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Issue 4.13
July 11, 2016
 Feast of St. Bonaventure

This Friday, July 15th, the church and all Franciscans celebrate the life and wisdom of Bonaventure of Bagnoregio (1217 to 1274). He was Master of Theology at the University of Paris, the 7th Minister General of the Franciscan Order, and Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

His academic career ended in 1257 when he was elected Minister General. His leadership and direction brought stability to the Order especially with clear theological and spiritual focus. This brought the Franciscans recognition as the most prominent order in the church until the coming of the Jesuits. 

"In all your deeds and words you should look upon this Jesus as your model. Do so whether you are walking or keeping silence, or speaking, whether you are alone or with others." Bonaventure

Surrounded in Beauty
By: Eleanor Berret OSF

   St. Francis loved all creation.  He saw beauty everywhere: beauty in the human person, beauty in the sun, the moon and stars, beauty in the animals and plants, the trees of the forest, the birds of the air.  Simply put, his eyes and heart were open to beauty.  Francis invites us to open our minds and hearts, our eyes and ears to experience this precious gift of God.  There is no limit to the multiple expressions of beauty God lavishes upon us.  Even a rainy day or a cloud covered day can hold beauty waiting to be discovered.  Our minds, our hearts, our ears, our voices are channels of receiving and expressing love, gratitude, peace, beauty and goodness. 
   In today's culture, we are busy about many things.  We easily miss the precious beauty within us and surrounding us.  As we grow older we cannot always see or hear as well.  St. Francis did not write the Canticle of Creatures when he was a young man, but when he was older, sick, and couldn't see.  His inner life held the memory, the beauty of Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Stars, Brother Wind and Air. So much in love was he with God and all creation!  We are not unlike Francis.  Though our minds and bodies have borne illness, disappointment and sorrow in the passage of years, God has not left us orphans.  God is ever with us, within us, surrounding and supporting us day in and day out.  God invites us to be a daughter/son of encouragement to our sisters and brothers. Our mission does not end until God calls us home.  We each have within us all we need to bring to birth God's multiple expressions of beauty.  Take time to enjoy the inner and outer beauty of all life's seasons with a spirit of anticipation, knowing she/beauty will be a faithful companion to you on your journey through life.
Pre-Chapter Gathering of Young Professed Sisters
By: Lucy Cardet OSF   
   Prior to the start of the Chapter in Allegany, there will be a day of retreat at the Ritiro for young professed sisters. The theme of the day will be: "Respond to the Needs", the Context of Living our Franciscan values.  The intent of this gathering is one of bringing together young sisters in order to know each other, sharing Franciscan values, early FSA history and spirit, and challenges of the future.  
   The idea for this gathering came from sisters in formation/vocation ministry meeting in Anápolis, Brazil, in March 2015.  Colleen Brady and I were among the participants, a mutually valuable experience in learning from each other.   Since then, we have also been in communication with our sisters in Jamaica and Bolivia, in person and via Zoom technology.
Six of the young professed sisters participating in this retreat day are from Brazil and two are from the USA:   Dayanne Rodrigues Santana, Lilian Cristina Pinheiro, Edir de Freitas Pereira, Elizabeth Schumacher, Liliane Araújo Costa, Maria Donizete de Freitas Rabelo, Margaret Mary Foley, and Nara Maria Jaime. Valdeci Ribeiro da Silva will not be coming due to illness in her family. Please remember them all in your prayers.
   The Brazilian sisters are preparing the morning prayer.  Pat Reid, Carol Kenyon, Maria da Paz de Jesus, Judi Clemens (translator), and I will be involved in the retreat.  Margaret Mary Kimmins will share some thoughts with them as well.  Thanks to the Ritiro sisters and Motherhouse staff for their assistance.

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