The Franciscan Spirituality Committee met at the beginning of July in Tampa, FL. We had a lot of good sharing at the meeting. 
   During the meeting we discussed changing the name of the committee to Franciscan- Clarian Spirituality Committee. The members felt that this is in keeping with the 2016 Chapter Statement and the request of sisters at the April/May 2017 A ssemblies . Sisters and associates also requested  more resources  and thinking and acting more broadly in promoting our Franciscan-Clarian charism and spirituality.
   A question that came up at our meeting was: What are you reading in terms of Franciscan-Clarian S pirituality? We will continue to ask ourselves this question whenever we meet so that we may encourage reading among ourselves, as well as providing sisters  and  associates with materials that may interest them. Attached is a list/summary of the books the committee is currently reading.
So we ask you at this time: What are you reading in terms of Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality? We invite you to share this with the committee as we continue to compile these resources which we will publish in the near future. We encourage you to use the following format to submit a brief summary of the resource:
                        Name of Book: _______________
                        Author: _____________________
                        Publisher: ___________________ Year of publication: _________
                        Why I recommend this book: _____________________________
   Please send to Judith A. Terrameo at

Upcoming deadlines:
Submissions are not guaranteed publication. All submissions will be edited prior to inclusion, 
and may be held for future use if deemed appropriate

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